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We say "God willing"-Is there no free will then?

Updated on April 21, 2017

Some interesting quotes.

God willing,this theory is not accepted by rationalists.

During the course of routine conversation, we might have heard someone talking 'god willing,I will do it. What this implies? Is there no free will for human beings? I can say that the man who affirm, 'god willing' is a matured one. Others may affirm, ' i will do this and i will do that'! Politicians very often talk like this in public discourses in order to gain sympathy and votes. But 99% out of one hundred never care about their promises in political platforms. It is for gathering votes. Innocent straight forward persons may buy their arguments. But today, surely we need lot of sense to deal with such crooks. Psychologically, all politicians use this bull sheet during electioneering! Once elected, they fail to honor their own words. I do not know about other countries much. In India, i noticed this trend very much especially with South Indian politicians.Now let us focus on this two phrases, 'god willing'.and my will. Surely we are not responsible for the creation and cosmos! There must be some sort of super power which enabled this orderly universe, with the eco system, natural laws and multiplicities of species.Even the atheist can not affirm 'what caused this visible universal phenomena with the varieties of flora and fauna! If you ask him, 'how all these came about? He will simply say, it is natural since each atheist has inhibition; about god and spiritual matters. They will argue vociferously that there is no god at all. They will assert that it is the imagination of theist that god exists and he is the base of all this phenomenal world. They hold the view that human beings are the cause of so much of innovations and they are able to send people in spaceships to space stations! Is it not human achievements. Where is the question of 'god willing'? Non-dual philosophers affirm,"God alone Is and all else is mere illusion of the mind! These arguments are there since the time of civilization! Hence each one perceive the universe as per his mental and intellectual powers and no proof could be given for either factions!

Augustine say.

Even with enormous intellectual strength man destroy the ecology!

Today, all over the globe, affluent people access the computer and internet programs and post many things on the net. Instantaneously, the post or comment is accessible by anyone who is having a computer or tablet or smartphone with net connection! Is it not the superiority of human inventions? Yes, computer and information technology has benefited many people and we can say that it is the fruit of labor of scientists of software and computer hardware technology! Every moment some new concept is found and integrated with the existing system. When the first system was assembled and installed, it occupied a big hall in a lab! Today, handheld smartphones perform a similar function in quicker time. Even gigabyte memories are obsolete one. People normally go for terabytes and the speed of the CPU is thousands of times more than what existed few years back. We browse the e commerce sites for the latest gadgets and order one. In a few days time, the latest one become obsolete. This is the speed of inventions in IT field! Where is the question of 'god willing'?

Our rational friends have quietly forgotten two things! They have not taken birth on the earth with their own volition nor they have manufactured the faculties present in the physical body! It is a gift from higher power. The brain itself is a vast complicated system trillions of time superior to the 'super computers built in various countries' All inventions are undertaken with the power of brain, which is not one's own! It is surely a gift from some great power! We boast that we are superior and capable of achieving several things. No scientist on earth can create a small leave of a tiny plant to the exactitude. In creation, no two things looks similar. There are around eight billion human beings on earth. Each one is unique in some way. Of course, twins may look exactly similar but there are minute differences not meeting our eye. In spite of human greed, selfishness and war, the earth survived even after many wars where nuclear heads were used freely. Now Hiroshima and Nagasaki rose from the pile of ash! This is how the earth and sky recuperate them self after a grievous tragedy! If you say human beings are intellectuals, i don't buy the argument. They spoil and damage the eco systems more than any other species in the world!


A funny cartoon on free will.

What we eat decide our qualities!

Several factors go into the thinking process of human beings. It is not voluntary and we have no control over our thoughts. If we are so much capable and possess free will, how come that we are unable to exercise any control over our thoughts? The scriptures assert that food and environment cause our thoughts. A minute part of the food become the thoughts(mind). Hence the kind or quality of food we consume reveal our thoughts. The demons of yore ate the meat of buffaloes and other big animals. Hence their intellect was blunt! They become angry very quickly and without any forethought kill and torture the opponents. The food they consume is the cause of rough behavior. On the other hand, the recluses in the forest consume fruits, green leaves and edible nuts which are available in plenty in the forests. They also consume butter milk which is nourishing as well as easy for digestion. Hence they had a pleasing manners and soft qualities. They will never get angry and helped one and all in spiritual quests.

There is a third category of barbarians who hunt the animals and keep the meat for several days. They consume such rotten meat and their reasoning powers are nil. They eat and sleep all over the day, very lethargic and lazy. This is the result of eating putrefied and rotten animal food! We feel refrigerating certain foods won't affect us. But any food taken after six hours of preparation becomes a veritable poison so to say! It causes ill health and act as a slow poison! This is how food affects our brain. If one wants to lead a happy and contented life, he should take plenty of green leaves, vegetables, whole grains, fruits and milk. He will become calm in nature and he can lead a contended life!

Kant's beautiful theory on Free will.

A pure selfless soul can exercise the will of God!

Now, coming to the concluding part, :not a leaf moves without the will of god! If we feel that we are doing some acts out of our own volition, it is nothing but sheer ego! Though god has blessed with choice making capacity and discriminating powers, he wants the people to follow morals enshrined in the scriptures. A true human being should possess human virtues like Truth, Righteousness, Peace and selfless love! Then whatever he think without any selfish motive, solely for the well beings of all in society, his thoughts become the thoughts of god and only such exalted souls can exercise their will and ultimately it becomes the will of God! Apart from all the above arguments, man is not intrinsically free! Only a free man can exercise free will. Everyone is bound by taboos of family, society and others. Everyone is bound by several bonds like family, friends and peers. He can not think freely. He has to consult his wife and children before making any plan. He has to take the consent of elders in society before undertaking or entering into any agreements. There are many laws govern a citizen and how can we take any individual as Free? Only a free man can exercise free will.

There is no free will as such; every thing is God's will

Do you feel that human beings can exercise their will?

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