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We need virtuous leaders with high moral caliber!

Updated on July 15, 2017

Students lose their memories after the use of gadgets!

Power is the backbone of all gadgets of communication!

For an internet connection, one needs three things. A computer or tablet/ Smartphone, an account with the internet service provider, and a wireless modem to access the net in tablets and smart phones. A stand alone modem is enough for a desktop PC! For the net connection to be through there must be proper configuration of the modem through CD etc. Well, everything is in place, can you access the net at once? No! Even if everything is perfect, there should be no disturbance between the telephone line of the individual and that of the telephone exchange. There is a Gate Way to access the net. Only when the connection to the gateway is through, one can access the net. Again, there may be DNS error or the website you want to access may be down due to several reasons, configuration of firewalls etc.

Many companies providing the internet run several thousand kilometers of cables under the ocean besides the land cables. There is every chance that the under ocean cables may be damaged due to many mishaps. Satellites provide another way to access the net. But we have forgotten one vital requirement. Supply of electricity to the individual homes will alone activate the net connection. This is true in respect of mobile internet too. The handsets are powered by batteries. The base station is provided with powerful generators or batteries to ensure receiving and sending signals. Hence without electricity, the entire above infrastructure will remain idle!

Ills of electronic inventions and gadgets!

We need faith and love in God for world peace and harmony!

In the worldly life also, one important necessity is the faith in god. The love for god will ensure all tasks to be performed smoothly. One may be expert and efficient in his job. He may possess the gadgets and equipments for the performance of his job. If there is a power failure, he cannot perform any of his tasks since everything is automated, computerized and hence depends on uninterrupted power supply. Of course the UPS may help to tide over a temporary power failure. Otherwise one needs a powerful alternator to continue the job uninterrupted. Hence in very big hospitals, standby generators are located to generate the necessary power for constant attendance of patients who are seriously ill who need oxygen etc. Also major surgeries cannot be stopped for want of power. Hence power generators are very essential limb of any hospital, office and banks who transact everything online. We have read in the media that due to devastating floods, some major countries were without power even for a week as in the case of Katrina! How those citizens might have bore it? We are all pathetically addicted to external things and gadgets for many of our tasks. Due to incessant floods, there is not only power failure; there is disruption of essential food, groceries, milk and fuel. Hence power is the backbone for everything. Natural calamities and disasters could never be predicted beforehand correctly. Hence even the most advanced countries in the world underwent many tragedies for want of communications and power during catastrophic periods. Besides, the injured need hospitalization forthwith. The Chennai floods are an eye opener for the entire world. Everything went crisscross due to severe rain simultaneously in many areas surrounding the great Metro. All the dams and lakes over flowed, inundating the low lying areas. Floods entered to the first floor level in many areas. All the inmates of multistoried flats took shelter on the terraces. Air force sorties were deployed to supply milk and food to most of the residents in low lying areas. There were several deaths and the bodies could not be removed due to continuous floods. In a closed flat, the bodies of husband and wife were fished out after three days! Aftermath the floods, people blamed the authorities and government for scant flood preventing measures.

Even after severe floods in many areas in Himalayan region and Assam and Brahmaputra plains, no government has planned any permanent measures to avoid people losing their houses, cattle and grains. Though technological advance is claimed by the inventors, no permanent solution to floods and draught is evolved. Only knee jerk reactions are seen everywhere. The reason is pure selfishness and greed among the rulers as well as the citizens. At any cost, we want only our own selfish needs and comforts and we neglect others. The civic authorities fail to clear storm water drains before monsoon! There should be no obstructions where the canals and rivers meet the sea. The media is hoarse in highlighting the failures of the authorities everywhere. But the Ministers never care about public opinion and media glare. If we desire for harmony and peace, we must relinquish our ego and greed. We must sacrifice our time, energy and resources to attend to the barest needs of poor people everywhere!

Character education is a must in the present day!

Electronics have downgraded human values!

The only contribution of electronic innovation seems to breed selfishness in every individual. More criminal activities are seen subsequent to the invention of computer, internet and mobile platforms. Children, youngsters and innocent girls’ fall prey to many traps in the social media and they divulge their personal details without being aware of the risk. The media is accessible to anyone in any corner of the world. There are many toots, terrorists in fake names who wait for an opportune moment to trap the innocents. Many lost their valuable money and peace. Many are surrounded by goons and burleys. Hence all these advancements in science and technology feed the harmful instincts of young boys and girls by giving access to porn sites and spoiling their life and career. I don’t deny the plus points of internet in e governance and e management disciplines. Travel, hospitals, education and financial sectors stand to gain but there are also connected pitfalls like cyber security! The government could handle internet communication with caution in welfare areas. When the people of a country deny god, disregard the scriptures and lead life as per their whims and fancies, such society will meet great downfall. In today’s world we want youngsters of high morals and integrity which is possible only by spiritual education along with secular studies. Sri Sathya Saibaba has started many educational Institutes in India to inculcate integral education comprising both secular and spiritual studies. Education is fully free from KG to PG level. There is love, faith and discipline ruling the students and they are the most wanted employees in many prestigious companies since the companies too recognized the importance of Truth, Righteousness and integrity in their staff. When the present corrupt politicians fall away due to their own acts of commission and omission, Selfless youths with rich moral traditions will rule the countries to ensure peace and prosperity everywhere!

Sad effects on teens - gadgets!

Communication facilities increased crimes against innocents!

Do you feel that the gadgets are boon to society at large?

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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      14 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes,sadly it is not the case. Only god alone could bring a miraculous change in the behavior of people. Though internet help our life, there is great misuse of this technology. I don't find fault in technology. The easy access has played much havoc in the life of children & youngsters. Thank you for the review!

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      14 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      "We need virtuous leaders with high moral caliber!"

      Yes, of course, but how do you get them into office?

      What does that have to do with the internet?

      We are living in a world with ever increasing population and complexity. Society is stratified and therefore levels of management are needed. I suggest the first order of business is reducing human population. Men should make a deposit into a sperm bank and get a vasectomy. The women will choose their mate.


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