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Week 22 The Lord at Work

Updated on March 11, 2013

Weekly Meditations

March 11, 2013

Week 22

The Lord at Work

Jesus said to them,

“My Father is always at his work at this very day, and I, too am working”

- John 5:17

The Lord is working and this is a fact that holds true up to this day. It is generally true that the almighty takes steps in doing what is best for us. He wants us to have a life pleasing to him. He have it in his mind that we should come to him for his name is a refuge. He is our creator and it is not out of his plans that he would create a future where we can live by his word. He is putting up the pieces that shall make our tomorrow a blessing not only for ourselves but for also those around us. For surely, when righteous people are bless, their friends take part of the wonderful gift.

Taking the wonderful life that lies ahead of us, it would be worth taking to account that it is with the Lord with whom we can make the best of what there is with us. It is through our constant walk with him that he shall one day present to us the goodness that he have in store for us.

He works in mysterious ways. We don’t know how he make the things that he do but one things is certain. One fact holds essentially true ever since. It is clear by how much measure there may be. It just stands to say that he is good. “All the time, God is good…and God is good, all the time”. This is the well known truth that has been with me in our church sunday school. It can be well said of as something we can take to uphold.

We must take it to ourselves that he isn’t done with us yet. The service we make for his name is part of it. Our lives are part of his work as he intend to make it as a testimony for others. We cannot see his ways or how he brings together the life of a person to a reflection of his love but the moment when the wait is upon reach, it will be wonderful.

Just like a potter works in order that he may bring out the best in a mold of clay, God works the same way in our lives. He shapes up our lives in a manner that fits his plan. He intends to bring good not the unpleasant of things.

And in the process, he will be making in us the person he desires us to be. What lies ahead may not be that simple. There will be ups and down. The road may not be that straight or the path, we have to be persevere with. It will be part of the journey. It will be within the things that makes up the whole. It will make the story by which one day we can share. How God bless me would be a nice topic to tell and testify with. What we become will be greater than we get as what one author say.

A particular story in a book Power of Positive Thinnking by Norman Vincent Peale tells about a missionary. He was a man in a mission to spread the gospel to a tribe by which the folks were cannibals and one can only imagine the tale. After many months, he converted the chief to Christianity. One day this old chief said to the missionary, “Remember the time you first came among us?”

“Indeed I do” replied the missionary. “As I went through the forest I became aware of hostile forces all around me.”

“They did indeed surround you,” said the chief, “for we were following you to kill you, but something prevented us from doing it.”

“And what was that?” asked the missionary

“Now that we are friends, tell me,” coaxed the chief, “who were those two shining ones walking on either side of you?”

The Lord works in us in ways only he has full knowledge of. He makes our lives as a testimony that others may also come to him. “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father which is in heaven” as Matthew 5:16 tells it. By sharing his words to others, he works in us in a personal way.


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