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First love yourself, then you will learn to love others!

Updated on March 15, 2017

Change of work is Rest

Sometimes I drift from philosophy to politics. It is said that ‘change of work is rest’. Yes, sometimes I seek rest by posting about election news in India and also when there is change of persons at the helms of affairs in Tamil Nadu! Yes, this gives me the necessary rest to my mind from serious philosophical posts. Not that I grow distant from philosophy! In fact, philosophy is my first love! People never discuss philosophy openly with their family or friends, since everyone hates when we talk about sacrifice, selfless love and service to the poor. Only, when I love myself, I can love others! If I do not love myself, I won’t end up loving others! This is logically correct. Only after first person come the others like he or she! The first person “I” must be there to point out at others. On waking up every day from sleep, one thinks about him first before thinking or worrying about others. This is natural for everyone in the world. 99% of people today are ‘selfish’ and hence greedy! When we wake up, we want our coffee first. We don’t care about other’s cup of coffee! We want to see the newspapers first and browse the net for our mails and our posts in face book and twitter.

Attachments warps our vision and judgement!

When the results of a public examination are announced in the newspapers in India, we search for our own roll number first! When we look at a group photo, we search for our face first. These are all examples, how we love ourselves the most over others! From the “I” thought stems ‘My and mine”. The thought, my house, my car, my wife and my children stems from the thought of “I” alone! This is the reason why a mother loves her baby most! Not everyone’s baby will attract us but her own! Even a crow will take care of its own chicks. Though crows won’t hatch their own eggs but leave them in the cuckoo’s nest, after hatching, the mother cuckoo will not allow the crow’s chick to grow in her nest. This example shows that even birds love only their own chicks. But we find in Face Book, many posts and videos depicting astonishing relationships between animals which are inimical like the cat and dog, the lion and dog, man and lion etc.

I have here, one nice example given by a saint to the audience. A Judge was impartial to the guilty and he ruthlessly handed over ‘death’ sentence to many culprits who killed others without any reason or rhyme! One day, it so happened that his own son was arrested by the police for a murder committed in a fit of rage! On that day, the judge told the court, “This man has committed the heinous crime in a fit of rage! Hence in order to correct him and to reform him, I order imprisonment so that he will correct his tendencies and control the anger! Why? Because, the culprit was his own son! Attachment made him to condone the crime, which usually invite death sentence!

The Pundit and his hypocrisy!

There was a Pundit, who reared a beautiful flower garden with great care! In course of time, most of the plants bloomed flowers of various color and beauty. It was attracting the passersby and one of them praised the Pundit for nurturing such colorful varieties with great care! On hearing this, the Pundit was naturally elated and explained to the stranger, how much care he took to raise the beautiful flower garden, how long he toiled and how much money he has spent on pumping water, applying organic manure etc. The stranger was none other than “god who came in the guise of a stranger to teach a lesson to the Pundit! The next day, the Pundit has forgotten to close the fence door and slept the night. A cow has stealthily entered the garden and eaten away the precious plants! On hearing the sounds, the Pundit came with a light and stick to look at the garden. Alas! All the precious varieties of flower beds was reduced to the ground, trampled upon and he traced the animal responsible for the damage It was silently eating the plants in the other corner! With anger welling inside, the pundit threw the stick with a great force on the poor cow! In a moment, hit by the stick on its head, the cow fell down dead! The owner of the cow was searching for his precious cow, and he found the commotion at the Pundit’s garden. Sensing something amiss, the owner rushed inside the garden to find his dear cow lying dead! In a moment, he could surmise what happened? He started abusing the Pundit for killing his cow with a hard blow! The Pundit said, “I threw a stick from a long distance, your cow probably died due to ill health or some poisonous reptile might have stung her in the garden! The owner is not going to leave the crime unpunished. Meanwhile, the pundit cleverly told the owner of the cow, ‘the hand has thrown the stick at the cow! The deity guarding the hand is Lord Indra! If at all, you find fault, it is Lord Indra who has to answer! Suddenly the owner turned himself as Lord Indra and chided him for his blasphemous words. He said, “In the morning when the wayfarer praised the garden, you assumed your role in tending the garden with care with your own hands and toil. Now when the cow died, you impute it is Lord Indra’s fault. You are a hypocrite of first order and you deserve punishment! The Pundit understood his fault and prayed for mercy!

The conclusion!

This is how people of world behave today! They acknowledge the results of meritorious acts whereas they denounce bad results stating it is due to fate or god’s injustice! The main reason is ego and attachment to their bodies and selfishness!

Accepting our failures is the first step!

Do you owe your mistakes and correct yourself?

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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      19 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Thank you. Can we further conclude that Lord Krishna did Not tell Arjuna to fight and kill his family?

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      19 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Dear Jay C OBrien! Yes, you are right and we can never blame god or other deities for our own folly and ignorant acts. It is ego born out of selfishness which makes us to defend our mistakes. Thank you for the nice review!

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      19 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      At end of article:

      "Now when the cow died, you impute it is Lord Indra’s fault. You are a hypocrite of first order and you deserve punishment! The Pundit understood his fault and prayed for mercy!"

      May we conclude from this that we are not to blame God/Lord Indra for violence we commit? or Lord Indra does not condone violence Man against Man?


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