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Tarot Wheel of Fortune-Creating Karma

Updated on June 23, 2015

Karma, You and Them

Tarot Wheel of Fortune

The Tarot card, Wheel of Fortune speaks of changes. It is predicting events in your future will dramatically change. It also is a known as a card of karma. What you have given out, is coming right back to you. This can be in one area or more. It is a ‘season’ of cause and effect.

Karma is real, and isn’t concerned about what title you have attached to it. There is a concept that it is linked to reincarnation. This might be true, yet it doesn’t matter. Karma will affect you throughout your present day life. It simply is cause and effect.

Karma is linked to what we do and think. You might be asking, what does thinking have to do with this? How often do we say, hear or read as a caption, someone will get their just due karma? As a retired professional tarot/psychic reader, I heard this almost daily. Be careful in wishing bad karma on someone else. You might be feeling hurt by them, but stop saying they will get theirs. This drives you right into the path of cause and effect. What I rarely have heard was, perhaps this happened to me because of my own past karma. We tend to need to blame the outside world. This desire of putting the blame on everything outside us will only keep us ignorant. Karma is neutral and does not serve up bad or good. It is only to balance an action from the past.

NOTE: The person who you are wishing ill on, could very well have been a principle player in helping you to balance your karma.

I am a believer of past-lifes, however this Hub pertains only to this life. We are always accumulating karmic conditions. We are not angels or saints. We are human beings, who have intentionally and unintentionally cause another hurt feelings and pain. We are also self-inflicting pain on ourselves, through our beliefs and negative programming.

You are not an angel in this life either, and I am sure there are people blaming you for their misfortunes. We all make mistakes, and we all have to answer for them. We are all familiar with people blaming their parents, or a dysfunctional family for their problems today. What we do not hear is they too have caused their children grief. It happens.

Our beliefs and negative programming also have a cause and effect clause to it. Our core beliefs will turn the Wheel of Fortune more often than what a person has done to you. If your core belief is that you are always a victim, it has to bring this back towards you. The Wheel of Fortune does as you tell it. The driving force behind this is your deep rooted core beliefs.

Tarot Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune-Rider Tarot Deck
Wheel of Fortune-Rider Tarot Deck

Wheel of Fortune offers you another Chance

Karma is so often blamed for our difficulties. We though wish to push it aside. The lesson that comes along with a karmic condition is often blamed on others. The lesson actually was telling you to look within, and to realize we are creating your life. Become accountable for your action. Even if reincarnation is not a truth, the karmic condition still exists. For one minute, try to see this simply as a cause and effect existence. Ask yourself this question; what core belief is interacting in my life now? How is it creating this problem? If we are following old tapes of our subconscious, which most are, the answers often can be discovered there. We do not even need to look at our past life to figure this out. The resolution is in our brain, and how we have program it. The brain, our subconscious, has input from the day we were born, though scientist now are saying while we are in the womb. The first five to six years are the most formative years for our brain to have constant input. This is because our brains are like sponges. This is cause and effect, however it stops there. You are responsible for your core beliefs. Are they helping or hindering you is the question you need to ask of each belief.

We have a choice to change the old programs. We have a choice to jump off the core belief- wheel of cause and effect. Only you can do this. If the Wheel of Fortune shows up in your reading, embrace it and use it. Use it to create new beliefs. You have the duty to yourself to do this. If you came from a dysfunctional home, you have zero rights to blame it on your family. You know their dysfunctions, and you know you do not wish to pass them down to your children. This though also covers other areas in your life that are not just parent and child related.

How you permit others to treat you, will be learned by your children. This is passed down, however it still is a lesson for your own self-growth. You cannot tell your children to do what I say, yet do nothing to improve your own life. This can be done through reprogramming your brain. When we stop blaming a person, place, thing, and ourselves, we can get down to the work needed to ride the Wheel of Fortune successfully.

Riding the Wheel of Fortune Successfully

Reprogramming our minds

Caroline Myss is one woman I do highly recommend in watching and reading.

Caroline Myss

Riding the Wheel of Fortune Successfully .


How do you ride the Wheel of Fortune? Embrace it, for you are about to enter a journey of recovery. The first stop is marked by the sign- Forgiveness. This is the first thing you will learn. It is here, where many will choose to not exit, and visit. People often feel to forgive is to let someone off the hook. They also assume it releases that person’s responsibility for the harm they caused them. This is not the case. It is about releasing you not them, from your present day emotional prison. There are those who would say they are not living in a prison, but their health will show you differently. Forgiveness also is good because we have victimized others as well, even though it might not have been intentionally. A lot of what was done to us came from learned behavior, especially if this is regarding family. It is up to us to stop that insanity. Forgiveness is the first step.

The Second stop is marked by the sign- Reprogramming your brain. There are those who have hurt us in ways that does not fit in the first group. As long as we carry around the scars left by them, they will affect our brain and health. This, as well as the first example, is where reprograming our brain will carry us afar. We have to start to reprogram our brain. It is the only way to eliminate old tapes. The cost for you is too high, if you do not. If you do not you will continue with your core beliefs and continued to dance the cause and effect jig. If you decide to grab a hold of your old tapes, and not let go, your Wheel of Fortune ride will continue on the same road, year after year.

The Third stop is marked- Blame Depot. It is here you are requested to toss out all the blaming you have been doing. You must take responsibility for your life. You are the only one who can create a better life.

The final stop is marked-Deserving. It is here you will learn one fact; you are deserving of endless possibilities.

How to Re-program those core beliefs that are hindering you?

There is a lot of current research on how our brain is programmed and how to reprogram it. These are scientist who are biologist, as well as quantum physic scientists. There is now a correlation to metaphysical beliefs and scientific beliefs. We are what we think. Our world is an illusion, which is created by us. There is truth that we do create our reality. You have created yours up to this point by letting your old programs run havoc in your daily life. Welcome to the Wheel of Fortune. You are being given the chance to continue living with old outdated programing or change it. If you choose the later, you need to start with reprogramming your brain.

You can only do this for yourself, however it can become contagious. Others’ will want the peace and calm you present, and ask how you accomplished this. This is the way to living the Wheel of Fortune successfully, and it works. It is a great way to teach your children, and a great way to live. When we can live through our new input, we will stop having reruns of situations. This means we will not be repeating same experiences, though with different people. We also will retrain our mind to not go on automatic victim mold. Now we realize that we live in a world of endless possibilities.

My Final Word


A Final Word on Karma and the Wheel of Fortune

Life happens, and sometimes we have nothing to do with it. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, death and other peoples’ experience our out of our control. It has nothing to do with cause and effect. Karma cannot be blamed. Those people who died where not being ushered bad karmic payback, while the ones that survived were given good karmic payback. This is a falsity, and a sad one. It though is cause and effect on how we carry through during those times. It is vital that we use programing that works for us. Blame or believing that you received the karmic boot is not input that will help you. If you are in a situation like that, pay heed to your thoughts. We all go through trauma, no one is immune. You now have a choice to live in heaven or hell on earth. It is always your choice, no matter what your circumstances are. It is always your choice to jump on the Wheel of Fortune, and ride it successfully.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza

I highly recommend reading his books and listening to his video, to learn more about reprogramming your brain.


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