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Homo Sapiens? Homo Stulta (Mindless Man) More Like.

Updated on May 9, 2011

It's a leaky ship, but we all share the planet!

Love a Tarantula: Make a friend
Love a Tarantula: Make a friend

Live and Let Live

Can there be any worse crime in the universe than knowingly robbing some creature of its life? Especially when we are in no real danger and there are other alternatives to us, such as removing ourselves from the creature’s presence, or it, from ours?

A friend just emailed me from La Paz in Baja California, Mexico, saying she had crushed a tarantula between two house bricks at her house in San Jose del Cabo. I saw the incident in my mind’s eye: the poor arachnid, not intending to hurt anyone, having its life ended so tragically. Also, I saw in my imagination my old friend, Abe Blank, the naturalist, as he carefully picked up tarantulas near my house in El Triunfo and let them walk around on his arm and hands. I recall the velvety feel of the huge spiders and the scratch of their careful legs on my own flesh; the fear in me quickly dying as I saw how harmless they were, and they accepted my own benign intentions.

We get so beside ourselves when one of us takes another life, except when it is done against “the enemy.” What hypocrites we are: enemies one day, friends the next. Don’t we ever meditate and employ logic in our lives? This stupidity called war; and don’t tell me it is evolution; it’s neurosis; evolution didn’t decree that one species turn on its own and murder them in droves.

I was watching part of this Labour Conference yesterday as the new leader,Milliband, decried the Iraq war - easy for him, as he had no position in the decision. The leader of the shadow cabinet, clapped vigorously - and she had voted just as vigorously for war at the time.

Can there be any hope for the creatures and plants of this planet unless man finds another place to colonise, and quickly? Once, we heard all about over-population and all its dangers, but that is not politically advisable these days. “Don’t tell me not to breed,” protest thoughtless parents, yet, blameless in the “natural-selection- driven” need to procreate. What we are still unsure of yet, is what safeguards evolution has built in to limit species dangerously contaminating the planet with their own kind.

We can see some of nature’s safeguards at work already: the viral bridge ensures that all fall ill and many die when one person does in some remote place. We now watch in horror as every earthquake, volcano, tropical storm, tsunami, drought and famine kills hundreds somewhere, as they have built home in dangerous proximity to disaster areas, or live in sub-standard, unsafe housing. We have stayed away from huge wars for 65 years, since WW2, but smaller conflicts rage unceasingly somewhere as the finite resources are being drained and people jostle for space to live.

Yet it seems mankind - or any species - lacks the ability to control its own proliferation. Limiting families to one or possibly two children by decree has been extensively tried in China with some success. Yet this effort doesn’t seem to curb the burgeoning rise in population there to any useful degree: meanwhile, many misguided people from several nations, destroy wonderful animals in order to grind up their parts to make drugs increasing their potency.

We are called Homo sapiens - the thinking man, perhaps it should be “Homo stulta - mindless man.

Will there ever be a day when certain creatures on this Earth unite to defeat man’s aggression towards them? This may well be happening now as intelligent animals and fish, such as squid, change their feeding habits and locales and move elsewhere. We are not in their territory enough for them to attack us physically very often, but they might decimate our fish stocks and hurt us this way. And we lack the capacity to retaliate against creatures who own 4/5ths of the world’s surface area and can dive thousands of feet deep to avoid capture or attack. OK, it’s a flight of fancy, but not beyond the realm of the possible.

Even taking more and more space invites attack from simple creatures, such as the ant. If it ever became a question of “them or us,” and the insects could organize, the ants would overwhelm us in days. Again, a pipe dream, but not an unattractive one to some people!

Meanwhile; while we do have some of this wondrous world and to enjoy, why not try to understand the lives and needs of some of the creatures who share our homes and our nation? Virtually none of them wish us any sort of harm, and their predation consists of our food and chattels, which we insist on growing and storing in what has been their country for millions of years before we arrived.

Stop fearing wasps, spiders and the rest: simply trapping them in a large glass; sliding a sheet of paper underneath and letting them go in the garden solves the problem quietly, respectfully and efficiently. Drive slowly along our wooded byways and give the deer, squirrels, pheasants, and all the rest time to escape our murderous wheels. When you acquire a family pet, be a dog, cat or a budgie, make sure it’s for life and it is treated with love and understanding. If you really can‘t keep your pet any longer, make sure it goes to a good home… See how good you feel!!?

Try to steer your children towards good books, and the BBC and Discovery Channel which show natural history programs that will awaken their interest in the natural world and give them a break from mindless web sites…they just don’t need a circle of 200 “friends.” A man is lucky if he can count 3 or 4 real friends in a lifetime…and two of those might be canine!

Hello hubbers, good day to you, I’ll publish this and hope I find a few of like mind and perhaps save one of our fellow travellers from an unpleasant end…Bob


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    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 3 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Perhaps HP are trying to separate us! They FEAR Us!!!!!

