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We can ascend when we become 'weightless'!

Updated on May 29, 2015

Annihilate the thoughts to ascend!

"Weight" referred in the title is not meant for grosser things. They refer to the subtle aspect of human life, his mind, thoughts, feelings, resolutions etc etc. We might have heard of many "yogis" practicing 'levitation'. Physical universe is governed by laws of gravitation and attractions. Hence, it is well nigh impossible for ordinary human beings to 'float' in the sky themselves. They can travel in planes but they can not perform the feat of flying on sky without any balloon or other devices like rockets attached to their back or flying wings. Let us define the term 'ascension". It is purely spiritual and does not denote 'climbing great height in the physical universe like mountaineering.

We have many weighty things, which we need to jettison before trying ascending to higher levels of consciousness. None is aware that the thoughts of the mind exert great force than the physical body. Especially desires, feelings, emotions and resolutions are heavy to bear! Many people become crazy when conflicting thoughts pester them often. Desires are the heaviest luggage we carry in the mind. Only when we keep them down, we can travel freely. Any man with a heavy luggage on the head will find it difficult to move. Now let us imagine a situation where a villager who is quite new to train travel, board a train with the luggage on head. He is not aware that he can put down the luggage on the luggage racks above. He was simply carrying them! Other passengers told him to put down the luggage on the rack. The villager exclaimed that the poor train is already carrying him, why he should make it to carry his luggage! This is the situation prevailing everywhere! God is the train who carries us to our destinations in spiritual path! Why not hand over your burdens to him? When he carries the entire haulage, your burdens are not extra since he is already carrying them. You have to consciously unburden yourself by offering your burdens to Him. He will readily carry it for you!

Only problem with the human being is that he is not aware that God carries him throughout his earthly journey! Most of the time, man feels that he is carrying his own burdens and the burdens of his immediate family! Not only that, everyone can hand over all the problems to god (this is termed as 'surrender' in spiritual parlance). There is nothing wrong and you need not feel guilty of handing over your burdens to Him. In the Bible, there is clear evidence to the above; "Those who are carrying huge loads of burdens of worry and grief, come unto Me, I will carry them for you and make you free and give you Rest! Yes, this is the most important Truth.

Before that, shed your individuality and sense of identity with the body. All are doing the same mistakes. We consider ourselves as the little body and feel isolated among others. This separateness is in fact "miserable little prison individuality" as told by Sathya Saibaba! Why should one feel separate from the rest. Have we not heard the scriptures proclaiming, "All are ONE, Be alike to every one! If one deeply contemplate, 'the entire creation is part of God and hence we are all part of Him. The part and full have the same qualities. In fact, there is no parting at all. It is always whole. The parting sensation is the illusion created by the Mind. The Monist who practice the philosophy of Advaita will assert, "There is One only and no two! If you visualize 'two', then Maya or Illusion is in action- Saibaba.

More often when we move around in dark, a coir lying on the path would look like a snake! Only when light is brought and focused, we will realize our absurd fear. The Coir alone was real and the snake is imaginary. The mind superimposed 'snake' on the coir. In a similar manner, the creation is superimposed over ATMA or SELF by the mischievous mind! Only when we contemplate on such truths contained in the ancient scriptures, we can understand the reality behind the illusory creation. Only the senses convey the inputs to the brain and the brain alone is not capable of perception. It is the connecting mind which perceive the creation through the senses. Hence there is an assertion in the great scriptures, "The mind is the cause of the world!

When we shed the mental luggage of thoughts which turn into desires, we can ascend into the realm of God. There is a spiritual equation; God+Mind= Man and the corollary,Man-Mind=God!

No Mind.


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