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We are all experiencing the Dark age, Kaliyuga!

Updated on June 8, 2016

Center and circumference!

The circle represents universe while the center is the Self!

A circle seems an apt representation of the expanding universe with the center denoting the Atma or Self. We may observe that the center remains constant and unmoved while the circumference itself expands to infinite possibilities. Swami Vivekananda while delivering a lecture in Chicago has said ‘the centers are everywhere while the circumference is nowhere”. This seems the representation of umpteen numbers of living beings. Yes, each one of us is a living embodiment of the Divine. In the scriptures it is mentioned that each individualized form is like mud pots kept in the open which contains water. When the One Sun is seen in the sky, each of the pot contains one full reflection of the sun. It is not partial. In a similar way, each of us contains the reflection of the Omni self in each of us. Hence the individual is called a ‘moving temple of God”. This is how Vedanta represents the soul in each of us.

Evil and good

Faith sustains the human in spite of evil in the world!

Faith and belief are the two pillars on which humanity rests. It is that faith which enables humanity to sustain and thrive through millions and millions of years. Not everyone is an atheist! To counter effect the superstitious belief of many people, ‘atheism’ developed as a cult throughout the world. As we observe the creation, both the positive and negative forces sustain the creation from destruction. If there is terrorism at one corner, there is also ‘law abiding forces’ in each country. There are ‘counter terrorism’ effects everywhere in this world. The terrorists falsely believe that good natured people can be browbeaten! A few may get caught in the stratagems of the terrorists. Resistance will always be there when atrocities are committed by some groups. We have seen that some disgruntled individuals around the world fall into the traps laid by the terrorist organizations. Finding the group ‘nauseating’, many people escape from their clutches.

The terrorists are minorities scattered throughout the globe and hence targeting them has become a yeoman task to the security forces and military establishments. Throughout the globe, terrorism has become a very serious threat. Hence many major countries joined together to counter terrorist attacks but the success ratio is small. Communication networks aid the terrorists to a great extent. There are many Facebook and twitter groups, who conspicuously spread messages, videos and photos to hoodwink the gullible youth into their group. Even if their accounts are deleted, they open new accounts in pseudo names. Without the aid of communication network, no terror group can succeed. Hence, we need to blame Information technology for many of the melodies faced by humanity.

Education today!

Educational systems are at fault.

We can trace the reasons for the lack of morals to the faulty educational system that is being adopted throughout the globe! Stark materialism rules the syllabus in various schools and collages of the world. Students are taught how to excel in this competitive world by adopting various short cuts to earn ‘quick money’. Education is oriented towards commerce and not in acquiring ‘righteousness, truth, love and non-violence’. Genuine world teachers are jeered at by the student community. Educational institutes have become market place to develop rivalry and factionalism. How any student passing out of such institutes can become ideal citizens of the world? Harmful pastimes and wasteful expenditures have become fashion with the student community.

Murders and suicides within the campuses are not rare. Many girls fear to pursue higher education in such educational campuses. Even the law enforcement authorities fear to enter such campuses. It is due to the ingress of politics in such educational institutions which sounds a death nail to ‘value oriented education?

Let us consider the moral backgrounds of our leaders! It is sad to comment on such personalities who won the title of “Leaders”. In the media, we come across stories about such perverted persons who become leaders by sheer money power and muscle power! There is cut throat competitions in elections. Violence has become part of the culture of such great people! They are famous for their atrocities rather than their good work if any! There is a proverb in Tamilnadu, “the one who wield a gun will be shot by a gun”

Jaggi Vasudev on individual transformation!

Each individual need to transform!

What is the remedy for this adverse atmosphere in the world? It is in the hands of each individual to transform his evil propensities and develop fear of sin and love for God. God is really formless and attribute less. For the sake of understanding him, we impose a form and assign several noble and endearing qualities in him, so that man can try to develop such moral qualities. Hence in the various religions of the world, God is worshipped in some form and name. Some religions do not assign any form but call him by certain holy names. Whatever may be the beliefs and faiths of people around the world, “God is one and he can be accosted with any names? We can choose any form to worship him. Though he is formless, he is the indweller of each being. He listens to the prayers sitting in our hearts. He will remove the agony experienced by many millions in this world since the world is tormented today by many evils!

Ask sincerely and you will be given. Tap the doorway to god; it will be opened. Seek him anywhere and one can find him surely!


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