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We need to get away from this mundane existence!

Updated on September 2, 2015

Way to happiness!

The supreme aim of life.

The entire world is interested in ‘events’. These expectations enable the media industry to survive. If none is interested in events, no one will purchase a news tabloid or search for the latest news in the internet. Be it events, weather or sports news or market conditions, every one is breaking their head to know it. The internet Service Providers are the gainers. They have nothing to broadcast or show, if none is interested in events. In one way, this is the weakness of human psychology. There were people in the world, who were never interested in the happenings around them and in the world. They were like statues placed in temples or exhibitions or museums. Who are the mysterious people?

They are the sages and saints, who came into this world to educate the ignorant about the aim of valuable human life. Thus came many people like prophets and incarnations of God. Such great people are venerated throughout the globe for all the times to come. They were never interested in mundane life. They cared a hoot for wealth or relationships. They were like the lotus leaves on slushy water, but unaffected by the water on all sides. They were majestic manifestations of Divine power. We have a galaxy of such supreme personalities both in the East and West. Even philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were some shining stars in the galaxies. Whether it is an eastern mind or western mind, Truth is common to one and all as Sun is common to all. Light will be visible only when there is no screen in front of it. Hence glass domes were placed over light points to protect the flame from wind. Glass is transparent and the glow will not be obstructed in any manner.

If you paint the glass with black color paint, no light will be visible outside. Other colors will blur the pure light. This is what is happening in every being! Every one has a spark of light in them which is not different from the supreme light (Almighty). Now, the light is covered with thick veils of lust, anger, greed, pride and many such evil habits harbored in human hearts. Thus most of the human beings are blind to the Presence of supreme light inside them. Hence the world is afflicted with many calamities. Until people purify their hearts, these calamities will continue to haunt the mankind. The purification will come when each individual contemplate on Truth, Righteousness, selfless love and non-violence.

People consider everyone as separate. But there is underlying Unity. A garland may contain many kinds of flowers with different hues but there is an invisible thread running through the garland, connecting all flowers. That invisible thread is nothing but God or Supreme Light! This is the message of Veda, Upanishads, Bible, Koran and Zend Avasta. It may be understood that no religion preach violence or killing. All religions preach non-violence as a supreme virtue. Let each one decide whether they harbor love or hatred in their minds! All people are afflicted by hunger and thirst. They love themselves the most. Only because of their affinity to the body, they love those connected or related to the body like parents, wife, brothers, sisters and children. If none loves them, they won’t love others. But their Self is none other than the Almighty. It is not the body or mind which we identify as ourselves. Every one say “I” “I” when they indicate them. This “I” is none other than the Self in them.

Most of us are in a crude state due to ignorance of the Divine within us. Hence a preceptor is needed to carve out a beautiful statue out of us. All projections will be removed when we follow the teachings of preceptor. In fact, God himself become our preceptor if we so believe. Those preceptors came in the form of Jesus, Prophet Mohammad, Buddha, Mahavira, Gurunanak and many such supreme beings. It is not enough if we read the teachings of such great one, we have to follow them verbatim in our life. Then alone, we can get release from this miserable mundane existence.

The evils inside man!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago

      Thank you soumyssrajan! I like people who have belief and faith in our ancient culture and philosophy. I will go thro your hub.

    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 2 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      nicely written article saisarnanagaji! Enjoyed reading it.

      I also once wrote an article on our these ancient ideas.

      They indeed teach a lot ..

      you have described nicely ideas about existence etc.