      I see you have hung on to your commentator grade, that's another of their petty punishments, degrading you! I was an 8 last year, too, I remembered that because that size - 8" - has a special significance...

      Eh? No, my hat size!


    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 3 years ago from North Texas

      For some reason, neither the comments I put on your articles, nor your responses, are showing up in the feed. Very odd it seems to me. This never happened before that I know of and it is not happening with other hubs I am putting comments on.

      Yes, we are communicating telepathically, Bobby! xx

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 3 years ago from UK and Mexico

      ...fleas?...ticks?...Black Widows?...Let's not live there!

      Love ya xoxo

      ps Incredible...we were commenting at the same time again! Is this Outer Limits or what?

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 3 years ago from North Texas

      Did you change to censoring your comments?

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 3 years ago from North Texas

      Having grown up on a farm, I have a bit of a different attitude about animals than most people who think of animals purely as pets. However, I was taught to take good care of animals as they depend on us through no fault of their own. To not be abusive of animals, and to consider their feelings -- yes, despite many people imagining that animals are not sentient, I know from being around all kinds of them that in fact they have individual personalities and dispositions and some are very intelligent, all characteristics of humans. They have emotions not unlike human emotions.

      All animals loved my mother and she was so good with them. They trusted her and she took good care of them. Most animals seem to like me too, though I am allergic to them all. :(

      Animals that do not enter my abode or hang too close to it habitually, are safe from me with the exception of fleas, fire ants, ticks, mosquitoes, recluse or black widow spiders, and the like. Most spiders, even though they get super huge here in Texas, are good spiders and help keep the vermin population down -- insects, mice, etc. I have even brought spiders into my home on occasion to help in that effort. Yes, I did.

      I do think it is possible to go too far regarding animals. One of my coworkers is dog poor. Every penny (and her wages aren't high) are spent on her 5 dogs, vet visits, treats, etc. She buys restaurant food for them to share. She needs medical care herself but forgoes it in favor of spending instead on her aged and ailing dogs (9-15 years old). She is behind on her mortgage and water bills because of spending on her dogs.

      She has informed me that if she were to be in an accident and her dogs were with her, she would instruct emergency workers to take care of her dogs before they bother with her or any hunan passengers. They would of course adhere to the letter of those instructions were she in condition to give them -- NOT. Nor should they. I agree the dogs shouldn't be let loose on their own to be forever lost and deserted as is the current policy. They should be placed in the care of animal control shelters until their owners can retrieve them and pay the bill for that service, but to ignore humans and attend to dogs first in a motor vehicle accident? I think not.

      While I believe in taking care of one's pets and livestock and not abusing them, I do believe in reasonable limits. For starters, one should not have more pets than they can afford to provide for without ignoring other necessary bills, etc.

      It is a terrible thing when people adopt pets and then dump them at animal control because they aren't cute anymore. So many people believe animals are basically living objects, not beings of any kind. Animals have feelings, intelligence, and they become bonded just like humans. Wild animals don't bond very well to humans, but they do bond with each other.

      Of course the people who dump their not so cute pets anymore at the animal shelter often do the same with their not so cute anymore adopted children. Yes, people drop adopted children off at social services and child protective services when they are no longer cute or become a little more difficult as they grow up. These are people who clearly have issues with responsibility and compassion and who somehow slipped through the cracks when their psychological work up was done in preparation to qualify as adoptive parents.

      My late husband said it was a shame there was nothing that preyed on ignorant humans. They are the ones you refer to that overpopulate our planet, yes? ;)

      I loved my squirrels and birds and possums that used to visit when I lived in a house where I could feed them. I miss not being able to do that anymore.

      Interesting article, but can't say I learned anything new about them (animals) or you. Do hope you are having a good day . . . xox

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 4 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Big as dinner plates? I might believe side plates: do you have cataracts by any chance? Glad our two great minds think alike on most things at least. You are going to force me into writing again as you have about read all my hubs of interest to you!

      Have a restful Sabbath


    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 4 years ago from North Texas

      Well, you should be happy to know that I agree with you for the most part. I have a wasps nest on my patio door and I've been waiting for cooler weather in hopes it will be deserted as people who know more about these things seem to believe it will. Then I'll knock it down. I'm wondering though, if Texas ever gets cold enough for wasps to desert their nurseries? Here it is November and still warm enough to cultivate wasp babies.

      Except for the poisonous spiders, I tend to agree with scooping them up and putting them outside if they venture into my abode. Some creatures get no deference, however. Fleas, ticks, etc.

      I have encountered tarantulas larger than dinner plates, legs and all. Much larger than dinner plates. Since they weren't in my house or yard I did try not to harm them, but it wasn't easy. Also, I once had a wolf spider as big as a dinner plate in my apartment. That didn't go well. No telling how long it lived with me to get so huge . . .

      Interesting article. People do tend to be very rigid in their opinion that everyone should be like themselves and kill anyone who isn't. Unfortunate.

