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We neglect the treasures available in our own backyard but search for trash and tinsel everywhere!

Updated on April 27, 2017

Nice thoughts

The genesis of creation...

Imagine that there is none apart from god. I mean only one exists that too without any form and there is none to witness the one. The One, though formless wants to play a game! With whom it will play since there is no second to it? The one thought, “I am alone; let me become many! The very thought enabled it to split into creation and multitude of species including flora and fauna! Now do you consider the creation and beings as apart from the One? Logically, the creation is part of the primary will. Mysteriously, the creation seems to be separate and apart to the human mind! Many scriptures point out that this is how creation started. Bible says that god has created everything in six days and on the seventh day, he rested! Scientists term the age of the universe as around 14.2 billion years. And again there is ‘Big Bang theory! But there is no answer ‘which enabled the big band? According to believers in God, the world is the result of his will. According to rationalists, ‘everything is Nature” They don’t have the answer to the question, “who is behind the nature’? Everything seems mere assumption. Whether we believe in the creator or not, we have simple examples in our day to day life. We go to a furniture show room to buy one chair. We look at various designs and select one piece! The question is ‘who assembled the chair before it is brought to the show room? The chair cannot be there on its own accord! Someone might have assembled it after sawing and planning the wooden pieces. But he won’t be there in the show room. He will be at the workshop! Can you assert ‘none is seen here and hence no one might have assembled it? Even the rational fellow will ridicule the answer! It is a carpenter’s work and it was brought to the show room for sale!

Chaitanya Maharaj group singing in streets.

The views of scientists on creation!

But regarding the creation of the vast universe, the rational scientist asserts that everything happened according to Nature! Ask him, who created nature? There is no answer. For a simple chair, the man asserts that a carpenter has assembled it though he is not seen in the show room. For such a vast universe with immeasurable sky and other elements, he simply brushes away the question stating that it is natural. This is termed as half-knowledge! Half knowledge is always dangerous. The rationalist wants proof for everything! Ask him, ‘how do you recognize or believe your Father? He will say, ‘my mother has told me! Here he accepts the words of his mother. In other words, he believes his mother! When the sages and saints say ‘God has created the Universe”, they will immediately retaliate, ‘where is the proof? But they are ready to believe their mother! Even logically we can come to the conclusion that there is no effect without a cause! Prior to the invention of wireless or mobile communication, none would have believed that communication across the continents is possible! After the invention of Edison and Marconi, the world started believing the same! How researches are being conducted the world over? It is based on trial and error method. The scientist first imagines a theory and tries to prove it with laboratory experiments. Hence outright condemnation or criticism of any truth is not desirable. Scientists cannot create any new thing. They experiment with the existing elements or molecules and arrive at their properties. When fire was first discovered by the cave man, obviously he is not aware of its burning property. Accidental contact with the fire caused him burn and from then onward, he become cautious in dealing with the fire and use it for cooking the meat etc.!

The holy Gayathri chant groups.

One should never forget his own culture!

For the past several decades, many people visit many Western countries for education, training and research! They feel that Western culture is better than one’s own country! This is the mistaken notion of many students from Asian countries including India. There is a marked difference between real flower and plastic flower. The beautiful smell of the original flower cannot be found in plastic flowers. Though plastic flowers don’t fade like real flower, it cannot be equal to original flower! Likewise, the ancient knowledge of Veda and Upanishads is not found anywhere in any country. Finding the treasures of Veda and Upanishads, many European scholars visited India, learned them verse by verse and translated in many European languages. Max Muller is one such scholar of Indian philosophy and wisdom. Similarly Swami Vivekananda, Paramahamsa Yogananda and many such exalted saints visited many European countries and propagated the Divine Treasure everywhere and they established many centers in foreign soil. Unfortunately, the present day youth in India is more interested in Western culture and they start adopting their lifestyle even after repatriating to India. They feel that the scriptures and epics of this land are mere stories and contain no value.

Congregational singing of names of god.

Disinfect the atmosphere with positive vibrations!

Like the Bible, the Bhagwat Geetha too is translated in many European languages. After the advent of Sathya Saibaba, many devotees from foreign lands started chanting the Veda after learning them through cassettes and video! They have realized the positive vibrations; these chants create in the atmosphere! Already the atmosphere is polluted by anger, hatred and other vices. Many people think that the atmosphere won’t be affected by mere quarrels. The real fact is all our thoughts hover around the sky and it cannot be destroyed. These thoughts accumulate over time and they are the cause for many natural calamities like flood, earthquake, tsunami and volcanoes. The accumulations over a period of time affect the world in many ways. Hence the ancient sages have advised the people to talk the Truth, Love each other, live in Peace and eschew hatred and abhor violence. Chanting the Divine names cleanses the atmosphere. Hence there is a custom like ‘carol singing’ in Hindu tradition. People congregate in the early morning, sing the myriads of names of different forms of god and go slowly around the streets. By this singing, the atmosphere polluted by anger and hatred is disinfected. Every culture reveals pearls of wisdom. We need to practice them sincerely to cleanse our heart and the world. When each one is transformed, the world will be transformed automatically!

Every effect has an unseen cause!

Do you believe that human thoughts vitiate the atmosphere?

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