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We must work while it is yet light: Darkness comes

Updated on April 25, 2012

Darkness comes

Working in the dark is difficult at best

The idea that we must work while it is "yet light" because "darkness comes," came from the Bible, The Gospel of John, the 9th chapter, the 4th verse, where Jesus said, "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work" (KJV).

It is amazing to me how many of Jesus' teachings came from a context that was agricultural in nature. I can remember, far back in time, to a era when we, as farmers (I was born into an agricultural family back in the days before electric lights and indoor restroom where available to the poor), did not have the convenience or luxury of working at night. We used kerosene lanterns to light the inside of our homes once darkness fell upon the lands. Farm work, for the most part, ended when the night came.

This concept of Light and Darkness and Day and Night, which has much deeper meanings for a primitive, agrarian, rural people, can be applied to the culture that I grew up in, and it has deep theological meaning. The context that I grew up in, when compared to the context that Jesus grew up in, is in some ways, the same thing. The environment that I grew up in was a very hostile one. People were still subject to being hung by their necks, based upon their skin color. I have had people try to run me over with a automobile while I was walking on the side of the road, as a teenager. I have been shot at even, on a back road of Tennessee, by comparison, I was treated well in other countries, over seas, during the Vietnam era when I was trying to serve my country). The rampancy of hate was a rule in the South, when I grew up as a child. But I am thankful that the rampancy of love was a greater, counter-acting force, that co-existed with hate, otherwise, I would not be sitting here, alive, writing this discourse.

Simply stated, the light or day can be seen as representing Life, while darkness or night can be seen as a time of Death. Of course, the theology of all of this is much more complicated. Much, much more complicated, to be honest with you. "We must work while it is yet day," indicates that it is still not too late to do something constructive about the situation that we face, to make things better. It is only too late when "darkness comes." Notice that Jesus said, "when the darkness comes, no one will be able to do, any work."

I have no resentment, hate or ill feelings of any kind against any man or woman, anywhere, in this world. Thank God. Life is too short to hate anyone. Each day is a Joy to behold. Each day gives us an opportunity to do something constructive to help make this world a better place to live for all of us. We have this "Hope" that, by living each day at a time, "we can have Life, and have Life more abundantly." An abundant life, is within our immediate reach, today, isn't this a powerful idea. This idea is not mine. Actually, Jesus said that he came, "that we might have life, and have life more abundantly." I like the concept of an abundant life, so, I have stolen it from Jesus, so to speak. Jesus don't mind me using his stuff. "A more abundant life, "How powerful is that!"

I must stop here. I have written my 500+ words, which was my goal for this discourse. Let's work, while it is yet light. Let's love, instead of hating, if for no other reasons, lets love one another, "Just for the Hell of it." Loving each other is easier than hating each other.

I am not a perfect person. I have made my share of mistakes. This helps me to be able to forgive other people who make mistakes. Being less than perfect helps me to be more humble. (smile!)

Take care. And as you go, Peace. Dr. Haddox


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    • profile image

      Dr. Haddox 5 years ago

      Hello Martha. Thank you for your kind words of support. I hope all is well with you. Take care. Freddie

    • profile image

      Martha Price 5 years ago

      Powerful discourse, Dr. H! And a powerful message for how to live: "Let's work, while it is yet light. Let's love, instead of hating..." If we all followed this, it would solve so many of the problems we suffer today.

    • profile image

      Dr. Haddox 5 years ago

      Thank you for your well-thought-out comment, Mr. Rommey. Peace. Dr. Haddox

    • Rommey profile image

      Rommey 5 years ago from Texas

      Actually humankind is walking into the light as dawn has broken after a night of superstition and obscurantism that engulfed our ancestors the last couple thousand years... the last battle is being fought, and the forces that kept us in ignorance are massing for the last ditch control of our societies, but they lack even hope, knowing that once light allowed us to see the real nature of the monsters used to keep us in the grip of fear, the chains are broken.

      What the new light is bringing is our chance to love what is real, not the past superstitions. A chance to love ourselves and the nature from which we came. No more 'immoral' imperatives and spurious 'creeds', 'must believe', or 'condemnations'. A joyous time indeed.