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Week 11 Like Little Children

Updated on December 31, 2012

Weekly meditations

Dec.24, 2012

Week 11

Like Little Children

I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children,

You will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

- Matthew 18:3

I have a friend quite older than me and when it comes to matters regarding one’s daily walk with the lord, he is always the one for the job. He knows a lot when it comes to the bible. He had a firm knowledge brought upon by his readings and coming up in the Lord’s presence. We see him as a good leader and once when we came into his boarding house, we saw upon the walls posters regarding how faithful he is. He was our “kuya” or as what we call friends like him in respect to them being advance in age.

He once spoke out about the verse and we as ones who heard him on the matter gave a listening ear. We were apparently on the want to have the point expanded on us. He was still with us on college. He was an engineering student by the time. He was quite the preacher too when it comes to our ministry. As he spoken out, he illustrated what characteristic a child possesses that is seen in the message.

When I was listening to kuya Tyrone and that was his name, I was intrigue inside me. I was puzzled by something. I came to think of a matter that anyone could have felt the same. It wasn’t unusual that I think it is. in fact, an ordinary person could relate. As time goes by, a boy grew to be a teenager and then a man his parents can be proud of. The years spent has gone by. It passed that you slowly have your debut or that welcoming year to maturity. To some, it is one of the wonderful years of your life. The experiences and knowledge you have gained were incomparable. The stuffs you learned by the span of the time made you to be what you are now. With this point, I wondered why was it that one must change and be like a child. We all went from childhood and we had lived some of those good moments. Now advance in years, why is it that we must come to acknowledge the child in us that the verse tells. What is it in a child that our savior Jesus Christ spoke up? I looked at kuya Tyrone and waited for what he might say. Perhaps he can provide an answer.

A child has great faith as what he told us. He sincerely sighted how it came to be that way for us to see the picture. Once a child is in his years to see the bright world, he holds great trust in his parents. He has confidence in them about his needs. He sees them as the ones who would be there to keeping him in good shape. He depends on them and along with this case, he believes that his mom and dad wouldn’t let him down. When he sees that there aren’t any food in the refrigerator as what our “kuya” emphasize, he doesn’t worry. He remains as he was even before the sight. His calmness was still there. Though he isn’t quite knowledgeable on the world yet, the situation doesn’t take his optimism away. He knew his parents would eventually have things fine. He have it in his confidence that things are under control. His parents are the ones he drew strength from.

It is in the same way that God wants us to be. As a child trusts in his parents so must we. The Lord wants us to put our faith in him. He wants us to be confident in him for he is always in control. He wants us to acknowledge him and he longs for us to not worry as he will never leave us nor forsake us. He is aware of everything happening in our lives. He sees every detail there is. He knows us in a way more profound than we know ourselves. He is not only big in form but also he has a big heart. His love for us is unconditional. He sent his son for us that we may live life more abundantly. He guides us in our daily walk with him. Yes. He is our heavenly father and Galatians 3:26 tell it so “For ye are all the children of God”. A father wants what is best for his son. He longs to see him in fulfilment of his dreams and attain joy and gladness in his life. In the same manner, God wants us to be wealthy spiritually as well as in all aspects of our lives.


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