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Weather changes... heaven or our own doing?

Updated on July 8, 2011

Weather... an issue that seems to be birthing more thoughts and more religious conversations each day. The "end times" are being blamed for the increase in Tornados, Hurricanes, Tsunamis and any other horrendous weather we might be seeing today. There is no doubt, an increase in our "nasty" weather. Even here in Iowa, we don't see rain anymore. We see storms that bring with them such wind and lightening that it is frightening. We spend more time in our "basement", staying safe from Mother Nature's fury.

I am not one to push away the thoughts of the "end times." I have studied the Bible for most of my life. I understand that the end times are to bring fierce weather to the Earth. But am I ready to put blame on God and the heavens bringing upon us the "end times?" Many believe that All weather comes from the heavens. I am not here to discard that thought or to shut out God and his power. I am here to offer another thought to carry with you. Something to ponder and perhaps give a little reasoning to the weather change.

When the weather began taking on a new ferocity, I too tried to reason why. I was watching the war in Iraq and the devistation being done there by bombs, missles and any other type of explosive weapon used. I watched as the smoke rose into the sky and spread across ocean. I thought about the sulphur that was being deposited into the clouds and sea water. My mind wandered back in time.

Growing up in Florida, droughts were a way of life. In order to combat the rainless skies, airplanes would be sent up to "seed" the clouds. Seeding consisted of flying into sky and disbursing silver iodide and dry ice into the air. The pulses would encourage atmospheric sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide to form particles that would seed the atmospere. the results were rain coming to a much needed region. It is a process that is still used today.

While thinking about this, I watched the black clouds rising from the burning oil wells and the fallout being brought on by the explosion of bombs. I could not help but wonder if the inrease in atomspheric activity was going to have a impact on our eco-system and our weather. Only a theory, I remembered the "butterfly effect." This is the knowing that when a tiny wind blows through an area, such as the Rain Forest, that wind will cause another to blow. The wind, caused by something so small as a "butterfly" spreading it's wings and taking flight, is enough to cause the wind to move. Another on another and you have winds blowing across the forest.

In line with this theory, I believe that the elements being mixed in our atomosphere today, due to pollution from cars and industrial plants and yes, the wars we are fighting, is a major cause of the weather we are seeiing every-where. The increase in storms and tsunamis is a direct result of the pollutants we are covering the Earth's skies with, today. We, as the inhabitants of this planet, are causing our own destructive weather. Every element we send up into the sky has an effect on our weather. We know, with total certainty that pollutants cause damage to our air and the sky above us. We know that the more we send up, the more changes we will see. This is not God, seeking to harm us or destroy the Earth and all of it's inhabitants. This is Us! We are doing the damage that is causing such horrible weather to plague us. We, as a people, have the ability to stop some of this from happening. I believe that the weather and many other changes are going to increase unless we do something to stop the constant polluting of our atmosphere.

The "end times" reigning down upon us? Probably not! Our own need to add more "garbage" to the air we breath, causing such terrible weather to rain down on us? it is something to think about.

Something to think about

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