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Week 18 Strength in the Lord

Updated on February 11, 2013

Weekly meditations

February 11, 2013

Week 18

Strength in the Lord

“For the joy of the Lord is your strength”

- Nehemiah 8:10

Sometimes, when I go to our weekly fellowship in our ministry, it gets pretty much tiring. You get the feeling of seeing it as a routine. It gets no different from the other times when you are on your way to it to have almost the same activities to do. What I’m speaking about is our religious group. We have an organization here in school that helps us grow in the Lord and I can say that it is a very nice form of camaraderie for other Christians here in our community. I admit that there are times when we get a down expression but it never really got into me in a misleading way.

Thinking about it, there are many characters in the bible that might have felt the same way as what I described. Many biblical persons talked about how their surrounding can get the worst of them. Their struggles can often be seen as difficult enough for them to wave the flag and not continue to walk with the Lord but they just didn’t do it that way. They stayed in his word though the going have gotten tough. They didn’t let any obstacle get in their way of pleasing the Lord by obeying his word. The experiences they have gotten with it have in turn made them more equipped.

David was one such example. He saw how the king’s army where terrified by threats made by a Philistine giant. We all knew the story. I think this has been one which comes to be very familiar ever since I was a child cute as I may have been. He was ordered by his father to go to the camp where his brothers were to bring them some food. David obeyed the command being young and a wonderful son as he was to his father Jesse. He was to search for them there and maybe have some word on how the battle was going on. It was a visit that most thrilled him seeing how the days have kept them out of sight in the house. It was their duty to be in the army. As David got into a place where he could hear how the giant Goliath says unpleasant words not only to the army but to the Lord, he did what others would not. He did not consider himself but it was the Lord that was in his mind He faced Goliath in battle. He did not met Goliath to be considered by the Philistines their greatest warrior as someone weak but with a strong faith. The joy of the Lord was his strength. It was for forty days that David’s opponent hurled insults at his fellow countrymen and also to the Lord. It was the day where it would seize. And so, it did.

Another one by which we can truly look enthusiastically on how the joy of the Lord was his strength in doing God’s works was Paul. He is the one who wrote most of what the new testament contains. And yes, he was a former persecutor of the Christians. He was the one who were leading those who have disputes about them to make them lose their faith. He made commands to set the believers to be put in pirson. He was against them not knowing that the Lord was about to make something incredible into his life. He was on his way for a turn around. He was lost in the faith of the Lord. Then, on his way to Damascus with permission from the chief priest, he was stopped by a ray of light coming from above. It was the light of the Lord. (Acts 9:4)

“Saul , Saul, why do you persecute me?” the Lord said

“Who are you Lord?” Saul replied

“I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. Now get up and go to the city you will be told what to do"

It was from that day that Saul was named Paul as he was renewed in the Lord. Paul faced many persecutions. He too had struggles of his own. He started his journey of proclaiming the word of the Lord but not without setbacks: he was stoned, he was sent into jail, he received plogging, he went in chains, he was mocked at, he was asked to be put in death and many more. But, he did not lose faith. In all of the things he have gone through, he always had the Lord by his side. In a ship wreck he had been, the time of having not enough food to eat didn’t made him weak as to not encourage his fellow passengers on board to lose hope. The joy of the Lord was his strength for he knew it was for the Lord that he was on those moments of experiencing hardships. He did not account himself as a person suffering but as someone pleasing in the Lord’s sight.

As Christians, we often forgot how fortunate we are to have the Lord watching over us. Sure there are moments when we are in a low case. We are sometimes in a not so pleasant situation that even a greeting is considered for next time. I know I do but so did David and Paul. They were pretty much in a more difficult state than we have been. As they have made their lives a testimony for others, may the joy of the Lord be our strength.


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