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We are the makers of our destiny!

Updated on March 12, 2014

Karma theory and creator!

How the law of cause and effect work in human life?

The law of cause and effect equally applies to spirituality as well as mundane life. The concept of sin and merit arose since there are ways to live this life in a righteous manner without causing hurt to any. Karma theory states that for every willful action of any individual, there is bound to be a tangible result. For instance, if we willfully hurt others, the same will recoil upon us in future in some mysterious way. No account is written off except when the individual erases his ego and surrender completely to the Divine. It is Providence which decides the results and not the individual. We may boast that we have 'free will', but it is only a restricted freedom and not full freedom. I can give a valid example from the short stories of Sathya Saibaba. There is a cow tied to a post leaving a lengthy rope. The idea is that the cow should not move away from the place but she can eat the fodder or grass within the ambit of the length of the rope. She can graze a circular area she can traverse as decided by the length of the rope. In a similar way, human beings are tied by the past karma in previous births. This restrict the length of the metaphor rope. In a way, before every baby is born in this world, Brahma, the creator ties an invisible garland around the neck of the baby which is the cumulative effect of past deeds. The child can not deviate from the blue print of destiny, it brings. Civil Engineers all over the globe follow a blue print containing the plan, elevation and section of proposed building or factory or any such structure. They have to religiously follow the blue print and no deviation is generally permitted. The plan usually contains the position and thickness of foundation basement over which the walls of superstructure has to come.

Now, the basement contains the position of walls marked in the plan. The Engineer can not construct a wall where there is no basement provided. Hence in human life also, the past lives suggest or determine the way the baby has to live. This naturally determines the status and health of parents, the affluence or lack of the family in which the child is born. We notice through the media that in many African countries, the children do not get nourishment due to utter poverty in their country. In contrast, there are many rich and affluent societies where the children are born with silver spoon! How can we justify these differences, when we consider the creator Almighty as 'justice'?. Hence, it is imperative that every baby born in this world carries with them the irrevocable results of past life too! In society, we notice lot of differences and we generally attribute them to their luck. What we term as luck is nothing but pure destiny!

What i assert is that every life has got certain freedom also to act within the ambit of past merits. A man can simply while away his time without doing any thing and he can not blame god for the outcome. We can exert ourselves and work hard and definitely there will be positive outcome. Hence, the choice with man is 'whether he want to work or remain idle? Whether he want to be a good individual following the righteousness and true way of living or hurts others willingly? But whatever choice man makes, he can not avoid the results! Many people, unaware of this great truth follow their whimsical mind and commit many bad deeds to satisfy their egos. For instance, if you cheat an honest man of his hard earned money, you are sure to pay back it to him either in this birth or in the next birth in a different contest. Then, you may not be aware that you are paying back your past debt!

God is really kind towards his children. He never lets them know, 'why they are suffering or what luck has brought them good tides? But, while we undergo grief and pain, we definitely get wisdom in the course of time. Initially, it will be painful to undergo the grief and pain which are the results of the past births. Once we complete the trying experience, we will be slowly made to understand that 'every experience is really for our own good and transformation in the future.It may take many years for one to realize those truths. But 'slow and steady wins the race'!


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