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We need to evolve into real human beings!

Updated on May 18, 2015

message of humility!

We need to become real humans!

Everyone in this world might have watched films in cinema halls. Why we go for films? It is a kind of recreation. People need change from monotonous routine works. Hence in weekends they prefer going out and in olden days, cinema halls or theatres offered the break.

But, if you seriously think, the present day films are full of negatives in society or horror and terror. Rare are the films which really give us relaxation. In fact, we were fresh before entering the cinema hall but more often we get out deeply pained, depressed or affected by the themes!

Then, why should we watch those films which make us more depressed than before! Why spend money and suffer mental tortures? The fact is that the present day films reflect the present day society and nothing more! Hence it is evident that the present day society undergoes grief, pain and tortures to a great extent!

Today, we have many luxuries and gadgets than earlier societies. While our ancestors have toiled all through the day doing manual labor, we have many machines invented that replace human exertion. All the latest inventions cater to the comforts of human beings to a very great extent! But, it is very doubtful whether we lead a peaceful life like those ancestors. I used to wonder many times that transistor radios were once a luxury and possessed only by the rich people. The mass production of transistor sets obliterated the radio sets run on valves. Once, telephone was rich man’s possession. Now even a menial possess a mobile phone to communicate.

This again made me to think how our ancestors survived with minimal communications? The Postal department helped them to learn about events and welfare of relatives living apart in towns. Even a telegram used to reach remote places after two or three days delay only. Today, we can chat with anybody on earth within few seconds and communicate through email instantaneously. No doubt, these are all the marvel innovations of twenty first century. But there is a pertinent question. Evidently, we should be more happy and comfortable with our ancestors but sadly, it is not the case.

The needs of our ancestors were little like basic items. Food, clothing, shelter are the one they wanted. Their only recreation is participating in community festivals in temples and such places. Learned pundits often give discourses on spiritual matters and morals in temples and public places. Children were trained from the beginning to obey their parents and elders. They never pester their parents for any needs since the parents provided their basic needs. People lived in joint families which gave them protection and guidance. Hence there were no fears. Joy and grief was shared by all.

If there is a function in a family, the entire village participated and shared the work load and resources too. Hence marriages and other ceremonies went off without any burden or hitch. People were content with what they had. All people contributed to the welfare of the society. Hence the village community lived in harmony without any bias.

Today, the people all over the world have many desires. Most of the people want to amaze wealth and properties. Desire and greed drive all the people. And sadly, the rulers too are greedy and they never bother about the plight of ordinary citizens. There are many violations everywhere in society. No two people see eye to eye. People have become utterly selfish. Within a family, there is no amity between brothers and sisters. Sons hate parents and authority. Hence they want to lead independent life. After marriage, most of the siblings leave their parents and home and settle separately.

Elders are left with no choice except to live alone and tend them. Old age and failing health prevent them from living isolated. Hence Old age homes and orphanages mushroom everywhere. Only those who can foot the expenditure can stay in senior citizen homes. All others are left at the mercy of orphanages! When parents tend their children, is it not the duty of children to look after their parents during old age?

We are human beings who have affection and compassion! Why should we hate our own parents and elders? This is the tragedy of society today. The real cause for all this is ‘industrialization’. Yes, though scientists have contributed to the welfare of the society by inventing machines, the net result is that the human society has become a machine without any feelings of affinity or Love! Hence, we are confronted with more natural calamities and disasters than ever before! Hence every human being should cultivate human virtues like Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Pure Love and Non-violence. Then the entire health will become a veritable heaven!



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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago

      Thank you once again!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      My love and appreciation for your efforts. May God bless you with strength and fortitude.