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We depend on the external world and hence became slaves to our desires!

Updated on January 20, 2017

The baby deer rescued

Dependency is slavery!

The mind depending on a particular object, situation or person is a slave. The craving for external things is never ending. When one desire is fulfilled, the mind enjoys peace for few moments. Later, it starts thinking about other things which are not fructified. None can keep the mind satisfied forever. It is like a mad intoxicated monkey, which always jumps from one branch to other branch and it is never content with what it possess. This is the reason for the sufferings of whole humanity. Everyone harbors some desire. Even a recluse, sometimes get into the trap of desire. But, the desire of recluse is not selfish one but it may be for the sake of caring others. A story is told in the epic that a particular recluse was perfect in his spiritual discipline. It so happened that once he saw a female deer about to give birth to young deer. It was the river bed. In the process of giving birth, the mother deer fell down dead in the river water and carried away with the swift current. Fortunately, the baby deer was alive and the sage saw the tragedy in front of him and being very compassionate, he carried the baby deer to his ashram. Day and night he cared for the baby deer which grew into a healthy deer. During the process of caring, the sage developed attachment to the deer unknowingly and he was always thinking about the deer.

Wisdom from Masters

The sage become attached to the baby deer!

The sage was about to depart from the world and instead of thinking about god, he was thinking about the deer only. Hence after death, he was reborn as a deer! This is how attachment drags away even matured souls. What to talk about worldly people like us? We are always concerned with our family, children, their comforts and the wherewithal for maintaining the immediate family. Hence in anxiety, man starts hoarding wealth and acquires lot of properties in order to maintain his family and the children. But he is ignorant that the wealth and properties will never come to his rescue at the time of departing from this world. Not a grain of sand will accompany anybody. Eminent emperors left the world without any whimper. Even great empires collapsed over time and only a few stone artifacts are left in the place. If we examine carefully the various desires that rise in our mind every moment, nothing is of any value. Lasting peace or joy could never be obtained in the external world of things and persons. In fact, the Self within every individual is the fountain of everlasting peace and bliss. But man is unable to contact his inner self since his vision is always externalized. Hence the scriptures point out to the need to internalize our vision to the self and focus there. The more time our focus is in the self, the more peace we will reap. Hence the sages too have exhorted people to remain indifferent to the external world of things, persons and sensual attractions.

Evolution or involution

Senses need to be controlled by the intellect!

The senses are wild horses which have to be whipped often by the charioteer. The charioteer is the intellect and the saddles connecting the horses are the mind principle. Due to the forces of attachment to the senses, the charioteer finds it difficult to control the wild horses. The saddles follow the whims of the horses and in the process; there is disconnection between the chariot and the horses. The chariot contains the Self supreme. Sathya Saibaba often says that the human body is the temple in which the deity is installed. Hence our bodies are moving temples of god. Only a handful is aware of this truth. The majority of the people, who are worldly minded, treat the body as a means for enjoying the pleasures offered by the external world and acquiring material riches. This is a great tragedy in humanity. Every being uses the god gifted golden vessel for drinking water. Yes, a golden vase which came as heredity need to be preserved in iron chest away from thieves and other intruders. Instead we are wasting the lifetime opportunity in using the precious life in enjoying sensual pleasures like the animals, birds and beasts. Is it not a sad spectacle?

Human race must be nurtured by human virtues of truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence. Now we have become worse than animals which follow their instincts for millions of years without any change. Man has descended to abysmal levels due to selfishness, greed and arrogance. Hence there is no peace anywhere in the world. If everyone cares for lasting peace and bliss, he must transform himself as a true human being with full of selfless love and sacrifice. His love and sacrifice must manifest in the form of service to the poor and downtrodden. He must feed the poor, clothe them and ensure their survival in a dignified way. When we serve others, we are really serving our own Self, since the self is the indweller of entire living beings as well as insentient being. Hence manifest true love and treat everyone alike. Besides caring for your kith and kin, care for other unknown people in the surroundings. God bless those who serve his creations.

Functions of Intellect

Do not become slave to the senses!

Do you follow the senses or the intellect?

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