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Week 13 In Stillness

Updated on January 7, 2013

Weekly meditations

January 7, 2013

Week 13

In Stillness

“Be still, and know that I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth”

- Psalms 46:10

The life of an ordinary person can definitely go into moments when there just isn’t enough time to spare. The clock is ticking and it is in this situation that it has a good emphasis. Almost at a constant interval, checking it is vital. The saying that “time is gold” come into play. There are stuffs to be completed. There are files to be evaluated and don’t forget the report to be presented. There are only a certain amount of time you are given. It slowly comes to its finish like an athlete running for the goal. No one wants to be caught up in the dealine. The world can make one in a tight schedule. He have to do this and later that. Sometimes, it come into the scene where we see it not coming. At a certain day, one feels relax and comfortable. The day after, it’s all different. He gets into hyper mode. Busy days often get a hold of us. And, one come to question where peace resides in his life.

The influences that other people also have in our life can also have the same outcome. They are a part of how one feels or come to act in a certain way. They moreover shape us to be what one is now. They define pretty well what one is like. Not only does this apply adequately in any person but this has been as time tells it so. The influences of past people we meet contributes. They set the way to what a child would become. They a factor in putting one in the place where he shall soon be. This is the reason why one’s family has a big role in developing a youngster to his potential since it is not only the past but the present that he comes to be with them. Other people’s presence thus create an effect in one’s character and when you can’t feel like growing, it’s good to check the people around you. It may be time for some new fresh air and it is with these moments that one often is in a constant move that it's adequate to stop for a while. Listen within and feel God's presence.

Perhaps, one of the best example that the verse served well would be Charlie Ward whom I once have read through a very inspiring book. Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude defines what I mean. He was born in poverty. He didn’t have the same nice life his fellow friends had. He knew what it was to be poor. In this situation of his, he spent his childhood as a young entrepreneur. While in grade school, he sold newspapers. You can already picture him somewhat like holding a bunch in his side and raising one shouting to get a sale. He also shined shoes in and around the Seattle’s waterfront to help with the family expenses. Their mother was their main provider and he was lending her a hand. Later he also became a cabin boy on an Alaskan freighter during the days of his summer months. After he finished high school at the age of seventeen, he left home. He became part of a horde of hobos that accustomed the rails and went to every part of the United States.

His companions were hard people. He spent his days among the worse men that came his way. they were smugglers, fugitives, thieves and similar ones. They gave him a rough influence that young Charlie became as one of them. He had learned how they were. Being in their presence have made a mark in his character that he slowly were like what they were. He joined the forces of Pancho Villa. He was then at Mexico. On those days, “You can’t skate close to those extra-legal operations without knowing about them, even if you have nothing to do with them” Charlie Ward said “My mistake was being with the wrong people. My major sin was associating with people who were bad.”

At the age of thirty-four, he was imprisoned. He was caught and for the first time was in jail. Behind bars, he experienced what it’s like locked out of the world. He was in bitter. No prison was strong enough to hold him as he vowed. He wanted to escape. The prison cell was not for him. He looked for a chance to break. Then something happened! He changed his mental attitude from negative to positive. Something inside told him to stop. He ceased from being stubborn to being steady. He became still. Once he was a running water. Now he flows steadily in the calmness deep within.

For the first time in years, he was thinking clearly. His perspective widened. He took hold of the bible in his cell and began to read it. He slowly saw God’s greatness one page after another. His thoughts were now directed to the Lord. The years he spent with the wrong companions were now in his full view. He saw adequately the result of mingling with them. Instead of looking at the negatives in his life, he directed his way to positive thinking and thus he grew upon God’s word. He read and reread the bible. Up to the age of seventy-three, he turned upon its pages for inspiration, guidance and help. He began to attract and be favoured of by noteworthy officials in prison.

His change upon his life reflected to the people around him. He shared the goodness of God upon his fellow prison mates. On a certain day, a convict clerk told him that a trusty in the power plant was to be released in threw months. He saw the situation with optimism. Because he knew little about electricity, he read books about them in the prison library. He studied patiently for the job. After three months, he was ready. He applied. He was seen fit for the duty and there was something in mannerism and tone of voice that convinced the warden. It was the earnestness and sincerity of his attitude. He got the job!

Soon things were going in the right track for Charlie. He was superintendent of the prison power plant with one hundred fifty men under him. He tried to inspire them and became a blessing for each. His desire to help the less fortunate gave him peace of mind, happiness, love and the better things in life. After prison he worked and was trusted to a greater position. Perhaps one of the most comprehensible act he did upon in his life was the employment of over five hundred men and women who came from prison. Under his care, guidance and inspiration they continue to have their rehabilitation. He never forgot that once he too was a convict. On his bracelet marked a tag with his old prison number as a symbol. It reminded him about those days just by seeing it. By the stillness he experienced in prison, he came to know God. He slowly recognized what a wonderful God we have.

The bible tells also that one day God will be exalted among the nations. People will come to know his greatness. He will be looked upon and be recognize for his power. His name will be lifted up with adoration. His people will come in worship and praise. The world will come to acknowledge what the Lord has done and how he dwells with glory and power.


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