      Shared and pinned. xx

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Same to you, Garnetbird, please excuse tardiness if, indeed, you ever return here. Kiling a gopher - or any snake minding its own business - is inexcuseable under most circumstances. I wish man would just learn to leave the wildlife alone on the planet, they don't interfere with our lives...Bob

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Hi Nellieanna: Please excuse my tardiness in repling to your lenghty and thoughtful posts. I had forgotten to click the box to have notification when posts arrive, but have it now. Unfortunately, many earlied posts escaped my notification. Bob

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      Ignorance is fortunately curable. When people don't KNOW, they react and a natural reaction to the unknown is fear of it. Sounds like you are a teacher who is doing a part in shedding light on ignorance, Gamebird! Good for you! A little knowledge goes a long way, too. The people you teach today may be parents tomorrow and will know better and be more equipped to teach their children these truths.

    • profile image

      Garnetbird 7 years ago

      I have had (3) Tarantulas as pets--they are docile, unassuming and make good classroom teaching tools. I was shocked to hear of a neighbor who killed a gopher snake while it drank water from one of his ponds. These snakes really help nature, and are not at all venomous.A little ignorance goes a long way..

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      Gr-r-r-r, too.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      Yes, mindless slaughter and violence, be they against critter or cousin, are a form of neurosis, called unreasonable fear. The lurking fear that “the unnamed enemy” (who could be hiding in sheep’s clothing” or tarantula’s form”) is out to get one prompts him to do the “getting” first and be done with it. For those infected with this fear, who outnumber those who aren’t) nothing is safe enough and everything is a risk demanding to be defused before even starting to pose a problem. And, as you point out, certainly - if the sheep is attacked by the crazy ovinophobes or phobophobes - whatever - he’ll have to try to defend himself somehow. So then there is plenty of fodder for propaganda to stir up the other phobophobics’ phobias and foment an all-out war to wipe out the sheep. And nothing a phobe likes better than company in his terror.

      It’s all so totally absurd. Sure, I don’t prefer having squirrels in my walls & attic, for sure, & I’m hearing 'em up there again already. I watched them playing and cavorting all summer, when I’d planned to make sure their entryways to my place were closed up but didn’t get it done. They seemed to know me all those balmy months, probably from our close proximities in here last winter when I yelled & barked at them to try to discourage their unauthorized occupancy! Heck, during the summer they’d become so used to me that they’d come right up on the patio and practically peer in through the glass doors to check on me!

      Though I'd much prefer they stayed outside wherever they would have holed up before humans settled here and provided other alternatives for them, still I’m acutely aware that this was squirrels‘ habitat long before Columbus discovered the continent, not to mention before this house was built here. And so on. . . Earth’s other creatures don’t need passports and leases to claim a place on the planet. That they’ve survived is their right of passage. That man has designed religions in such a way as to excuse his maintaining supremacy by any means necessary over any other living thing which might compete with him speaks for itself of his neurotic fear.

      It’s not an ethnic or national monopoly, either. It’s historic and ongoing wherever man is on the planet.

      Sigh. Perhaps once homo sapiens finishes killing off our best youth fighting wars which tough old “leaders” wage, it may have, indeed have righted itself by “natural” - or unnatural selection. Leaders? - ha! - they don’t even “bring up the rear” in today’s battles but retreat to safety in underground shelters or other fortified places till it’s over or has just fizzled out again, when they count the profits & the dead, send condolences to the widows and orphans & give the young fathers and husbands honorable mention -unless they are unlucky enough to come back wounded in body and spirit, in which case they are swept under the rug so as to not discourage the potential zeal of the next crop of youngsters ready to be pumped up to go off and fight the enemies and terrorists lurking about in vulnerable areas, (except, of course for THEIR leaders who are also holed up in well-insulated bastIons out of harm’s way). Meanwhile innocent civilians are annihilated by the droves for no reason whatsoever other than being in the wrong place in the wrong war as all wars are.

      Sigh. And that doesn’t even touch on the poisoning of the population by junk food thrust on them almost from birth so they think it’s good food and the cultivation of dependence on every other kind of sham which is unhealthy and effective denial of what is natural & healthy.


    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 7 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Thanks Martie and HH. It's all been said before by far better writers than me, but it doesn't hurt to keep pounding the message home. HH, we are the same vintage...Help!! Bob

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      I thoroughly enjoyed your hub because I learned so much from it. Regarding war, as long they can sell weapons which brings great profit, there will be war. It is only the top lot who decides and sit in a cushy corner. I was born at the beginning of the war and took in my stride but later on it hits you, the horror and the nightmare. I wish I could put them there they never start a war again.

    • MartieCoetser profile image

      Martie Coetser 7 years ago from South Africa

      Okey, I will not kill any spiders no more. But I will surely never share my home with them. Regarding war – In our country the army is called Defence Force. I guess armies should be just that – defending their countries against the attacks of less civilized countries. Wars was/is the way barbarians took what they want, or revenging what was taken from them. Great hub, voted up!