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Week 12 Trust in the Lord

Updated on December 31, 2012

Weekly meditations

Dec.31, 2012

Week 12

Trust in the Lord

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and

lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge him and

he will make your paths straight.”

- Proverbs 3: 5-6

What does it take to trust? What does it take to put confidence in someone fully that our fate is governed through their hands? Trusting someone may not be that easy. Although there may be times when to trust someone seems simple, it would be seen as a troublesome matter for many. The odds may look like to be in our favour but there still is something in us that says it contrarily. The weather may be fine, the market may be right or the season is at its high potential but it’s just hard to give in. it can be a hard task. It may come as a challenge on whether we do it or not.

When you put your trust in someone, you believe that the person is able to see you through the future you are likely to be pleased with. Trusting has risks. You cannot trust someone without putting a part of yourself on the frontline. You will likely not trust someone without calculating the odds be it ever in your favour as it is much for ordinary people or that your trustee isn’t all familiar with you. There is the possibility in a trust that you would go plunging down and also with the possibility of you soaring up. You place your tomorrow on the person you trust.

Trust is like a fragile glass. It is easily broken. It isn’t like a brick you step upon walking your way to school. It isn’t like any cement you lean on when waiting beside a building. For sure, it isn’t like metal you can throw, hit or let go to fall. Unlike any of these, its flexibility is limited. It isn’t as compact as stone. Though its solid, it doesn’t go anywhere near to what we usually describe such, hard. Its like those used in parties drinking wine or just tasting them. It offers no undo by which if shattered can be a grieve putting back together. One broken, it will hard to be the same thing it used to be. Fixing it will be like finding a needle in a sand. It will be tough and it depends on how much desire one has for him to reconcile the relationship.

It takes willingness to trust. You got to be willing in order for you to have trust upon someone. It means to have to rely on one’s ability. You go to let go of the rope that binds you to doing things yourself and have it in the hands of your trustee. You got to wait until what the person ought to do comes to completion. You got to be patient until the things to be done is accounted for. More often the willingness to sacrifice for the moment what is yours is taken to full view. The choice to set upon something you value in the frontline would be highlighted.

Looking at a certain and common situation may inevitably give way for the big picture as this scene is all familiar to all. A friend of yours ask you to lend some money. She lacks upon his financial aspect that he turned to you for the task of borrowing for the time being. You know each other for quite a while now. You have spent many moments and years getting much of what the other person is like. The times were good when you have each other’s company. You did many stuff together. With each other present, you went to school, to camp and to outings together. With this knowledge, you gave little thought to his request. She was a deep friend of yours. You expected fully that she’ll be able to pay you back. The hope is good as what you see it that you’ll soon have the matter financially accounted for. You agreed to a date; a specific day by which she will hand you over the right amount. With trust, you let him take the money in your hands. She affirms you that things will be okay just as what you have settled with. You wave goodbye to each other and waited for the time of collection.

Alas! The day had come. You agreed met and was eager about the matter. Your hopes was up. You looked forward to this moment. You accounted what you would eventually do with the money. Looking at his face, it wasn’t that satisfactory. He approached you with a seemingly happy face but something about it seems not that apparent. Sorry as what she said to you. She couldn’t give you the money right now. She explained why. You listened with each passing word. She told of the reasons about the matter. She made it a point for you to understand what she was saying for. You nod your head and expressed sympathy. You both set another date by which this time she will be able to get the task done. She will eventually gave you back by this day and he further said other affirming statements. You agreed but inside you is not that quite the same. The days passed and you felt relieve when you finally have your money back. She repaid the debt but it was way due to the date you have formerly agreed. The question now is If ever he will come to you again for the same purpose, will you lend to her again? Will you once again let her borrow to you for such matter?

By this time, you will have second thoughts. You sill set back for a while. You will thought of the matter and upon this, the memory of the past lend will come. You will take account of the once agreement you once agreed. You will hold back and it is because the trust isn’t like it used to be. Once silver now a bronze. You trusted but it shattered to pieces. Your trust in the person in regard to this matter have fallen down. And if in this little matter, she have not met the standard of yours, it is most unlikely that you would lend her a bigger request. You would be a standstill of downward outlook if ever by any means she would ask for a larger some to be lend. If someone ask you for a hundred and it turned out to be a disappointing matter, would you lend him five hundred? Will you let someone borrow from you a thousand if he had an inadequate time paying you back a hundred? He who can be trusted in little things can be trusted in bigger things. He who can be relied upon simple matter can surely be sought at after larger ones. It’s not actually the amount that matters but the value by which the person put upon. Similarly, this implies to other materials as well such as bags, shoes, notebooks at school, red boots maybe and similar stuffs. You may think about it but it would be hard to bring the same old reliance back. But, in being friends, you’re still the same companions you were. You still hang out with each other but you avoid just in the manner where your trust has changed with her.

However to trust the Lord isn’t like trusting a certain person. It’s not like the way you do with a close friend and with any group. It doesn’t work that way. It isn’t close to the way you does in any of these case. Trusting the Lord is putting your faith in him. You put your fate in his hands. Defining simply, Faith is relying upon the Lord that behind the obstacles you may have now is a good or better tomorrow. You look upon the bright future though around you is a large fog.

Trusting the Lord means obeying into his voice. Thought you don’t know what lies ahead, trust him anyway. He holds the future in his hands. He is not only a God of the future but also the present and the past. He has control upon the hands of time or imperatively the hands of your clock. You have a bright future with the Lord. You can rely on him to bring upon your life the wonderful things you can probably be thankful for.

Illustrating what trusting the Lord is like; a certain teen was on the tip of a cliff. He was recently running that he finally saw himself in the situation. He was standing with a current problem in his hand. An unpleasant matter was before him. He saw upon his back that the land was falling. It was falling away. It was breaking apart every inch of what he could walk to. He got to act or he will be caught sooner or later. He couldn’t see much in his surroundings. A large fog for was making his sight blur. He could hardly have a picture of what lies here or there. He could see just inches upon his feet how deep it is if anything would fall down. He caught a glimpse of land he could jumped unto but it was too far away. He asked the Lord for help on his predicament.

“Lord, help me. The soil is falling apart behind me and I got nowhere to go”

“Jump” The Lord said

“Lord, I Know myself well. I’m not that good of a jumper. I can’t do it”

The breaking of the land was drawing near him as he look back.

“Jump” the Lord said

The place where he was standing in would be nowhere in a few seconds. With this thought, he jumped. He was right that he wouldn’t make it to the place where he thought he ought to have landed. It was too far away but that wasn’t where God wants him to be. The fog had cleared out and he saw that there was a place to rest his feet just a few distance down under. He obeyed and was glad that he was in a safe spot.

Your present may be full of fog right now. You are unsure of what tomorrow may bring. Uncertainties are on the menu and you just have to go on with life no matter the circumstances. God wants us to trust in him. He who formed the earth’s foundation, set the heavens in place, arranged the planets, make the plants grow, fill the planet with oceans, give rest to the weary and so much more is more than capable to take on the problems you may be having right now. “By wisdom theLordlaid the earth’s foundations, by understanding he set the heavens in place; by his knowledge the deeps were divided, and the clouds let drop the dew.”(prov. 3:19-20).

We may have an unknown future but we have a known God. By our walk with him everyday, may we come to acknowledge how great he is. He makes our paths straight seeking him as time pass by whether it be in business, career, relationships, studies, habits and so much more.

God Bless You!

Happy New Year!

May you have the best year you can probably have this upcoming 2013!


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