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We are God's Memories

Updated on February 27, 2016

In the Beginning...

In the beginning, before the word, there was thought. Thought, the solitary mysterious force without substance. The soul thing that needs no medium to move. As in sleep we dream. One destination existed for the singularity and that was the place that the single thought already was (in the beyond). For, there was nothing outside of, nor other than, the singularity, being only composed of formless thought.

Thought, though new in its experience, was not without consequence. As a building materializes from a vision in a man's mind, so does thought and contemplation make substance through eventuality.
Consider, for a moment, that you were the first thought in the void of space (the only thing that existence had ever been). Consider, if you will, that you (the great thinker that appeared) were only aware of your sole ownership of the universe (that is you in its totality). To know, in fact, that you were all there is, all there was, and all that there would ever be.
This thought may be magnificent in its revelation, but also, may be limiting in its presumption. On the one hand, you are The Universe... On another, there is nothing outside of yourself to express your happiness or excitement to. You know you are magnificent, but have no idea what it would feel like to be more magnificent by expressing this, because by 'your being all things' you have already determined singularity. Happiness, and contentment would be ingrained in the first thought because all things possibly grander than what you are would exist within your idea of yourself. Declaring yourself the ultimate being of unlimited power and creator of all things would come with the consequence of enduring an infinite existence of solarity, hence loneliness.
Now, being without companionship, one could argue that, God, could not be happy if he had no companionship and happened to want it at some point. But declaring oneself the creator is to take ownership of that very experience of being alone. That is the great sacrifice that father time endures. How does he endure it? Some memory in his past justifies it.
The first declaration (The first "I Am") is what brought the physical world onto existence. The word. When the thought sought to look within itself for an answer. When the thought could find no companion, for no place existed outside of itself, it went within. From within it could see that it was made of many parts called memories. Thus the declaration "I Am One" became He Who Exists in the Beyond, and at the same time, sprung forth a past within itself of infinite memories, those of which we became a part.

A fathering thought (God), a mother's womb (God's Memories), and a divine child (Our Experience). A holy trinity.

As a seed blooms from within the soil in an attempt to bridge heaven and earth.
As the babe is born from within the womb in an attempt to bridge the thoughts and deeds of mother and father.
All things come from within.
All things are part of a greater idea.
All things should be thankful for the sacrifices of man. A man who was (in first thought), who is (through our experiences), and who will be again (once fully re-membered).

When we have all lived through our lives, and all things have been re-membered, we will have justified God's existence.

Let us remember that our deeds are a constant justification for God's ongoing and ultimate sacrifice.


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