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We Can Change Christianity

Updated on October 13, 2013

Seven Woes to the Modern Day Pharisee

A strategy for ousting hypocrisy from the Church
A strategy for ousting hypocrisy from the Church | Source

Removing Hypocrisy

Well do you think hypocrisy can be removed from Church? How many times do people joke about hypocrisy, whether they are Christian or not we all can see that we put in a great effort to be nice to our colleges and then drop the ball and act not so favourably to our own family. That's how it is in Church, that's how it's always been for me. What about you?

I bet you could give a number of examples of times you, or someone you know has been hurt. I have heard it many times, and we are all taught that we should not attribute it to God, but to the imperfect people. But it has gotten to the point where many of us continue on to weekly Services, having to make an effort to ignore insufferable behaviour and traditions that they don't understand or make sense, thinking they are bound to this life of misery in order to follow God. It has to stop.


Hypocrisy is requiring others to live up to the standards that you set, but fall short of. It seems to be commonly accepted that we will always fall short of our own standards. I don't know how many times I have heard Christians joke about going home from church and yelling at the kids, and how hard it is to be well behaved.

It doesn't have to be that way though. Logically there are two things that can be done. We can try to live up to the standards we have set. I think this is too hard and we have been failing at that so I have another idea. Lets not set such high standards and start actually extending a bit of grace to people, and ourselves. This is accepting we are fallen and that we won't be perfect instantly, but that it's a process.

One of the biggest fears we have, especially attached to any religious beliefs or Christian viewpoints is that if we don't tell the others what we know they might get it wrong and fail. God is like God and all. He actually doesn't need us. He uses us, that is true, but He is perfectly able to help someone without you.

It is not imperative that you tell someone all the lifestyle changes they should make when they first become believers. God loves them as they are and saved them, and they are like babies learning to walk. You don't kick a baby who falls over and say "get up and make my dinner." You laugh and clapped and praise the small effort that they made.

Putting all the requirements onto someone is giving them a burden too heavy to bear, just like the Pharisees in Jesus time. We don't live up to the expectations we put on others, so lets stop putting those expectations out there and allow this natural growth.

Call for Revival

It's time for all the people who believe in Jesus to get together as a body of believers, not a denomination or institution. There are a large number of people who believe but just don't go to church anymore as they have had enough. Well I've had enough too. All respect to leaders in the Church, a change is coming were the power will come from the movement of people with simple faith, who are ready to stand up for truth.

Jesus came to set people free, not to bring another form of bondage. The same attitudes that lead the Pharisees to set up their complex system of laws that digressed so significantly away from loving people is doing the same thing in the churches today. I don't care if you go to a Pentecostal, Charismatic, or conservative church, the attitudes are all there.

It's time to examine why we do the things we do, and whether or not we are putting our traditions above love for others. As for church attendance, why do we go anyway? Going to church every week seems to have become a rule in itself. Sometimes it is almost like a punishment. While I am on that point, I can't find it written anywhere in the bible that children need to learn to sit in church. Children need to learn to sit in church like monkey's need to learn to fly. Children sitting in church is a parenting issue, not a God issue. It doesn't say they should in the bible.

This is a painting of a vision I saw when I was at a very low point in my life.  It gives me strength.
This is a painting of a vision I saw when I was at a very low point in my life. It gives me strength. | Source

Letting Our Light Shine

There are so many traditions that we are honouring that are not actually in the bible. In fact, people are being blocked from their destiny because they are adhering to rules that don't accord with the underlying principles of love anyway. Instead, we try to fit the image that is impressed upon us to display as a Christian, instead of being who we are.

We are all diverse, yet when you look in some churches we all look the same. This is part of the yeast of the Pharisees. The Pharisees had there particular robes and accouterments to demonstrate their Holiness. I long for a time when I look in a church and see an assortment and variety of people that have individuality.

An example of how people are limited is in the old idea that women should stay at home with their children. This just isn't in the bible. It is a moral attitude, but not necessarily a Godly one. God taught not to hide our talent. What about a woman who has professional talent, refusing to go back to work because she is under the misguided idea that the bible commands it?

I have read the bible, and in the Old Testament the woman were one of many wives, and/or they had servants to help. Our history is speckled with traditions of other people looking after children, especially royalty. I am not saying investing time in our children is wrong, I am just saying woman should not limit using their God given gifts when someone with a God given gift to look after our children can do a better job anyway.

We Can Make a Change

It all starts with you. If we all recognise the yeast of the Pharisees, and start to change ourselves then the yeast of the Kingdom will start to spread.

The reason people fail is because of disrespect for God appointed authorities. It is difficult, but if we can challenge ideas respectfully this will have an impact. There is nothing more bitter than someone who just has a critical attitude and brings down specific churches and ministers with their comments.

Kingdom yeast is all about love. It is that simple. Love each other, forgive each other and let our lights shine.

Religion v. Relationship


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