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We retain the traits of past births!

Updated on October 26, 2011

The mystery of human life.

The existence of a previous birth is not acceptable in western religions. But in Hinduism, all scriptures, Veda, Upanishad and epics subscribe to the view of previous births. In fact, Hinduism states that man evolves from the lowest. The order may some what resemble like this. 1. Minerals 2. plants, insects, reptiles, birds, animals and then finally human being. This is just a general categorization. I might have omitted many species in between like the aquatic lives. But the order is like this. Many readers may not accept the above views since they do not believe in rebirths. Since we pass through many stages of evolution, it may take even millions of years for a mineral to finally achieve the prestigious human life. The scientists consider the earth as many billions of years of age. We are still not sure of the exact content of earth's interior, yet the geophysics says that the core of the earth is molten metal at a very high degree temperature. Also the atomic scientists says that nothing is inert in this world. The seemingly inert minerals contain atoms which again is split into proton, neutron and electron. The electron is in motion. Still some advanced research states that nothing is material and everything is energy vibrations. What we visualize as solids are not really solids. They are energy bundles gyrating at unimaginable speed. Thus the entire earth, space and Cosmos too are considered active in the scientific view. Hence we should never consider something as inert and some thing as moving. In the epic Ramayana, there is an incident. A sage has cursed his wife to become a rock. She remained in that state for many years. When Sri Rama happened to pass through the place, his feet touched the rock, and the rock was transformed back to Akalya, the wife of the sage. The sage has already told her, "When the incarnation of God in the form of Rama pass through the place, and by his mere touch you will gain back your original form. These are not stories like the fairy tales. They have happened as depicted in the epics. That is the pure belief of Hinduism. Hence way back, the people of India worshiped, the Sun, Ocean, trees, rocks and snakes. It is not superstition since the ancient Hindus believed that God is in all forms. Though God is said to be formless which means that he is not restricted to a particular form, he can assume any form as he feels suited to a particular mission. Hence the ancient incarnations in India starts from Fish, tortoise, boar, lion man, the dwarf etc., Yes, all these forms were assumed by God in order to restore righteousness. In the present age of electronics, it would be a bit difficult to accept the above. Now we are able to communicate with the space stations located far away from the earth. This was possible through radio signals though there is no visible connections through wires. When in the ancient epics such events were mentioned people laughed at the absurdity. But now it is a reality. Previously the recluses were able to communicate through their mind power and they were able to look at the happenings in far away places. Now we are able to do it with a computer monitor and some programs like Skype etc., Hence every thing written in the scriptures happened in the previous ages. In fact, our ancestors were far more intelligent than the present generation. But there were no sophisticated instruments like the present day inventions. Yet, they were able to predict the movement of planets, the exact time of eclipse to the correctness of a second. There were no calculators or electronic telescopes to peep through the space. But they were more capable than us. They have constructed beautiful monumental structures of architectural marvel without the assistance of modern day instruments or civil engineering expertise. How? Nowadays when we visit a Doctor, we have to select a specialist. But in ancient days, only one man practiced and performed many medical wonders. He was expert in all fields of medicine. Even surgeries were performed, though it may look crude to us. Yet people lived a full healthy life. Every thing was perfect to a great extent. See the present condition of the world. With the advancement of technology like computers, mobile and internet, more and more crimes takes place using the same gadgets. We glorify the computer, internet and mobile technology. When it reaches the hands of unwanted elements, many havoc are created. All terror attacks uptill now happened using the latest technology. Some times we feel that we should have remained less advanced in technology. More harm is generated through technology than ever before. Einstein invented the great equation. Alfred Noble invented "Dynamite". But they are being used more in destructive activities by the countries than for the welfare of the people. God has granted us intelligence and discriminating power. But we have misused those powers. There is no unity in the world. Nations fight with Nations. Within a country, Civil wars takes place. Why? There is no Love. Only Hatred is there in the mind of most people. It is the unify the humanity, incarnations takes place. They create affinity between the different sects. But Politicians are experts in dividing the people to rule a Nation! The first incarnation Shirdi Saibaba came in this world to unify the Hindus and Muslims. He has achieved this to a great extent. But the politicians found it harmful for their welfare and hence they invented new ways to divide communities who live like brothers in a country. The conclusion of this topic is 1. Since man evolves through many species, he retains a little of the tendencies of animals in him. Though he is a human in form, his traits shows that he is an animal in nature. Cunning nature is the result of being a fox in the previous births. Being a tiger or cheetah in previous births gives us ferocious qualities. Hence we are all human only in forms but our character reveals the reality. Rest in next hub.

Rare photo of Shirdi Saibaba.


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