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Wealth and happiness never go hand in hand!

Updated on August 28, 2016

Helping others leads to Joy

The plight of wealthy people!

Materialism has never given happiness to man. He may feel elated due to affluence for a while but the joy won’t last forever. Fear will be lurking in his mind, how to safeguard the wealth? How to escape from Income tax sleuths. How to secure the wealth from greedy relatives? One cannot believe his own wife and son, if he has sizable properties and wealth! In this world everyone become jealous about a wealthy man! But he cannot prevent others from visiting his home or business place with many excuses. If one is wealthy, all and sundry will visit him under many pretexts. First of all, close relatives often visit a wealthy man due to many reasons! If he is a miser, he cannot enjoy social life but will be imprisoned within his own palatial building! What is the use, staying alone like a ghost? Hence kith and kin are essential to make his life pleasant or otherwise! If he doesn’t trust his own brothers or sisters, he may have to admit the close relatives of his wife at least. Otherwise, there will be servants, gardener, cook and chauffeur for his vehicle! He cannot always watch all the intruders like the hawk! Hence he has a sentry or guard at the gate! In this world, we cannot lead an isolated life. We have to necessarily depend upon a retinue of people for various works. A wealthy man can only supervise the overall performance of his household including the servant maids.

Hence, it is not a pleasure to remain wealthy! Of course, one can enjoy comforts like air-conditioned chambers, sofas, cozy beds and all other indicators of wealth. But he cannot avoid worrying over many things. In the business, partners may cheat or there will be pilferage in production. He may employ work managers and other efficient people to look after production etc. But none is sure, when the tide will turn? Hence he has to spend a good amount to keep the important one happy so that the managers won’t shift loyalty! Running a big company is not an easy joke. We have to deal with many kinds of people from good one to scoundrels too! For certain tasks, thugs are essential. Good staff needs no cajoling and they will do their job. But there are certain easy going employees, who need to be controlled only by thugs. Hence a wealthy man has problems in two fronts, both in the home and his office! In addition, he has to deal with government regulators like tax people, commercial tax and service taxes! Then there is enforcement directorate! Small business concerns need not worry over enforcement authorities. It is the big businesses who are involved in Import and Export has to worry about the enforcement authorities!

Greed lead to destructions

Selfless people are happier than affluent one!

Hence, to remain wealthy is not an easy affair! Ordinary citizens can move around without attracting any attention from the public. But the affairs of big business tycoons are always watched by public. In this internet and mobile age, nothing can remain a secret! Hence do not aspire to become wealthy! Rather aim to remain happy by sharing the excess resources with the have not.. Those who give selflessly are the happiest lot in the world. Those who acquire, amaze and hoard are always destined to remain in worries, grief and sorrow! The joy of sharing is supreme!

Then, the next question automatically arises! If not through wealth, how anyone can aim happiness? Why we consider wealth as the primary thing in mortal life? Wealth alone can get you all the goods and services, necessary for leading our life on earth, except unalloyed happiness. The happiness we derive through material goods and relationships are fleeting. It is akin to a new toy gifted to the child. The child will become immensely happy to own a new toy. The moment, hunger stalks the child; it will throw away the toy and cry for her mother! Similarly, the worldly acquisitions give us momentary joy and not a permanent one! Nowadays, youngsters are attracted to mobile gadgets. A new mobile phone will be handled carefully, fondled for some days, at the maximum two days. On the third day, it will be lying uncared for in the corner of some cupboard! This is termed as fascination! When the attractions are between a boy and girl, it is called ‘infatuation! This is nothing but a temporary attraction based on outer form and complexion! Make ups highlight the attractions more! Hence the creams and powders are in great demand all through the globe! Most of us won’t even recognize the unmade face of celebrities who are famous heroines! Youngsters literally worship them! If only they are aware of their original color and facial features, none would like them! Hence the adage, “all that glitter is not gold”. This superficial viewing lands many in deep sorrow! Hence realize that made-up faces are like masks worn by the girls. Of course, there is nothing wrong to present ourselves neatly in public. But the extra make ups are not necessary!

Effects of human nature!

Never be carried away by external looks or make ups!

It is said that beauty is skin deep! What provides us structure and stability is the bones, nerves and muscles. The pigments give color or glow to the external skin! Hence never be carried away by external features which will fade soon. What is required is ‘virtues that will sustain them through the tumultuous journey of life! In most of the cases, beauty and harmony never goes hand in hand. Most of the girls who are beautiful end up in misery when marital life is considered. It is a rare combination that they live a harmonious and joyful life. In short, virtues go a long way in leading a peaceful life rather than wealth and other accessories!


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 16 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Interesting stuff. Makes me wonder. For a man with a simple home and just enough food is far wealthier than the beggar on the street.