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Weak characters react to tragedy in different ways

Updated on April 2, 2015

They perform their tasks in a listless and disinterested manner


It is pathetic to hear people grumble against God for not preventing sorrow

Weeping should not be considered as a sign of weakness. But to settle down to a continuous state of weeping, to go about red-eyed and wet-cheeked for hours on end, or to break into tears at every meeting with others is a sign of physical and moral weakness. This attitude may be due to the subconscious effort to win sympathy from others. It is very important in life not to lose control over oneself.

Unending complaints

It is pathetic to hear people grumble against God for not preventing sorrow. Sometimes they blame other people, who, according to them, are the root cause of all their misery. They narrate long stories of their own goodness and merits and whine about how little they deserved this inconvenience. They insist on telling others about how nobody tries to understand their sorrow. They are constantly painting themselves as the sufferer who has suffered a lot in this cruel world.

Helpless inaction

There are some people who think that their sorrow is so great that it is the end of the world for them. They forget that where there is life there is hope. Instead they shut themselves up against the world, and grieve and learnt by themselves. If a person withdraws within himself, others have to step in and help him out. These emotionally unstable people withdraw into a far away world, where they are interested in nothing. They do not take care of themselves. They perform their tasks in a listless and disinterested manner. It this kind of mood persists for a long time it can surely lead to some permanent psychological damage.

Glorifying one’s sorrows

Sometimes a person likes to tell about the hardships he has undergone. He tells about the burdens of his life. He loves to talk about the inequalities of life that have put in an unfavorable position. Thus many people in this world often think themselves to be overworked, badly treated, and discriminated against, persecuted and half martyred. Such people are generally disliked by everybody who knows them. Eventually they are left to address their complaints to empty rooms and bare walls. People shun them like a dreaded disease.    


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