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We can never escape from the effects of our past deeds!

Updated on August 6, 2017

What is \karma teaching?

Our ancestors have answers for intricate questions of life!

We are not aware who we are, for what purpose we are here on earth, how we are born in a particular family to particular parents. All these seem random choices and chances. But our ancestors have found out the answers to most of the queries like above! Our birth here on earth is not an accident but as per the Divine destiny. We cannot be here unless we have worked towards that end. Yes, we unconsciously script our future by our own volition. If we were aware of the dire consequences of each bad deed, we would not have engaged in such acts. We feel it is over when we complete some actions. We are not aware that it is only a beginning. As a human being, we have spent millions of years on earth. But none will believe it. We accumulate the effects births after births. As the load of effects grow more and more, we need to spend more time on earth to work out the past effects. This has become a never ending cycle for most of the people here.

Fear is the past is more haunting.

It take lot of births to mitigate our past karma!

As our life on human frame is a limited period, we need to take more and more births to settle our past dues to many. Strangely our debtors are part of the family so that without knowing, we will be spending on them as our duty. Hence there need not be any ill feeling. When children are born, it is our responsibility to take care of them until they find their feet to earn for themselves. Outwardly, it may seem a mundane affair but if we deeply contemplate each experience cancel some past effects without our knowledge. Hence, the life on earth is not an accident but a continuation of past. We cannot choose who is going to be our parents, in which country we have to take birth etc. It is all predestined according to our own acts indulged on our own volition. Hence we can never escape the results of past deeds. This is the precious reason why the virtuous Pandava clan suffered untold miseries at the hands of the wicked cousins. Though they were just and follow truth and righteousness, they could not escape the sins committed in their past births. On the other hand, the wicked Kauravas were enjoying the merits of many past births. Hence they were enjoying royal life all through their life. This is the paradox of life.

Krishna taught Arjuna.

The great epic Mahabaratha teaches us many lessons!

The Mahabarath epic of India is truly an eye opener. It is not a story or novel. It happened around 5300 years ago in India. The famous Kurukshethra war was fought in the present Haryana state. The places are intact now though the palaces and other edifices crumbled due to natural forces. Hasthinapur is almost near Delhi, India’s capital where the wicked Kauvaravas lived and refused to part with the share of Kingdom due to their cousins. The five brothers requested finally, five villages for them. The eldest of Kauravas, Duryodhana refused vehemently and declared not even a pinpoint land will be given to them. Thus the war has become imminent in spite of Krishna went to Hasthinapur as a peace broker..He was scorned for the interference. In the great war that lasted for many days, the entire Kaurava army was uprooted and all the one hundred brothers of Duryodhan was killed. Though the five brothers gained back their Kingdom, they were not happy. After so much of bloodshed only, they could retrieve their dues. Hence after many years, they wanted to retreat to forests awaiting their consummation. This was the most torturous journey. They have to walk in the Northern direction without food or water. None should turn their head and when they become fatigued they will fall down and die. But the eldest of Pandava brother Dharmaraja persisted until the end. All his four brothers have dropped down dead on their way. Even the queen Draupadhi dropped down dead first. Dharmaraja was persistent on his

Everything is for Good!

Dharmaraja was practicing righteousness always!

. For the entire life, he was practicing truth and righteousness. His only weakness is the ‘dice game’ in which he lost his wealth, brothers and wife even. his wife. When his wife was ill treated in the public gaze, Lord Krishna rescued her modesty. She swore that she won’t tie her hair until the wicked Duschasan was killed and she will smear his blood on the hair. Then only she will tie her hair. Mahabaratha is a great epic which contains the famous Bagawat Gita teachings of Lord Krishna to Arjuna during the war. The Gita contains beautiful lessons of life. How we should lead our life? How we should perform our duty? What is Karma? How each one takes birth according to his deeds? The importance of remembering God with the final breath is emphasized in one song. But it is not an easy task. Unless we remember god each moment of our life, we won’t remember him during the final moment!. The songs dilate upon the sudden depression Arjuna developed by viewing his forefathers, preceptors, uncles, friends and other kinsman who are arrayed in the opposite site. He became dejected. How to aim arrows at those elders who are worthy of reverence and worship? He argued with Krishna who was riding the chariot. Krishna told him, “Do your legitimate duty, you are from warrior caste and your duty is to fight a just war which came to you unsolicited. Your cousins are the reasons for this war. Had they given you your due share, there won’t be a necessity for this war. Moreover you consider yourself as a body and hence you are grieved about other bodies. All these people are already slain by Me. Be my instrument in the war and perform your duty. Do not worry about the results. Thus you won’t incur any sin. Think of Me, and fight said the Lord to Arjuna. The Gita teachings cover duty, devotion and wisdom!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 9 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, I fully concur with your comment! Thank you.

    • ktsuda profile image

      ktsuda 9 months ago

      But God can overcome your karma. Pray.petition and give thanks.