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We Reap What We Sow

Updated on January 13, 2010

What is the reason for all our suffering?  The answer is our "Karma".  "Karma" in Hindi, the Indian national language, means action.  As Newton said, "every action has an equal and opposite reaction", our karma will bring us just what we deserve.

I will just explain this in detail.  Now, modern biologists are very close to believing that we are not just bodies but immortal beings (souls) and our bodies are just the vehicles through which we travel.  From my own spiritual experience, I know that I am a soul.  I am also quite sure that I have been traveling through different vehicles (bodies) in different births.  This is called as the birth and death cycle.  I the soul reside in this body at the present time.  I the soul had taken different bodies in different births.  Okay, let me come back to the subject "karma."

As I pass through the birth and death cycle, every moment I perform karma (actions).  Karma can be broadly classified into two.  One is good karma (sukarma) and bad karma (vikarma).  The question now is when does a karma become a good karma and when does a karma become bad karma?  I will explain this now.

Science is slowly digesting the fact that we are accountable for our actions, and even our thoughts and feelings.  We may at times think who is watching what we are doing?  But, little do we realize that whatever we do gets recorded within ourselves (in the soul) and we are just ignorant about this fact.  As a result, we face situations that make us think why am I getting these problems?  The answer is clear.  I am just getting the return of my own actions.

We may conveniently ignore the above truth as just a wild imagination or something unscientific.  But, within our hearts, the answer is always clear and loud.  If we see the world today, people have become slaves to their senses.  The scriptures clearly tell us about the importance of moral values.  It is unfortunate that people in this age believe moral values to be a great hindrance to their so-called freedom not realizing that the moral values are like the brakes of a vehicle.  If life is a vehicle, moral values have to be applied just as we apply brakes.  If we allow our minds to run at uncontrollable speeds and throw the brake lever (moral values) thinking it as a hindrance that controls our so-called freedom, then we may have to repent later.

Let us be responsible drivers and drive our vehicles (bodies) by following the rules and regulations (moral values) that a driver must follow to ensure our own well-being and the well-being of others.


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