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We are part of God, the Supreme!

Updated on November 30, 2015

We are part of the whole!

The secret of human life!

A cluster of atoms make a small rock. All the atoms in the rock are similar in composition, number of protons, electrons and neutrons. Hence we have a stone of homogenous materials. The same example will hold well for a piece of ‘mysore pauk’, a delicious sweet made in South India with ghee, bason, sugar as main contents. Bason is nothing but the flour made of Bengal grams. Now, a small question. Does the particles of the sweet exhibit the same taste, flavor and other properties contained in the big piece? Undoubtedly, each particle will taste the same sweetness with the flavor of ghee and fried bason. Once we understood this small example, we can ascertain the principle behind the great universe and God.

If we consider God as one big ball, we are all parts of the ball. We can confidently assert that we are God since we are one with the big ball. But it is not so easy to comprehend this great truth since we are hoodwinked by the mind to believe that we are individuals, distinct from each other, distinct from God as well as the world. We are made to believe this ‘superimposition’. We assume a ‘snake’ where there is only a coiled rope on the path. It is due to twilight effect. Only when light is focused we can see the rope. Till such time, we fear that a snake is lying on the path. But all along, it was only a rope. Likewise, all along it was God or Brahman on which the mind has superimposed the illusory universe effect. Once you get rid of this illusion, by gaining wisdom, we will see things in its true nature. Of course, God is formless and attribute less, all pervading one. There is no second entity apart from the One. But, we are accustomed to believe in lies than truths. Truth remains as the only changeless principle whereas lie can take many avatars. Once the mind superimposes the universe on the primordial principle, the entire gamut of universe with various names and forms are cognized.

This is the great mystery behind god. God is the base from which the mind principle has emanated. Hence the mind can never grasp God, or the intellect. God cannot be ascertained through logic or intellectual gymnastics. The false mind cannot grope up with the True! Mind itself is termed as ‘maya’ or illusion in Hindu scriptures. It is like the magicians hat from which many things are taken out by the magician one by one, a hare, a cock, a flower bunch and what not? People enjoy the magic show and hence the magician exhibits it in order to earn money and fame. The mind is really more cunning than the magician. Those who follow the mind believing it as a guide and confident is sure to fall in abysmal depth. The mind conjures with scenes of enjoyment. In fact, beauty concept lies in our own perception and not on the object of beauty. Even an ordinary girl will look beautiful in the eyes of her lover whereas a wayfarer will not be attracted by her. You impose imaginary beauty on the girl you love. After all, what is a physical form except nauseating things hidden under the skin! Every part of a cow including its urine, dung, and milk etc. is considered the most purifying potent drug for human health.

But none will honor a human body. It is thrown as carcass and put in fire once the breath leaves the body. None would like to keep a dead body in the house for more than a day. Everyone would like to get it buried or disposed as per the customs prevalent in their religion. Even birds and animals are utilized for their feather or hide which can be utilized in myriads of ways but people hate their own clan once life leaves from the body. This is the value of human body. But there is one benefit about human birth. In this human birth alone, man can strive to reach God. Not even the demigods or devas can reach god from their abode. They aspire to take human birth since it will give them an opportunity to reach God. Hence, we should never pamper the body with luxuries and comforts. We should utilize the body for the very purpose it was created by God. To attain salvation is the only goal of human birth.

Hence all our ancestors, great saints and spiritual masters have written and taught the truth about the human existence. They have mentioned that the human birth should not be wasted in eating, drinking, sleeping and merry making. Even the birds and animals eat, drink, mate and sleep. Then what is the superiority of human life. Man alone is blessed with discrimination and a thinking mind. Though he can choose vice over good, he should aspire to perform righteous tasks, adhere Truth, love all beings and must not commit adultery or engage in violent acts like killing. Nowadays, many terrorists in the garb of religionists kill many and terrorize the citizens stating that their religion bade them so. They have grossly misunderstood their religion. They should kill their evil propensities, thoughts and habits and not other human beings. This is the real meaning of killing mentioned in the scriptures. They should destroy evil intentions and thoughts and not humanity. At least from now on let them lead normal life and work for the welfare of the common man!

The Lord's message!


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