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We are what we eat; Our qualities depends upon the food we eat.

Updated on July 13, 2017

Three types of divisions in food.

Food affect our qualities for sure!

Today, many people are unaware of the effects of food on our qualities. They feel that the food they consume has no bearing on our thinking! Thoughts are like the steam generated in a vessel while something is cooked or boiled. Invariably, the steam over boiling milk will smell milk and the steam in a meat preparation smells differently. It is revealed in the scriptures that a subtle portion of food we eat become our thoughts. That is why people consuming liquor become unsteady once the limit is crossed. They behave differently after consuming liquor and their talk lack civility and mannerism. All the above goes to prove that the quality of food does affect the quality of thought like good thought and bad thought. It is rare that people exhibit good qualities after consuming animal food. Most of the people who eat animals have no control over their passion. They are aroused quickly by anger or lust. Look at the people who exhibit saintly nature. Find out what they eat? Invariably, such people consume only vegetarian food, milk, whole grains, nuts and fruits. They have nothing to do with non-veg etarian items. Hence the sages who lived in forests pursuing their spiritual quests were eating naturally available green leaves, fruits, vegetables, cow’s milk and honey in moderate quantities. Yes, even the natural food taken in excess quantities induce sloth and laziness in such people.

Different food and health indicators.

Three varieties of Food which determine our behavior!

Let us examine the varieties of food and their effects on human behavior! Our ancestors have experimented with different types of food and their effects on the body and mind. Invariably, most of the meat eaters suffered from various life threatening diseases compared to vegetarian eaters. The fat in many meat products were the cause for obesity which induced blood pressure, cardiac problems, diabetes. Certain meat products contributed to cancer etc. I don’t say that only meat eaters develop such health risks. They were more at risk than vegetarian dieters. Those who are accustomed to such food acts in an impulsive manner. They are short tempered and when roused exhibit bestial tendencies. In our world we notice many strange behaviors among human beings. Some are vey cunning like the fox. Some people cheat others often and grab others possessions. Some people are most unsteady and some are fond of consuming more food then they require. Some people are timid while some people bully others. Some harbor revenge in their mind and finish their distracters. A normal human being must possess only human virtues like truth, righteousness, peace, selfless love and non-violence. When we notice some queer behavior, we can construe that these habits or qualities are the outcome of the food they consume!

Sathwic food, the best for all.

The defects in refrigerated food already cooked!

After the invention of refrigerators, people started keeping cooked food in freezers for two or three days. Whenever they want to consume such food, they will take it out, heat it and eat the food. Food prepared six hours before become stale even if it is refrigerated. People who eat such refrigerated food become dull and sleepy. Only fresh food gives us energy to undertake works. Hence as far as possible we must avoid refrigerated food which was already cooked. We may keep fruits, fresh vegetables and green leaves in the fridge to retain their freshness. Hence if we want to be alert and energetic, we must avoid cooked food kept in the refrigerators for more than six hours!

The third variety consists of fresh greenly vegetables, green leaves, fresh fruits, nuts and whole grains. Buttermilk is better than ordinary milk. For children cow’s milk is a good supplement to mother’s milk. As they grow, they must be fed with milk everyday if they are tolerant to lactose. The people who pursue spiritual path and discipline must consume only such food as given in this para. Spiritual aspirants must avoid all animal food, chicken etc. When we kill the birds and beasts for our consumption, we inflict severe pain to such innocent animals. Cattle are docile and they never turn violent unless provoked. Hence it is easy for man to slaughter it for consumption. But, when we inflict pain on any, the same will retaliate on us for sure if not immediately, in the later stage of our life. Hence many people are afflicted by many diseases like breathlessness, TB and cancer to reap their past foolish deeds. God never intimate us for what reason we are subjected to pain and grief. We need to understand the reasons intuitively. Unless we harm others, we won’t come to harm. Unless we inflict mental agony to others, none will inflict the same on us.

Rajasik food which induce passions!

Vegetarian food is the best especially for spiritual aspirants!

All the tragedies of life, the natural calamities, have cause in our own behavior in this or in previous births. In fact, we eradicate them by undergoing grief, pain and mental tortures. God never punish man. Our own acts retaliate on ourselves. God has enacted laws for each species. If they transgress the limits, punishments are sure to follow. In today’s world, there is political administration of countries. Each country has definite set of laws. They are being enforced by the law enforcement agencies. Beside these, there are justice department which pronounce punishments for various crimes. Hence murders, rapes, robberies and terrorist activities are dealt with first degree punishment. Cheating and other frauds are treated next to them. There is a penal code for each country and even if we escape the Police and detective agencies, the invisible accountant in the court of Lord of death keeps minute accounts of each individual in the world including his thoughts, his feeling, his motives and deeds. When each soul is brought to the court of great hall of justice after death, Lord of death pronounces a suitable punishment to each soul. If our merits are more, we are sent to heaven to enjoy the merits. Once we enjoy all pleasures due to merits, we are again sent back to earth to undergo the remaining effects. We will be free once all the past effects become zero with no merits or no evil in us! This is the final aim of all human beings on earth!

Thamasic food, the one to be avoided!

Food determines our behavior and qualities!

Do you accept that our qualities are the outcome of food we consume?

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