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Week 10 In Memory of Servanthood

Updated on December 19, 2012

Weekly meditations

Dec.17, 2012

Week 10

In Memory of Servanthood

“Remember now your creator in the days of your youth,

while the evils days come not, nor the years draw nigh,

when you shall say, I find no pleasure in them”

- Ecclesiastes 12:1

There were once two friends. One was named James and the other was named John. Both were the best of friends. As one can see it, they were the closest of acquaintances there were. They spent their childhood almost in other’s company. They were inseparable. They had each other’s back on every aspect of their little young lives. They played together. They ate lunch in school together. They played basketball and baseball together as well as cool fun games their playmates suggested. They used to go on sleepovers on weekdays and hiking trips on camps were their favorite.

Their friendship began when James being new to the neighbourhood was walking to check out their environment. They had just moved in. They came from a rural place where the hours of travel gets the young James sleeping on their travel. Their transfer of home have gotten themselves a weary son sleeping in his parents car’s backseat. It was time for James to move on with the change that is their house. Everything was new. There were views he haven’t seen in his life. There were new people to meet and experiences to gain. He walked from one alley to another. The young explorer was thrilled of the moment he was spending. He looked to see if there were any basketball court in the place as it was his favourite sports. He saw one and headed to it with other kids playing the game. There were just three of them taking turns with the ball. They shoot and miss with little success of getting a three-point shot. He continued to head toward the ring and unexpectedly, a ball hit him. It caused him to move sideward as the ball pushed him to its direction and he eventually stumbled.

“hey” John said, waving his arm as he run to him. “Are you alright?”

“I don’t know” said James “Am I suppose to be?”

“sorry for that” replied John offering his hand to help him stand.

“You should be more careful next time”

“Don’t worry I’ll tell my friend about it”

It turned out that John wasn’t the one who threw the ball that unexpectedly got James falling but it was a friend of his. One of his playmates got the ball slipping in his hands. He convinced James to play with them. It’ll be fun as he pointed out. He met his playmates and they played with smiles on their faces. The experience was worth the sweat he had for it gave him new friends. He had less worries on companions since then. John became his best friend and the memory of it was kept in their adulthood.

Although they were like brothers to each other, they have very different philosophies. Both have different perception on how one should live his life. They see it at different angles. Their understanding of the matter were brought up by their own opinions. Both wanted to be rich. They spoke of their dreams and how they would be spending their lives after college. They took the same course. They were hand in hand with their homeworks. They shared books, discuss their lessons and go on playing basketball together. At the end of it, they graduated in time. Both were holding their diplomas when shouts of joy covered their graduation day. In that clear account of how they would miss one another, they parted ways.

Years had passed and both agreed to see each other. They were eager to be in one’s company after a long time had passed. Both wanted to know how the other was doing. Thrills fill them in knowing each was doing great in their career. They were eager to speak of updates in their lives. Both decided to play golf as their bonding time on their new sports.

“It has been a long time, hasn’t it James?” asked John

“It sure is. How are you doing old friend?”

“Better than ever. I suppose. I owned a lot of business in the printing industry. It was you whom I have my writings read and commented in college. You helped me harness my skills in communication.”

“Yeah, I guess you can say that”

“Care to speak about your business. What are you up to right now?”

“A business man like you should know. We’re no different actually except that my business happens to be in resorts and hotels.”

“Any plans of retirement, my friend?”

“I will know. Just, not now”

“I plan on giving away what I have to the needy. What do you say of it?”

“That’s fine for me. but ‘money save is money earned’ as I always say.”

“You could aid me in this, you know? it’ll be for the Lord.”

“Maybe next time. I’m kinda busy.”

“If you happen to change your mind, call me.”

“Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. We’ll just see.”

At this, they parted but remained in contact with one another.

James focused on acquiring wealth while John had it in his mind to set a part of his income to help others. Both went out to continue in their lives with the only thing in addition to John that he would set part in aiding the needy from the moment of their conversation. James made himself busy with transactions from different companies that could be of help to his business. He signed many deals. he focused his time on how to make his bank account richer than before. At the end of many years, James was richer than ever. He was many times richer than John who spent some of his money to assist others. In a turn of events, both have longed contacted each other. They have spent no time talking with one another. John had lost his phone and James have gotten a new one. He eventually have forgotten to update on John as what they had agreed to do in their last conversation.

One day, John received a letter. He was puzzled on who have sent it. Being now old in years passed the age of mid-forty, he wasn’t the active man he used to be. Many years have passed that black hairs can now just be counted on his head. It was no use ignoring them as he embrace the maturity of his years. White hairs was noticeable for anyone who see him through. He took the envelope beside the window of the living room and read it.

