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We are One with the Divine!

Updated on November 5, 2015

God is everything!

We are not separate from God!

Once Swami Rama Tirtha was asked a poignant question by some devotee, “Why there are atrocities committed on pious people”? Swami Rama tirtha told the devotee, “The one who inflicts injury and the one who bear the injury are one and the same”. Of course, it is difficult for us to accept this since we are born and brought up in the premise of ‘individuality’. Sathya Saibaba confirmed this when someone asked about the grief and pain every one suffers. To that Saibaba told him, “I react to the pain and grief since I am seated in your heart”

These words sprang up from the nondual philosophy. For the denizens of the world who believes in the multiplicity of beings and separateness of each individual, this truth cannot be grasped at once. This is akin to teaching a KG student about advanced theories of atomic science. All knowledge is inside every individual. But mountains of ignorance hide this knowledge. This ignorance has stemmed from the premise that one is a body. This is the fundamental ignorance of majority of human beings on earth. Truth is hidden deeply like a flame of light is veiled by thick curtains. Light will be visible once the curtains are pulled one after another.

Classic examples of fundamental ignorance are 1. I am an individual, god and world are separate from me 2. I am not god. God is separate from me. I am the body/mind complex. I choose my work and I enjoy the results of my actions. Other individuals are separate from me and they are not connected to me except my own family members. These thoughts are the result of big ego known as ‘ahamkara’ in Sanskrit language. This ‘ahamkara’ is different from the real “I” principle dwelling in each individual. If the body could be compared to a temple, the deity installed therein is the Lord of the universe. Bodies may come and go but the Self within is the only constant and eternal principle.

There are so many clay pots kept outside each of which contains little rain water. When the sun shines, each pot reflects a sun in it. But the Sun is only one. The reflections make us to believe that there are so many suns. Similar is the experience of each human being. He feels himself as a separate individual whereas he is not separate! He is one with all in the Self or Soul. Even when there is no creation as such, Self remains as pure conscious or ‘awareness’. After an interval, there is a stir in the conscious which causes the so called creation. The mind is the real cause for the separateness from god. Once we eliminate all the thoughts and thus the mind principle, we become one with the Divine!

In several of my previous hubs, I have stated that the ‘mind is a great conjurer which makes us to believe in the creation. If you ask a self-realized soul, he won’t accept the assertions of the mind of others. In fact, the self-realized soul has no mind as such. He reposes always in his true identity which is the Self. He is ever merged in the Self and thus remains in eternal bliss which is supreme compared to the paltry joy we enjoy off and on. Our experiences are not permanent. It comes and goes. We come into the world in the middle and depart in the middle. But the Self, ever present principle which is not created nor does it pass. It is known as “Sath”- always existing. It is full of knowledge and abides in eternal bliss.

Till we understand the truth, we are tossed in the miserable ocean of mundane existence. By adopting the Truth contained in the scriptures, we can evolve further to reach the Divine. We have to lead moral lives as enshrined in the scriptures and aspire only for God realization. All the wealth we seek in this world never accompanies us when we depart. No relation or friend will accompany us on death. God is the eternal friend of each and every soul who guides it to blossom into universal cosmic soul. That is the very purpose of our existence in this mundane temporary world.

God is the controller!


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