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We are the Architects of our own Life!

Updated on November 26, 2011

How we shape our future!

It is really a wonder that in spite of enormous amount of wisdom contained in ancient philosophies, man still grovel in this mundane world blaming his fate. The scriptures are like the sign posts which direct the travelers to their destination. If man chose to tread in the opposite direction, who can be blamed except him.

God is just a witness. God is not involved in the affairs of man in the external world. But when man chooses to internalize his vision towards the SELF (Atma or God), God comes encouragingly near. He watches each step of the devotee and corrects him subtly. This part of the communication happens silently and the man is intuitively inspired to follow his Consciousness which is nothing but the Divine Consciousness.

When God has created the Cosmos and the myriads of forms, he was not satisfied. Only after He created man, and instilled discriminatory power and intelligence, He was satisfied. Now man can choose to love God. Yes, it is for sharing the Love, God has created the human beings. Other species can not appreciate God’s work. But man can appreciate God’s creation which is Nature and the creator. It is the sublime philosophy of Love. It is not the selfish love, human beings show to one another in order to gain something back. God’s Love is Pure, absolutely selfless and all embracing. God has no near or far. All are equal to Him. A saint and sinner are one and the same to God. Though God is abused by the agnostics in the vilest language, He never reacts or punishes any. He does not care for your external behavior but looks at your inner Heart (spiritual heart). Take the instance of Rain. Rainfall happens in wider area and it helps all those who live there. Rain does not differentiate a saint and sinner. It pours for all. If it is so, then how God will differentiate? We know that the Earth, Air, Fire, water and space serve all people without any distinction. God is just and impartial. When He has endowed man with discriminatory power, He has laid certain regulations for applying the same. Once man chooses to embark on an action, he is bound to the effects of his actions. Thus, whenever man engages in some kind of actions, he is binding himself to the results. It may be good or bad according to the nature of his actions. When you sow a mango seed, you can reap mango after a period of several years. When you plant a neem seed, you will have to be satisfied with the bitter neem fruit.

Animals, birds, and other species do not incur any sin since they act as per their instincts which never changes even after millions of years. Man alone incurs sin due to his unbridled desire. In a way, we can compare God to a Postman. In India, mails are delivered at door steps of each house. The Postman is never concerned with the contents of the letters he delivers. He is concerned only with the correct addressee to whom the letter belongs. In the same way, the results of our actions come back to us. Whenever a baby is born in the world, it has got an invisible garland tied around its neck. It is the result of both good and evil actions, it has engaged in previous lives. Its birth is thus decided based on the actions performed in previous lives. Thus we see the huge disparity between each baby. But we blame God for all that occurs to each individual. In fact, each one is responsible for his own actions and in a way each one is his own architect.

Listen Oh Man!


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