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We must continue to speak proper things.

Updated on January 24, 2012

Teach....Jesus came to teach us the way, he came to teach the truth, he came to teach to us how we need to behave, he came to teach us right from wrong.

Now we must continue to speak proper things for healthy teaching.

Jesus sent out his deciples to teach those who did not know the way, he told them to tell the truth so that others would understand why God had sent him to earth, and that God the Father wanted to have the people turn back from their ways, back to the way that God wanted them to live.

In peace not fighting each other for the spoils, because God had already given man everything that he could ever want.

When we go and teach we are to speak a healthy message that can not be criticized, so that the enemy will feel ashamed and have nothing to say bad about the message.

When you go teaching about God, our Savior, we are to show others that all which is spoken can be trusted, and that what has been spoken there are no doubts what soever as everything will come to pass.

We are to remind people that they are to put themselves under rulers and those in authority and to obey them, just as Jesus came to tell us that we are to obey God.

We are not to say evil things about anyone, we are to be peaceful, to be considerate, and to show true humanility toward every person.

We are to teach about salvation that it does not come from any good deeds that we do for others, no , it came from God's mercy! Thro Jesus Christ our Savior, God generously poured out the Holy Spirit upon us, this is our teaching to let others know that God loves us, and He sent His only Son to earth to show us the way back to the Father, Jesus even went so far as to die for us and He was brought back to life to give to us eternal life and to be with Him for ever.

This is the teaching that we must do so that they will know the truth about God the Father.


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