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We are all the immortal SELF!

Updated on March 20, 2013

The message of our ancient land!

Our real ID

We have heard about sheep in the herd follow other sheep mechanically. If one sheep fall down a gorge, others follow suit. In a way, the human life is similar. When we are young and earning, we seek the alliance of a girl and marry her. After a year or so, children are born. We go through the same cycle of bringing up the child and give him good education both in the schools and collage. Once he became a man and get a decent job, we coax him to get married. The same cycle is repeated for generations without understanding about the aim of life at all. We eat, drink and enjoy like other species of animals. I don’t deny that marriage is essential in society for the propagation of species. And it is natural. Yes, I don’t deny that part. But the only thing I deny is why we should follow the same just like other animals. Are we not gifted with intellect, intuition and intelligence to find out the real aim of life? Definitely, it is not for enjoying the pleasures of the senses!

Finding the life here monotonous and stereo type, our ancestors started introspections for many hundred years in thick jungles and caves of hills without any hindrance from other distractions which are prevailing in a normal society. They intuitively learnt that the human birth on earth is meant for realization of our identity with God. Also God is present in every being as the Self of the individual. When the situation is ripe, the Self subtly conveys the need to introspect and understand his purpose here on earth. The wise among man understands the message intuitively and starts following the directions of the Self. The first step in this exercise is ‘detachment from worldly objects and relationships’. Of course, it will take quite a lot of time for the individual self to practice the ‘meditation’ needed to know the Self within. Every one of us is aware of the nature of our existence on the earth. The sensual pleasures are fleeting experiences. They do not last and become unsavory in the long run. For example, we can eat one piece of sweet and relish its sweetness. If you are asked to gulp down a box of sweet, you will run away from the torture. It will become poison, if you really eat a box full of sweet. Likewise all enjoyments here on earth are momentary. Even emperors have left everything after ruling for years. They enjoyed all sensual pleasures and they became senile in the process. First we enjoy the sensory pleasures. Then the senses start enjoying us. This is the Truth.

If we are really bent upon ending our ephemeral existence here on earth, we have to search in the knowledge of the Self. Only after you empty yourself of all misconceptions and judgment, you can gain Self- knowledge. What are all the misconceptions man gathers? It is the false identity of the body with the Self. We are neither the body, nor the mind or the intellect or senses. We are the SELF, which is just a mute witness of the drama called life. The Self is akin to the pure white screen in the cinema hall. No scene of the cinema can distort the screen a bit. The fire and flood, the war and blood do not tarnish the screen a wee bit. We should live our life on the earth like the ‘unaffected screen’ of the cinema hall. Our Self is the screen. It is the feeling of ‘I’ and mine which causes agitations in the mind. Hence, hold on to the Self instead of the unsteady mind and ephemeral body!


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