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We believe the ephemeral world as real but ignore the real SELF!

Updated on May 3, 2017

Buddha counsels.

What causes grief?

What causes grief in mind? It is attachment and nothing else. First, we are attached to our own body and its comforts When something threatens our comforts, we naturally get anxious to escape from the present problems. We need to contemplate certain things. Are we happy continuously when one of our desire gets fulfilled? For instance, one may be confronted with several problems at a time. If few of the problems are solved, are we happy? No! We want all our problems should end. Even while resolving the problems at hand, some more new problems crop up meanwhile. Hence the fulfillment of some of our desires won’t guarantee peace and comforts to the mind at any time!

Certain facts

Food, clothing and shelter can not satisfy our soul.

There are certain basic needs of life like regular income to fulfil our sustenance on earth like food, clothing, and a roof to cover our dwellings. But none of us become content, even the above needs are fulfilled to a reasonable effect. Once the first list is over, the second list comes in the form of comforts like a girl friend, conveyance and more comforts and luxury. The irony of life is that the bachelor wants to get married and the married one wants divorce! The single man thinks that married man is happier. The married man feels that he should not have married at all, that too to a wrong person! Most of us have forgotten that the worldly comforts or pleasures are ephemeral and the pleasures are like streaks of lightening. They are just flashes of light. Hence even after enjoying various sensual pleasures, man remains discontent throughout his life. Generations of beings spent their entire life in this ephemeral life and they are born again and again to meet the same fate. Unless one passes the examinations conducted in schools and collages, he won’t be promoted to the next higher class. Similarly, we won’t be released from this cycle of births and deaths until we realize our Self. We falsely identify with the perishing body and unsteady mind and hence we naturally undergo the sufferings of the mortal world. The external world of things and beings can never make us eternally happy! Knowing this cordial truth, many sages and saints found out that true and lasting bliss is possible only in the contemplation of Divine and reaching the abode of the supreme. In Bible, the same is described as “Kingdom of God” Jesus taught the same truths contained in ancient Vedas and Upanishads in a different tongue so that even a lay man can understand moral and spiritual life.

Thomas Lynch said.

The teachings of Jesus is similar to ancient scriptures of India

If Jesus had taught by mere preaching, none world have listened him. Hence he had performed many mind boggling miracles by curing the dumb, the lame, the blind and the possessed. He resurrected some from certain death. The power over death is possible only to a god man. Human beings can never perform such miracles. Only after seeing the miracles, people started going to him and utilizing the opportunity, Jesus taught them many truths about human life and how every one should conduct in human life? Till such time, the rich and powerful enjoyed the life like beasts. Eating, drinking, merry making and sleeping was their pass time. They never realized the worthiness of human birth. Only after his crucifixion and ascension on the third day, many people realized the glory of Christ. Thus the great religion started spreading from place to place. Many thousand years back, many sages, saints and Prophets took birth and most of them from India. They have revealed to the world that craving for pleasures make one weak and he will age quickly. We have seen how drunkards and womanisers ended their life in disease and death. In addition gambling and earning wealth through illegal means thrived before Christ appeared in Roman Empire. Till his crucifixion, very few people believed in him. After his ascension, people realized his greatness and started following his teachings.

Truth explained.

The crust of teachings of scriptures are common in every religion!

The crust of the teachings of all religion is common. All are one, be equal to everyone. This message is the offshoot of Veda that God is the indweller of all beings. Hence everyone is equal. Love all and serve all. There should be no distinction between man to man. God loves all beings selflessly. But man shows affection to some and hate many. This mistake arises due to his identity with the body. The body comes in the middle and perishes after sometime whereas the Self is eternal and survives the death of the body. The Self is beginingless and hence endless. It is Sath – self existing; Chit – full of wisdom and Ananda – It remains ever in bliss. Hatred is sin. Never hate anyone in the world since all are embodiments of same Divine Self. Help ever; hurt never. The human life is corrupt and full of expectations but God loves all without any motive. Remain indifferent to the external environment and circumstances. Remember, god alone is the basis of this phenomenal world which is neither true nor false. It is a mixture of truth and illusion. Realize this and you will be free from the illusion.

Ultimate bliss could be caught only in the realm of Self. Realize your inner truth and forget the ephemeral phenomenal world.

We take the world as truth and forget the base!

Can the human mind attain ultimate satisfaction?

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