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We are all true heirs to the Divine Kingdom!

Updated on January 13, 2016

Kingdom of God!

Come one and all and share your due!

Mistaken identities!

If I assert that the world is an illusion created by the mind, many readers may say, it is all blasphemy! The world as it is perceived not only by one man, but the entire population. All sensory inputs affect not only the human species, but also the animals and birds. As long as we are not aware of the primary cause for creation, we will assert that the world exists due to natural forces and the big bang theory is valid too.

The scriptures assert that ‘ignorance’ is the main cause of our perception of the universe. Ignorance is nothing but darkness. If knowledge could be compared to illumination or light, ignorance is darkness. But there is an interesting fact about the dualities of life. When there is light, there won’t be darkness. When there is darkness, it implies that there is no light. Light and darkness cannot exist simultaneously. But there is one time when light and darkness co-exist. It is during twilight hours. The sun is slowly setting and darkness slowly enveloping. At this twilight hour, we cannot perceive anything clearly!

The scriptures also states, God is the only reality and all else is fancy of the mind. In Sanskrit language, God is termed as ‘Sath”and the illusion is known as “asath’ which is opposed to ‘sath’. When you mix the two words, we get a term ‘sathasath’! The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. During daylight hours, there is light and during night, there is pitch darkness. The evening time at 6 PM is known as ‘sandhya’ in the scriptures. It is also the period when the sun sets and darkness is about to envelop. This twilight is the cause of illusion and ignorance when things are not seen in true light. Hence there is every possibility that we mistake ‘something’ for something’ like the ‘snake’ over the ‘coir’.

Secondly, each sense organ is capable of perceiving only one input lie the eyes can only see, the ears can only hear, the skin can only perceive touch, the tongue can only taste and the nose can only smell. Hence these sense organs, even if you consider them as real has got very limited powers. The eye cannot hear nor can the ear see! This is the major flaw or defects in the sensory organs. Also, there are limitations of perceptions. The eye cannot tolerate high lights like lightening beyond certain levels. The ear cannot hear beyond certain decibels. Hence we can imagine how far we can rely on these fractured verdicts of the senses. But we rely fully on the senses and aver that they are correct and true. How we can ascribe correctness, when they are faulty instruments of perceptions aided by the illusory mind?

Do you know that the bodies are like ‘water bubbles’ which may burst at any time? The mind is a mad monkey, hopping from one branch to other, knowing no steadiness. If the monkey is intoxicated, how it will act? The mind is enslaved by the senses which are like ‘intoxication’. How an intoxicated one can have fair judgement of things. There is a proverb in Tamil, “words of the drunken man have no meaning at all! Hence, considering the body as paramount and the pleasures offered by the senses as permanent, man is wasting his precious life, seeking pleasures like the animals and beast. This clearly resembles that man is using a golden vessel to drink water! It is utter foolishness. We have got this precious human birth, after wading through millions of births as birds, animals, trees and shrubs, fishes, reptiles and even insects. Is it not squandering a fine chance in spending life like animals? How can one remain so ignoramus?

Each minute of our waking life should be spent in remembering the grand aim of human life and working for it. We are not animals. We are the highest evolution in creation. The next step is to reach the Divine status. Every one of us is heir to the Kingdom of God. We are all true and legitimate heirs who have right over our share in the Kingdom of God. Hence do not waste this precious life and time in banal activities. Love all; Serve all, since everyone is an embodiment of Divine!

Seek the kingdom!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago

      Thank you manatita44 for the generous review.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Very good Hub and explained well. Great! Much food for thought. Om Shanti!