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We are not isolated beings!

Updated on March 17, 2013

Avatars who reveal the Truth!

Realize your real identity with the Almighty!

People normally think that they are separate from the rest. This false idea is the result of body identification. No doubt, bodies are apart but the Soul is one only. There are no separate souls. To clarify this point further, may i say that we all live on earth which is connected everywhere. Yes, the ocean bed is also the continuation of the earth, the only variation being the level. Everyone on the earth breaths the same air, drink the water and sustains himself from the products of the earth. We have one thing in common, the thinking mind. The external appearance of each human being may vary, the color, the complexion, the shape of the body and limbs according to the geographical location. But all man breath the air, blood circulation and heart beats etc are common to all beings. We have the ether or sky all around us. The sky is one without any barrier. In a way, the soul may be likened to the sky but the soul is subtler than the sky. When the sky itself is all pervading, we can not imagine about the soul which is the basis for the entire universe and the denizens therein. The most disturbing factor in human conscience is the misconceived separateness from the rest of the universe!

This apparent separateness causes him grief. He is isolated in his conscious. Saibaba calls this state as 'miserable little prison individuality'. None has made you miserable except your own thoughts of separation. None has imprisoned you excepting the feeling of 'i' ness and myness. The scriptures repeat the Truths more often. They state that you are all part of the Almighty God and you are all the share holders of the Kingdom of God. What is the precious wealth God possess which he wants to distribute amongst his own children. It is Love, It is Truth, It is Wisdom and It is Bliss. People consider paper currencies as wealth. They consider the bank balance as the only security for life. They consider the trash and tinsel buried in earth as valuable metals.But who has lent value to these external things? It is the foolish man! He is not aware that he is the most precious one on earth! I am not talking about the perishable body or vacillating mind! I am talking about the immortal Self within which we are one with. We are not mere water bubbles which arise and show colors and burst in the next moment. We are neither born nor die! Yes, Immortality is our possession.

To gain this knowledge, we have to remove the basic ignorance that veils our real nature. It is the false identification with the perishable body which made us to think that we are all mere straws buffeted by the gales of nature! To clarify this point, once Saibaba has told a nice story which runs as follows! Once a pregnant tigress gave birth to a tiger cub on the banks of a river but the tigress was washed away in the swift current of the river, The cub survived and it was tended by a shepard along with his sheep! The tiger cub cried like the sheep, ate grass and it was roaming along with the herd of sheep. One fine morning, a tiger chased the sheep and spotted the tiger cub amid the herd. It caught hold of the cub and took it to the river and shown its reflection in the water. "You are not sheep! You are a tiger cub! Remember your identity and do not ever mingle with the herd! The tiger warned the cub thus. Afterwards, the cub realized its own identity with the grand tiger and behaved properly! Hence we are all not the bodies as we mistook! We are the immortal Self within! All of us are connected in the One Self and we are part of the Divine!


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