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We can never get happiness from this world

Updated on April 8, 2016

The Lord teaches....

The human life is transient and the pleasures too!

In spite of enormous resources at his disposal, man today suffers much anxiety or grief. This clearly demonstrates that neither wealth, kith and kin, properties, fame, learning and status never confer peace or permanent happiness in the mind of human beings. The mind is never satisfied, when one of its desires is fulfilled. Desires rise in the mind like the ants from the anthills. They come out in groups. Till the last ant comes out, there will be movement. But, in respect of man, there is no end to the desires. In poverty, man seeks wealth. Once he gets money, he wants more and more wealth. Afterwards, he strives to marry, beget children, amaze properties, rise in status in work place… this; the train of desires never comes to halt. As long as we bent upon satisfying each one of our desires, the desires will rise again and again. Then what is the solution? Do not feed the fire which craves for more fuel. Yes, once you stop feeding the fuel, the fire will be quenched for sure.

Hence, the wise one has advised the common folk to “observe the passing thoughts without getting involved in the thoughts. Mind is a bundle of thoughts. As each though arises, we start judging it and follow its whims and fancies. We must always stand apart from the thought process. Hence the sages have said, “Be a mute witness to the passing thoughts, and be indifferent to the thought process! But, we are accustomed to co toe every thoughts. The involvement in thought process will land us in troubles soon. What are desires? Only thoughts turn into desires! If we are able to curtail its power in the initial state, we can remain unaffected from the recurring thought waves. Meditation is ‘stilling the thought waves that rise in the mind. Meditation will be successful only when there is no thought and the mind is eliminated. Yes, this is possible when one engage himself in real meditation. He forgets his body, mind and intellect. He loses his identity with the body and mind and connects to the inner self.

From the history, we learn about great empires who ruled vast areas, wielding immense powers. Where are they now? Only some archeological evidence is left over. When even great empires and emperors vanished in time, what is our life? Hence, human life is momentary, transient and casual. We should not rely upon this fleeting life. The only reason, god has granted this precious human life is to realize him within. But out of the billions of lives, a few people try to follow spiritual path. Out of the few, one or two clings until the end. Out of the two, one may attain god. Hence it is said that god is searching for a true devotee. We are all devotees for name sake. When troubles and trivial confront, we blame god for leaving us in lurch. But the fact is God is not responsible for men’s sufferings. Man has brought upon his own head, innumerable sufferings due to his willful transgressions of the laws of the universe and human life. He became a slave to the sensual mind and exert himself to enjoy the paltry pleasures of the senses. God has granted man discrimination and wisdom. But he has failed to use it for his own evolution. How man can blame god?

Whenever, we proceed on a wrong route, there is an inner warning from the self. This is called ‘conscious prick’. But who adheres to the voice of god within? The voice of god is not heard in a roaring mind. When many plans, desires and resolutions cloud our vision, how we can hear the voice of god? Only in a silent mind, the voice of god can be heard. Hence quieten the mind by disregarding the thought waves and practice ‘silence’ as often as possible. Every day we use our tongue for all wrong purposes. We chatter all day long with friends, relatives and others. We offer wholesome advise to others without practicing a bit, ourselves.

Watch your Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character and Heart. This is the real watch and not the wrist watch we wear.

Happiness resides in....


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