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4 Reasons Why These Are The Last Days

Updated on November 25, 2016

We Are Living In Critical Times

Reason (1) People will be selfish, disobedient and unholy.

Do we see these qualities in individuals today, especially our #political leaders such as #Donald Trump? Voters lack trust in #Hillary Clinton, due to dishonesty. One of these individuals will be chosen as the United States' future president or leader of the free world. Citizens are unsure as to whom they can trust. Perilous times loom over us, just as The Scofield Reference Bible foretold at 2Timothy 3:1, "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. The Uncertainty of the times, should not cause fear or overwhelming depression. The Bible prophesied that things would occur as they are and we have the opportunity to see their fulfillment. We were eerily warned at 2Timothy 3:2, "For Men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, . . ." This is the first reason given within the thoughts of our Almighty Creator, to help us understand the daunting predicament we dwell within today.

Two different television news programs, #Live CNN and Nightline, featured a story about ex-marine Scott Berkkaai, who walked into a crowded hair salon where his wife Michelle worked. Fully armed with loaded weapons, he killed his wife first and kept shooting other innocent victims. A woman interviewed explained with horror, "I could hear screams and shooting. About nine of us huddled in the bathroom and locked the door. All I could smell is gun powder." Imagine, having to go home to your family and explain what happened, after living through that horrific scenario. Sadly, these type of rabid enemies penetrate the news and our lives daily, just as the Bible foretold. This incites us to acknowledge one of the first reasons, why we know these are, "the last days" as well as "critical times."

Reason (2) Love would be lacking, savage acts would be performed against each other and love of goodness would be limited.

I hesitate to utter the next prophecy foretold which is so prevalent today. Notice the intensity of the descriptive terms, that prove the second reason we are truly, "in the last days of this system of things." The scripture at 2Timothy 3:3 illustrates how people would react, based on The New Testament Recovery Version, "Without natural affection, implacable, slanderers, without self-control, savage, not lovers of good, . . ." The manifestation of bullies continues to increase, where some of our young people are picked on, to the point of killing themselves. Adults are bullied within relationships or at their form of employment. How does #bullying parallel with words mentioned above? Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines a bully as, "One habitually cruel to others weaker than himself to treat abusively: to use browbeating language or behavior. Disposed to inflict pain or suffering: devoid of humane feelings." Clearly, descriptive terms that evolve into such characteristics previously mentioned, "without natural affection, savage, slanderers, not lovers of good." These words are fulfilled in numerous situations within our world today which proves once again the second reason that we are living in the last days.

Reason (3) People will be reckless, full of pride with little or no interest in God.

A third reason we can be assured, these are the last days of this system as foretold at 2Timothy 3:4 convey that some individuals would be, "Traitors, reckless, blinded with pride, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, . . ." Today the world is filled with greed that deterioates the stability of our economy. Taxes are forced on individuals whether they are upper, middle or lower class. This money is spent recklessly as political officials, pridefully argue about how it should be spent; in order to promote their own career. In the meantime, the burden of these taxes remain on the backs of each citizen. The banking industry was bailed out by these same committed people, now to discover, they have become protesters crying in the streets for help, that never comes. #Pornography, infiltrates the very fabric of the internet causing an increase of such perverse acts as child molestation, prostitution, physical and mental abuse. The actions described truly fulfill and acknowledge a third source of proof that we are living in the last days of this wicked system of things which Satan, maintains control over.

Reason (4) Individuals will appear to have godly devotion but their actions prove to be the opposite.

Now for the fourth and final source of proof that these times are not only critical but detrimental to our spirituality. We continue in the book of 2Timothy 3:5 which unfortunately explain that tendencies of men would be, "Having an outward form of godliness, though denying its power; from these also turn away." The caliber of Christians or people who profess a belief in God is declining as new forms of atheism increase. Many flatly refuse to recognize that without beliefs based on the Bible, the world would truly be in chaos. Jehovah, our Grand Creator, gave us the innate sense to know what is right or wrong. Due to man's imperfections, a person that is directed by his own conscience without God, can sometimes be misled or influenced to compromise their true principles. Regardless of our faith or lack of it, violence against our brothers or sisters can never be explained as a true form of godliness. We must not be lured to believe that any human will ever be able to bring us #true peace and happiness. Our imperfections, will never allow us to fulfill these goals. All humans have an innate desire to live peacefully, regardless of what they believe. Denial that there is a God was foretold in the scriptures. Once again, God did not lie and he continues to prove that we are in the last days of this system. His predictions are still accurate and dependable as ever.

Finally, all four reasons presented have been fulfilled, proving that we are in "perilous times" because we are living in the last days of this wicked system; ruled by Satan and his demons. There is no need to panic or condemn ourselves. We are still living and breathing. This grants us time to admit that the things we visualize today are fulfillment of scriptures but we still have time to seek the truth that can save our lives. Don't give up because God loves us. Therefore, never give up on seeking what Jehovah's will is for you and then try to accomplish that.

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