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Week 20 Me, Prayer and God

Updated on February 25, 2013

Weekly Meditations

February 25, 2013

Week 20

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

- Matthew 21:22

Prayer is defined as our way of communication with God. It is how we present what is it that’s inside us that we want the Lord to know with our own words. it strengthens our relationship with him in our personal way. we feel that personal bond with him even better. In this simple way, we acknowledge his goodness in our lives. We come to see and appreciate what a loving God we have. As it is true that a prayerful Christian is a powerful Christian, it is clear that by this simple act, we make ourselves more aware of his love.

Normally, people pray for the things they want for and myself is no exception. We present to God what we would like to have or gain. It is a very common situation for one to seek those that will make him happy. They pray for new clothes, new phone, a passing grade, a raise in salary maybe, new shoes, approval in those application letters, peace of mind, new friends and so much more. What do you really want? When we aim for something, we can’t just expect to have it in a blink of an eye. Things don’t work that way. Besides, where’s the fun in that? The fun is in the journey they say and that’s why when going to the circus you will probably see signs that says fun ride and the likes. It’s the first step.

In having the things you want for, you got to ask. You got to go for it and say how you would be delighted to have it. This can be implied well in a kingdom whether it be in the old age or now. How can a king know what his people need if they won’t go and ask him? How can he set upon the right money or budget for a project that would benefit his subjects if none of them would go to him and say it is so? How can he help them if he himself doesn’t know the problem? The first step in what is said as the law of attraction is to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask. We have a God who gives willingly to those who ask.

It is not enough that you will only ask. You got to believe as well. Do you believe that it can happen? Do you look forward on looking at that grade you ask God for right before your eyes? Have faith and believe it will happen. This is the second step.

The third step in getting what you have prayed for is the act of receiving. Are you in a situation where you would solemnly welcome that by which you prayed for? Have you pictured the situation where you are now in possession of what you requested the Lord for? Have you envision yourself in fulfilment and in thankfulness of that answered prayer? You got to be ready to receive it.

One such character in the bible who is known as someone who is prayerful would be Nehemiah. He is an example by which one can inevitably turn to when it comes to prayer. he knew the value of prayer in his lifetime. In his days, he constantly communicate with God. He sees it as an important part that every Christian should have in their lives. The role of prayer by which he emphasized in his life has made wonders in his obedience to God’s word. He was a servant of the Lord and in everything he do, he made sure it was pleasing and not upset him.

Even in simple ways, he accompanied his actions with prayer. He was indeed prayerful. He was the king ‘s cupbearer. He used to be beside the king for the times when he would be asked to pour out some wine and other drinks. The king held great confidence in him. He did his duties in ways he would not offend anyone. On one occasion, when the king saw that his face was down, he was asked what was bothering him. It disturbed the king as he saw Nehemiah with a sad face unlike previous times. Before he said anything, he prayed that his reply would be pleasing and fine. He said what was in his mind which was the city of Jerusalem. He petitioned with the king to allow him to come back to Israel to repair the kingdom. By the king’s approval, he went back and did as just what he said he would. He started rebuilding the walls along with the temple. The Lord was with them every step of their journey and upon everything they worked. After many years, they finally rebuilt the kingdom.Along with his trait of being a man of prayer is his humility. He knew he couldn’t anything without the Lord and until the end of his years, he praised God for his mighty works.


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