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We need selfless youth and students to improve the situations around the globe!

Updated on November 21, 2015

His Lotus Feet!

Service to Society is the primary duty of every individual.

To relinquish the ego, is the most difficult part of any spiritual aspirant. This again requires a deep faith in the Self and the understanding that the body is an inert instrument which resembles a water bubble and not following the whimsical mind which always guides us towards grief and pain. We all know that the human life is ephemeral. We observe that many people are being carried away to the cemeteries or burial ghat as per the customs of local people. Yet, we think that we will not succumb so easily. History has taught us many great lessons. The devastating world wars have killed millions and millions in a gruesome ways. Many lives are last in terrible earthquakes, tsunami, eruption of volcanoes and tornadoes. There were frequent floods earlier or utter draught. Famine has claimed many lives world over, subsequent to wars and severe draughts. Yet we feel that we are invincible to satisfy our little egos. This is the peculiarity of human life. Hence Buddha and Mahavira preached non-violence and righteous modes of living. Jesus and Gandhi taught the people by their very own lives.

Deeply immersed in mundane life, enjoying the fleeting pleasures of life, man wants to live long in comforts and luxuries. The media is swift enough to show the inequalities and imponderables in life. Refugees and migrants fleeing countries affected by wars and turmoil show him the negativity in full glare. Yet man is unconcerned since he is safe enjoying the cozy environ of a comfortable dwelling. This is the paradox of life. None can predict what will happen the next moment. People are unaware of the dangers that lurk in every corner. It may be acts of terrorism, cyber criminals, natural disasters or market flaps. Can anybody in the world forecast a peaceful life ahead anywhere? No! Nowadays everybody seems to suffer from constant fear of life. Not even a billionaire can say that he will live happily. We find Presidents and Prime Ministers of major countries are always contemplating to secure their nations from the evil hands of terrorists. Not a day passes without news of sabotage and terrorism across the globe, snatching the lives of mostly innocent public, women and children. Then what is the fate of humanity in this dreadful period of time?

This is not the problem concerned to the particular point of time. Of course, we encounter severe deterioration of human values and none care about the human life anymore. Brutality is showing its ugly face and color everywhere. Why the innocents are targeted. This is a tactice of terrorists. They infiltrate inside human habitations and the authorities find it difficult to target a lone terrorist holed in a flat or temple or in market place. In earlier eras too there were many demonic forces torturing the god loving and pious lives. In the twentieth century there were many despots ruling some packets of globe terrorizing the entire populations’ one time or other. At those times, the evil was concentrated in a few evil persons. By eliminating such people, normalcy was restored. But in the present age, evil is ingrained in the brain of all people. Everyone has become a mixture of good and evil, albeit in varying proportions. Hence it is well-nigh impossible to eliminate evil from human beings, unless a change of heart or transformation in the mindset is brought upon. It is in such circumstance, the prophets and incarnations adopt a different method. They silently work for the transformation of majority of human beings by prayers, chanting, group singing and engaging the people in the service of poor and downtrodden.

In this context, Sri Ramakrishna Mission and other such noble Institutions have done monumental work in education, health, poor feeding and providing economical dwellings, orphanages, old age homes and many such philanthropic activities. During floods, draught and other natural calamities, volunteers from such missions embark on helping the affected. There are many such organizations world over doing silent service activities. Now Sathya Sai Service organizations world over engage themselves in activities of education, health, free food and cloth distributions and shelters in many third world countries and in many African countries where living has become very difficult due to frequent political changes, civil wars, poverty due to draught and other unhygienic environment. Lack of drinking water, food and other basic necessities drive the youth to armed struggles against the authorities which make living unbearable. Sai Organizations extend a helping hand in such places without any media glare. Sai volunteers around the globe are extending their activities as per the necessities of people everywhere.

Incidentally the 90th birth anniversary is being celebrated in Prasanthi Nilayam and other places around the globe. He was a living ideal for the entire humanity. He has established many free educational institutes and super specialty hospitals to offer the best health care to the poor villagers around. These Institutes produce many visionaries who spend their time in improving the living conditions of people around the globe. Sai Youth and Sai students are classical examples in modern times ‘how one should lead their life serving the poor brethren selflessly!

Feeding the hungry mouths!


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