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We are eternal souls, conceived in love by LOVE for love. We are destiny not fate.

Updated on September 28, 2013

Images of the Divine

God IS Source. God is all that IS. God is Creator and creation. Mankind is an extension of God.

Each of us was created in God's perfect LOVE. This makes us an extension of God. And in our Divine conception we too were perfect LOVE.

But as Godly souls, we wanted something infinitely individuated and, yet by the same token, absolutely ONE with our Divinity. We wanted paradox---impossibility. We desired an intriguing, exciting, educational, powerful, etc., etc., etc. existence. So while we were still perfectly One with the Divine, we dynamically co-created our Way with our Source. Imagine that each energetic vibration we shared with God was already a living experience in that consummate Being which was in complete flow---like a Divine heart pumping immaculate life blood into each of us before we were US.

We collaborated with the Grand Potter of all things. We designed a life worth living forever---a life of passion and discovery. A life of mysterious romance. An impeccable marriage with our Creator. Divine Destiny! Elaborate choices created in unison with our Maker. Delightful, sensuous energies tempting us to want without end---spirituality that would illuminate the grandeur within and without, physicality that would challenge and excite, emotionality that would leave no room for liminality but would call forth expansive and contracting mentality...always baiting each of us further. Coaxing us into the unknown. Bringing us into total surrender with a Divinity known us Mother/Father God.

Our macrocosm and microcosm are merely the most uniquely (and not so uniquely) experienced reality. This reality is a holographic universe. [] I have added 5 videos below that demonstrate what such a universe is like. For some people this is going to be a total shift in paradigm. We have, after all, through our finite minds PERCEIVED a limited universe...and prior to modern science, a limited world. This is our history as a people. PERCEPTION AND LIMITATION. Remember when mankind thought the earth was flat??? And if you want to capture a picture of our complete reality up to now, life itself was completely limited by our total knowledge base. Mankind had to create discovery after discovery (like fire, religion, math) in order to survive. I mean to say that mankind had to form a need which developed into discoveries. Yes, sometimes the discovery was like the conundrum of the CHICKEN OR THE EGG. If one connects to the link between the macrocosm and the microcosm, one truly cannot know which came first.

But life is truly limitless. Our brains have to release into the open chasm of God's timeless, spaceless eternity. God IS and we ARE. There may have been a conception of us but there is no real end to us. Meditation forms a portal to all that IS. Within the veil of omniscience, the view is ethereal and magnificent. Each day God invites us to partake of all that IS. It is our choice to do it or not do it. But in the end, even the greatest of the defiant, the procrastinators, the undecided will choose the LOVE that will forever Be. Because God is patient, God is kind. God knows each heart as His/Hers. For God knows no separation from His/Her LOVE and ours. Love IS love...

What I do not know is God's process. I think the reason for this is that we have within us an infinite puzzle and I enjoy the construction of thought amidst complexity. Certainly boredom would ensue if we had limited experiences---limited choices. But our contracts for the earth plane are made so that we bask in the glory of our everlasting Source.

As individuals we go to the earth. We are born through a rabbit hole called the vaginal canal. And so we begin as incarnations of the flesh. We forget our conversations with Mother/Father God. We are one but not One. We feel separation. The amniotic fluid steals our memory from our conscious mind. We want for the very first time. Desire is born. Creation is fostered through each and every contrasting hunger. We live for more and more breath. Eventually we know death. Breath ceases and life transforms spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. Our passion is to feel the LOVE we were. We seek to find. And God IS.

Then we choose a new experience. We continue along the earth plane to learn our lessons and to grow and develop. Sometimes memories slip through the next rabbit hole. Sometimes they disappear to the amnesia. And soon we are ready for more. We expand. We live multidimensionally. And God IS because we ARE.

Holographic Universe

Holographic Universe II

Holographic Universe III

Holographic Universe V


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