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We Shall Meet Again

Updated on December 3, 2009

 You may heard of this poem before but this one is worth repeating,

We Shall Meet Again

If I should leave this world without a warning,
And not even whisper a fond farewell,
Grieve not for one more message
from the lips that God has stilled.

But just remember me with love
and prayers for my soul's journey
to that fair land beyond life's tears.
For I have believed with all my heart
In its existence, and I know that
God is good, for He has come to me
Through the life of Him whose very
Garment I have sought to touch.

It may be lonely, and I hope you miss me
Just a little, because I have loved so deeply.
Forgive me if I have ever hurt you
and remember me for what I longed to be.
Have faith that I am nearer than
your dreams and fondest longings.

For the God of love shall keep all
Kindred spirits close together,
Though the misty vale between
This world and that to come
Keeps us from each other's sight
For a few precious moments.

Whisper softly that you love me
and it shall linger on within my soul
until you come.
Say not good-bye,
for on some bright tomorrow
we shall meet again.

~ Author Unknown


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