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We Are All Witches

Updated on September 24, 2014

Witches have come a long way from tales of broomsticks and warts and devil worshipping. In fact, you can be a witch and still believe in God. Magick does not define one belief system but that of the individual. In fact, we are all witches and we all practice magick. I don't mean, pulling a rabbit out of a hat; although, this is possible. Modern day magick is almost synonymous with the idea of manifestation or the external appearance of your internal desires.

What this means is, you control your life. Every aspect of your existence is solely your doing. The universe is indeed, your wish granting factory. Your thoughts, words and actions become your reality. Whether positive or negative. Have you ever had a day where absolutely nothing is going how you planned? This is probably because from the very first negative incident of the day until the last, you were thinking negatively. You probably asked questions such as; "why me?" Or "are you kidding me?" The answer to these questions are: you asked for this and no the universe is not kidding you, it is giving you exactly what you asked for.

I have never understood how people could be so perky or happy until I discovered manifestation. I was always so confused at why I was never able to be that happy and the simple answer was; I didn't allow myself to be. These people are typically the ones who are: financially stable, in good physical condition, happy etc., because they make it so. As I said before, manifestation is synonymous with magick and so when you are manifesting, or putting thoughts, feelings and actions into the world; you are spell casting. Everyone possess magick and with magick comes the ability to cast a spell. We have done this our whole lives and is nothing something to be learned. We don't think about casting a spell or a curse because it is part of our every day routine. When we see something we want or we realize that we want something to happen we are casting a spell or manifesting and we are also manifesting for it not to happen when we convince ourself that it isn't possible. This is why not every thought materializes in front of us. We mostly realize what is absurd and what cannot happen but what if we let go of fear and convince ourselves that anything is possible? Naturally we have negative thoughts as well, sometimes about: school, our job, people; anything. This is where the curse comes in. When we think negatively about a person, or even vocalize this such as through swearing, we are cursing this person. We are turning our negative thoughts into reality.

There exists in this world, "black" magick and "white" magick. You can assume that cursing someone may be considered black magick and therefore will result in bad karma. This theory extends to not only thoughts but actions and words as well. When you pray that someone will be cured from an illness or any other action that may be deemed as "good" you receive good karma. Karma is our cosmic payback. It is our way of being rewarded for our actions. This payback, pays in threes; it pays your mind, body and spirit. You can assume that if you do something bad you will receive negative karma and this could affect your mind by, making you feel guilty, your body by making you sick and your spirit disparaged. The opposite is true for good karma.
This is not to say that you should ask for a brand new car and expect to receive it the same day. The universe listens but takes its time in giving you what is yours. Manifestation takes time, patience and gratitude. It is good to keep a written record of the things you are grateful for. Each day or as often as possible, write what you are grateful for. Try to write at least 10 but you may find that you are grateful for a lot more. It is good to be grateful, because a selfish mind is a negative one. This counteracts any good that may be on its way you. It is also good to keep any form of a journal for manifesting. These are things you wish to happen. I suggest starting small at first, and do not make the list too long; perhaps 2 or 3 things in the beginning. The important thing is not to write "I want" but to write things such as "I will". Instead of writing "I want to lose 10 pounds" write "I will lose ten pounds" You have to believe in yourself and what you are asking for, so the universe can be sure as well. As I stated before, it is important to take things slow, so instead of saying "I will lose 30 pounds" try and adhere to a more feasible amount and then reassess your goals once you have achieves them. When I was first starting out, I desperately wanted a coffee and so I wrote that somebody would buy me a coffee on a piece of paper and I read it aloud. I then imagined the smell of the coffee (French vanilla) and I imagined how it would taste. The next morning, I read my intention again and that very afternoon; my roommate offered me coffee (something she never did) and it was French vanilla! You must realize that there is more you can do than just writing your goals. You may shout them into the wind, you may express goals to friends and family, you may sing your goals in the shower, you may record your goals and play them back to yourself, you may even make a vision board. Whichever method you choose is entirely up to you.

A vision board is a great tool because you are taking your dreams beyond you are telling the universe that you believe in what you are asking for. Depending on the amount of goals or dreams you may use many variables, such as; cork board, computer paper or a poster board. You will also need tape or glue and some magazines. Looking through magazines you may find pictures or words that represent your "vision". You should cut these out and place them on your board. This board can be your goals, hopes and dreams for the long run, short term or both, you can make specific boards such as a board for finance with words such as "new job" or a picture of a money bag. The same goes for any other aspect of your life. Some may even choose to encompass all aspects. It is important to look at this board every day and to envision these things coming true. Think about how it would make you feel and how it would affect your emotions. What do you: see, hear, smell, feel or even taste. Repetition is key so it may be beneficial to work this into a routine.
We are all powerful. With this being said, we have the capability to control our thoughts and our actions. We have the ability to push negative thoughts aside and we even have the ability to further our magick. We can do this by chanting or saying spells that are already written and eventually our own. There are a quite a few spells you can retrieve from the internet. Remember, no spell is fake, as it is what you make of it. I suggest trying these out before you attempt your own. If you are interested in making magick a lifestyle; I suggest getting in touch with more experienced witches. They will offer great advice about the lifestyle in general, ways to protect yourself and other great knowledge. You may benefit from visiting a metaphysics shop which has many things to help you succeed on your spiritual journey. Stay safe but more importantly, have fun. The universe is yours.

An example of a vision board.
An example of a vision board.

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    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 3 years ago from Mobile, AL

      I really like using my crystals and stones for manifesting and most importantly for help in protecting me. Well that and White Sage. Yes!

    • checkyourvibe profile image

      Cathy Slaght 3 years ago from St. Petersburg, Fl

      Great article- there are dangers, though- my opinion- in casting spells and reciting invocations if you don't understand- and few do- how the world of energy really works. There is negative vibration, and positive, and you could end up connecting with what you DON"T want. Also, witches have their own weaknesses, just like anybody else. They get jealous, greedy, hold grudges etc. Add that to some knowledge of magic and there can be real problems like spells and curses being used for manipulation purposes. (This always backfires, so everyone ends up being harmed.) Having worked with energy for years I have seen many examples of this, even lives nearly ruined. What I'm really trying to say is there could be danger in fooling around with spells found on the internet, connecting with witches, etc. The true power is love. If you understand that, everything you need will be provided.

    • profile image

      Stephanie 3 years ago

      Dr. Wayne Dyer introduced the law of attraction to me for the first time a few years ago. Your article is a great reminder and motivator that manifestation works. I am a firm believer that the universe gives us what we give it. Put positive out and you will get positive in return! Your writing is captivating!

    • profile image

      lmiller09 3 years ago

      I do also believe in everything you have written! I myself have manifested money and the next week I was given 10 dollars and that's the amount I asked for! I was not a believer until I tried what you wrote in this article.. I do also have a vision board and it truly does work..

    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 3 years ago from United States

      I definitely believe in everything you mention here. Every since I read about the law of attraction and the universe, I have been trying to get a hold on manifestation. I will admit that I have been slacking, but I do have a gratitude journal and I do feel leagues happier when I think about everything I have to be grateful for.