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We Are Called To Be Witnesses of God

Updated on December 23, 2010

We are called to be witnesses of God by the love we extend to others; precursors of his justice by our unfailing commitment to what is right and good; lamps reflecting the light of God's Christ in our forgiveness, mercy and compassion; harvesters of souls through our humble and dedicated servant hood.

To witness the work of God is very humbling to say the least.  I have witnessed some really interesting things since I came to know Christ.  Sharing testimonies glorifies God to others, and He loves that.  I believe one of the most amazing things I have witnessed of God was when my dearest friend’s father passed away.  I know that some people are probably thinking how is that amazing?  I sat with her during her mother’s death about ten years ago and to be honest at that time in my life I had not known Christ as my savior.  I did believe in God, but at that time my heart was hard for him as I was blaming Him for the troubles I had gone through in my life.  I know now that it was wrong but because of Christ I am forgiven of my past and it has been thrown into the sea of forgetfulness.  During her mother’s last days I had witnessed the most love from a human for God than I have ever seen in my life.  She was so in love with Christ and glorified Him and God in every breath she took during her last days.  I could not understand how she could be so comforted knowing that she was going to pass from this Earth into Heaven.  How could someone love Him so much that they were ready to go and smiling the whole time waiting for Him to take her home?  I know now why she was so willing to be with Him and her family.  She knew where she was going and at that time I didn’t understand any of it, I feared death because I did not know what would happen to me.  That has since changed.  She was such a wonderful woman, a second mother to me in a sense; my friend and I are like sisters, still to this day.   To be completely honest and open with all of you, she has been an inspiration to me as a woman in full faith for the Kingdom of Heaven and I am at peace with knowing that she IS with God in Heaven.  I think about her a lot and the way she accepted her death at such a young age, knowing she would rest in His arms.  When my time comes, I know I will be just as ready as she was because death it not necessarily a really bad thing as people you know are with Christ are living in eternal happiness where there are no more tears or suffering, no pain or sadness, complete bliss.  “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain” Philippians 1:21

I was with my friend during her father’s last hours this past summer, sad it was and heartbreaking to see my friend go through the loss of another parent as she is at a young age.  I prayed continually for her father, I could not stand to see him struggling for air and tried to comfort my friend throughout the day, never leaving her side.   I did not know if her father could hear me and I was alone with him in the room at a moment and I spoke to him and told him that I know he would be in Heaven upon his passing because I know that he knew Christ as his savior and he would be reunited with his beloved wife.   As I held his hand I told him that I would be there for his daughter whenever she needed me and that he didn’t have to worry, I would never leave her side through any troubles in her life, he squeezed my hand.  Unfortunately he could not communicate but to me that was a sign that he had heard what I said to him and I meant it.  I turned around and my friend was standing at the door, I did not know that she heard what I had said to her father but I could tell by the look on her face she did.  I told her it was going to be OK, she said she knew.  Both of her parents were lovers of Christ.  I know that this doesn’t make passing any easier because we miss the physical of the person we lost, them being there and seeing them, I myself and not very good with death at the loss of a loved one, but knowing whether or not they know Christ in a sense makes it a lot easier because you know where they will go. 

I was standing at the foot of the bed as her father’s breaths were coming to an end the family joined in the room around him to be with him.  One person spoke up and said they should pray but they said no, I believe it was because they didn’t want to close their eyes, I said yes!  I could not be there knowing it was going to be his last breath without saying a prayer for him during that so I prayed for them.  I started to pray and was asking God to help his passing into Heaven be easy for Him so that he could be reunited with his family in Heaven at that moment I saw a burst of bright white light and a bright white cross erect upwards and at that same moment everyone in the room had broken out in tears as he had passed.  It was amazing to see what I had seen in prayer the moment he passed, that God had shown me a sign that he was with Him in Heaven.  I was filled with so much peace and comfort from his passing because of what God had shown me.   I did not say anything to my friend that night because she was grieving and trying to talk to her about God at that time was not going to get me anywhere.  She was sad.  I believe in my heart that is was God’s intent that I be there to pray for her father as he passed and comfort my friend.

I went to her father’s funeral and viewing a few days later, I spoke with her while we were there.  We were outside and I went around the corner as I was holding her daughter and sat next to her on the bench.  I told her what I had seen when her father had passed and she broke out in tears, she was comforted by what I had told her and she said that made her feel at peace hearing what I had told her.  She had told me that she knew he was going to be in Heaven with her mom because of their beliefs and the way they had lived.  I was blessed to be able to share this comfort with her and told her I would always be there for her.  This is a beautiful testimony of God’s grace and love for people and shows how he cares for all of us.  He didn’t have to show me anything during prayer; I believe that God showed me this to share with my friend to give her comfort and peace, and to keep her faith growing for Him.  He is an almighty, all loving God.  I am writing this in memory of my friends parents because they lived for Him and God was so gracious to share with me the passing into Heaven, and by this writing I am able to glorify Him and His ways with all the love I can and gratefulness that I am a child of His and as I pray to Him I am able to share with Him and receive from Him just as all of you are able to do.

It is through our love and compassion for others that we can share His justice, and reflect His light through Christ to others.  I am humbly dedicating myself to help the lost find Christ so that those who are lost can find His peace know his goodness, greatness, and mercy.  In doing so others can also shine their light upon the people they know and it will be like a chain reaction to the people that we are able to touch in their lives through the glory of God and His love for all of His children.  When we reach our time and are called home shining brightly with the Light of God through Christ we too can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and await the time when we will all be united as one family in the body of Christ.  God Bless All of You and may your light always shine brightly on those around you.


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    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 7 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Such a nice hub and beautiful testimony. Thanks for sharing it with us here on hubpages.