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We love ourselves more than anything in the world!

Updated on March 12, 2016

Real surrender!

Surrender your self to God and remain free!

Everyone loves himself the most than others. Because of the love to himself, he loves everyone in the world. But, this love is towards the self and not towards the body. But we have forgotten the self and adore the body as the ‘be all and end all. The scriptures tell us that because of the love towards the self, everyone loves others. Really all love emanate only from the self. The body is really an ‘inert instrument’. The life breath gives value to the body, and because of the breath that always circulate in our body, we are alive and perform many tasks. The moment life breath leaves the body, it will be cast aside. None would like to keep a dead body inside the house. It will be immediately moved to the outer verandah.

Hence, let us understand that body has no ‘intrinsic value. It is the life force, which gives value to the body. But we are oblivious of the above truth; tend the body in the best manner, feeding it with nourishing food and drink, decking it with nice cloths and ornaments and rest in a nice cool environment. Thus we pamper the body. Here we have to remember one great truth. A traveler on horse back will tend the horse till the journey is over. In a similar manner, we should take care of the body. It is meant for realizing the Divine within but we use the body to enjoy the pleasures of the senses, giving it very tasty cuisine drinks and apply perfumes. I remember a story here. A rich man was using a golden vessel for drinking water. How foolish the man was. He has not realized the value of gold and hence he uses it for drinking water. Gold has to be guarded inside the vaults and it should not be exhibited in a casual manner. It will be stolen.

Hence, the real purpose of the body is for journey towards god or self. The body is unaware of its purpose but the intellect will guide it on the task. The intellect should reign over the senses. Unfortunately, the senses enslave the mind bypassing the intellect. Hence man is caught unaware in earthly existence. What is the use of mere existence? Even birds and beasts exist. Trees and plants exist. Then what is the specialty of human birth and life. Definitely, it is not meant for enjoying carnal pleasures like dogs and pigs. Man is blessed with intelligence which should be used for attaining liberation from this mundane existence. We unwittingly gather the effects of the past births and thus we are burdened with a heavy load of karma, the effects of which has to be undergone whether we like or not. Every action invites reaction in equal measure. If you love others, others will love you. If you hurt others, that hurt will recoil on us at a later date through someone.

God has no bias in creation. He enabled the nature to take care of the entire creation. There are laws governing the creation and especially human species. They are answerable to the acts committed by them on their own volition. Hence Krishna taught Arjuna, “Engage in your legitimate duty but relinquish the fruits! This may seem to be paradoxical to us. No, this is the best way to perform actions. If one aims for the results, his work will become shoddy. Perform duty for duty sake and leave the results to god. This is true surrender. This is what Krishna advised Arjuna in the battle field. He told Arjuna, “you have the right to perform actions but you have no right over the outcome. Simply engage in the war, remembering me. No sin will tarnish you. It is the clear command of the Lord to his devotee. Yes, though Arjuna was a kinsman and friend of Krishna, he realized that Krishna is none other than the supreme Lord, who has condescended to guide him by acting as his charioteer.

During the war, Arjuna exhibited egoism. He sometimes thought that Krishna is his charioteer! Krishna is quiet aware of the inner thoughts of all and hence he wanted to remove the ego that is brewing inside his devotee. One day, after the war time is over in the evening, Krishna drove the chariot to the resting place. It is normal on other occasions for the charioteer to get down first and enable his master to get down later. On that particular day, Krishna asked Arjuna to get down first. Arjuna was reluctant. It was against protocol. Krishna asked him once again to get out of the chariot! Unable to disobey, Arjuna got down remorsefully. After Arjuna moved far away, Krishna jumped away from the chariot seat. Instantly the chariot exploded. Had Krishna descended first, Arjuna would have perished. All the potent arrows aimed at Arjuna was hidden below the feet of Lord Krishna, unable to manifest their deadly powers. The moment, Krishna jumped far away from the chariot, the chariot was consumed in flames. Arjuna was shocked to see the fire enveloping the chariot. Then only, he realized the greatness of Krishna and his love towards him!

Those who surrender themselves fully to the Lord will be saved at all cost!

Surrender unto God!


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