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We can not escape from the effects of past!

Updated on September 18, 2013

Quotes on Karma; Pandava brothers and the final war!

Results follow every action!

Many among us may not be aware of some secrets of creation. It is in the realm of human beings. The baby to be born, remains with the father for the first two months and get transferred to the mother for gestation. In Hindu scriptures, the potential baby that is to be born to a particular parents remains in a subtle form and stay in some grains or in rice or in some other raw food items. The ‘would be father’ eats the grain or rice or any food, that contains the subtle form of baby and keep it in his body normally for two months. Neither the father knows about the subtle form of baby nor is the mother aware of it.

Hence it takes a total of 12 months, the embryo remains in human bodies (both father and mother). Secondly, the birth of the particular baby to particular parents in a particular family is pre-decided based on the theory of cause and effects. Hindus fully believe in ‘karmic debts’. For instance, if someone passes away before paying his due debts to someone else, the debt will not remain as a bad debt, in the subsequent birth, the debtor is born in the family to pay back his dues. It is a normal feature in the world that many parents bear lot of expenditure in educating their children. Outwardly, this seems to be correct since every parent has to educate their children. But, the expenditure thus incurred is really a past debt due to the persons who are now born as children. Hence, Hindus believe that all relationships are formed only due to debts and not otherwise.


Now, let us analyze the theory of Karma itself (Here, the term karma denotes actions as well as the residual effects of actions, one has to bear) in the realm of spirituality and philosophy, Newton’s law of action holds well. He said and proved that ‘every action gets equal and opposite reaction”. Many religions aver that ‘if you perform good actions, the results will be favorable one. You will reap good in return”. If one indulges in bad actions, he will reap only troubles and turmoil’s in life. Many good people in the world suffer, whereas evil persons thrive in happiness. What is the reason for this?

The above things presuppose the existence of past births. Though some religions do not endorse the theory of rebirth, we cannot explain the differences in births of different individuals. God won’t allow anyone to suffer unduly or in an unjustifiable manner. Outwardly it may seem that they are innocent but none of us are aware of the past births of the individual. He might have committed lot of evil deeds in the past births but the retribution has not taken place due to short life. Hence, he has to undergo the effects of the past evil deeds in this birth willy-nilly.

Here, I would like to give one relevant example. Some of our readers may have heard about the great epic Mahabarath. In that epic the lives of five brothers and their cousins who are hundred in numbers is dealt with. The five brothers were virtuous and upright persons following moral ways of living. Their cousins who are hundred are ‘evil minded’ and great cheats. They wanted to usurp the legal share of land and kingdom of the five brothers. The Kingdom Hasthinapura was ruled by a blind king named Dritharashtra. He was the eldest and had a younger brother called Pandu. Hence both of them have equal rights over the Kingdom. But the blind king, out of affection to his hundred sons, allowed them to enjoy the kingdom. The five brothers who are virtuous are left in the lurch. Now the pertinent question is “Why the virtuous brothers who are five in numbers suffered defeat and distress whereas their unjust cousins enjoyed the kingdom fully?

Here, we have to take recourse in Karma theory. Though the Pandava brothers were virtuous in this birth, they indulged in evil deeds in their past birth. Hence, they had to undergo the retribution in the hands of their wicked cousins. The sons of blind king, though cruel in the present birth, have performed many noble deeds and hence they enjoy all prosperity and happiness. The theory of karma never allows the human beings to balance their good and bad deeds like the bank transactions!

For every act of commission or omission, one has to undergo the results separately! Hence after performing a bad deed, you can never negate its effects by some acts of goodness. Both are separate. Hence, we find in this world, noble persons suffering and evil persons enjoying! If we consider the effects of past births, everything is OK and justified. Hence do not worry if you are suffering. This is for clearing the past debts only.


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