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We Are Family

Updated on August 24, 2009

Matthew 12:49

And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!

To get the full meaning of the above passage, I suggest verses 46-50 be read. There are some that believe just because we're all created by God, that we're all His children; that all men are brothers. The aformentioned passages debunk that belief. The truth according to Scripture states that all are created by God -- every living creature, every living thing, however, only those that are Born Again, of the water and of the Spirit can lay claim to being a child of the King with all rights and privileges.

Christians are born, and made; neither do people take this calling upon themselves; in other words, just because someone reads the Bible, attend services, shakes the preacher's hand, doesn't make him a Christian. Certain conditions must be met before one becomes a Child of God.

A true child is born from above, i.e. Born Again, (see John chapter 3) whereas initially, we experienced a natural birth, the Christian birth is spiritual and transforms a person from the inside. His outlook concerning the world and himself has been altered, as now he sees things from God's perspective; and having been sealed with the Holy Ghost, brings him into a Father-child relationship with God; He is now an heir of God, and a joint-heir with Christ, and is now part of a new family.

The tie that binds the Christian Family is the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit. It is he living inside the believer that makes him one with God, and with fellow believers. I'd like to emphasize the extreme importance of the in-filling of the Holy Ghost in a Christian's life as being an integral part of the Christian Experience, and definitely not to be overlooked.

Having now a new family, our responsibity is to one another. we're to have all things common. No Christian brother or sister is to experience lack of anything, but should be supported in every facet of life,(emotionally, physically, spiritually). Our Father takes a dim view (to put it mildly), when His Children mistreats, and abuses one another. (See Mathew 5:22) In fact, one of the hallmarks of Christian living is how we love one another. The whole world is watching, and we must endeavor in whatever we do, not to shame the name of Christ. When the world sees the brethren disputing one another, hating one another, even sueing one another other in the secular courts, it brings shame upon God and His Doctrine. It makes our Father look bad.

The guidelines for Christian charity among the brethren is throughout the Bible, particulaly the New Testament, because it deals mainly with church issues. there are tons of verses on this subject, but here are a few choice ones.

Romans 12:10
1Corinthians 6:6
1Thessalonians 4:9
Hebrews 13:1
James 4:11
1John 3:10
1John 3:17

With Love In Christ.


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