The letter was from James’ lawyer and beside it was the message he wrote for him. The lawyer wished to see him face to face. He appointed a meeting with him. It was an important matter and his presence was highly appreciated. John agreed and set forth to the date specified.

When they met, the lawyer was eager to see his client’s best friend. He have known of him through the stories they have made especially in their childhood. It was a pleasure meeting him in his point of view. John was what he was expecting. He met his expectations and fit right to what James described. At their meeting, the lawyer explained the situation.

It was a very unfortunate event that he got to see his old friend now resting in a coffin. After he was told of James’ passing away, he was very grieve. He felt uncomfortable that he would got to see him as he is now. It was long before they were each other’s presence. The funeral where he is now was a sad thing to be in. He had always thought that any such thing would be. There were no visitors and he himself see the loneliness there was in the place. The only people in grieve for the dead was him. Anyone would be a worthy companion but in such as this, he alone took the sorrow into account. The pastor spoke out and soon came down the body into the realm of the earth. He had read in James’ letter how he had spent his life taking up wealth. Most of his time was with the ways he made to be richer than was before. His business partners of the former days were now gone. Some have travelled abroad and others were resting in peace just like him now. They were now nowhere to be seen. He had forgotten the good old days. He could do nothing to bring those back. He had found out that he had a disease. He tried to cure himself with as many doctors as he could pay. He had to be in bed in the hospital for months but a time came when nothing could be done. He took the bible John once gave him and upon its pages he meditated God’s word. He asked forgiveness and asked the Lord that he’d be born again with a new spirit. His sickness have gotten far into him. Eventually the time came and darkness was all he could see.

The lawyer once again met him by his request that any further message was to be told after the funeral. It was a day after it and they were in James’ mansion. They were sitting by the living room. the lawyer brought out a folder and read it for him. It was stated in the papers that his best friend had approved that full inheritance was to be granted to his friend John granting that he shall use the money for the provision of the needy which was the case. When James was on the bed enduring his sickness, he thought of the only one who held great love for him. He looked to the Lord and remembered how he has been good to him. He could now see why John has it In his heart to aid the needy. He had dreamt of people visiting him in his distress but none came. He wanted John to come but any contact to him was out. He could only wish for the better. He was in need indeed of a comforter and by this experience he had felt what’s it like being one of the people whom John had spend most of his years for. John was in tears although he try not to show it to the lawyer.

With the loathsome of money his best friend had given him, he built a foundation in the name of James. The buildings bearing its name were adequately more than sufficient for their purpose. They gave way to helping a lot of children. It was worth a lot for many people. It also hosted scholarships for exceptional student and eventually had them graduated. It grew to be a name recognized and sought out to bring assistance for the poor. Those less fortunate were welcomed with sincerity and a genuine heart. Thanks to John, children with dreams but have not the support to reach them were able to do so.

When John’s life was at its sunset, many felt heart broken by his passing away. He had lived a wonderful life. He had spent his whole life for the needy. He gave everything he could. With every action he made, the Lord was with him. He was in his bed and with a sickness. He was growing ill. He looked at the view outside his window. Knowing he had made his life pleasing to the almighty, he smiled and appreciated the setting of the sun. He closed his eyes and rested peacefully by God’s love.

On his funeral, a multitude of people came. Countless lives whom he had touched were in the place to pay tribute. Vast majority of those in grieve were all in sight. They were saddened by a great man who have dedicated his life to helping others. Testimonies of how he was a blessing came one by one. Those who knew him personally cried when he was laying down in the coffin on the humble earth. There upon his grave that someone quoted “There goes a man who served faithfully the Lord”. Everyone felt the same as the one next to him. The memories John had rendered full of kindness were irreplaceable and his legacy for them certainly shall remain as he lay next to his best friend.

It took a while for James to recognize God’s goodness into his life. He came to remember the Lord on his bed. His realization led him to leave his life pleasingly in God’s sight. It was those times when pleasure were of less importance. His riches gave him no gladness as he lay in his bed. With humility, he remembered his creator and look to see his love for him.

John has God constantly in his life. He walked in his word everyday that he was able to give to needy people. He helped a lot with what he had. His kindness was appreciated by everyone he cared for. His heart was drawn to the masses. His dedication to help was uncomparable. At the end of it all, he was remembered with deep love by the many people that held him up.

In all our ways, let us come to remember with sincerity the goodness God has given us. You may be on top of your career now or your life may be going smoothly than ever. Either way, let us look to the Lord with thankfulness and gratitude as we walk in his word everyday.


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