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Week 25 A Beautiful Farewell

Updated on April 1, 2013

Weekly Meditations

April 1, 2013

Week 25

A Beautiful Farewell

Precious in the sight of the Lord

is the death of his faithful servants.

- Psalm 116:15

It is truly a fact that death is something we can only accept and not deny. It has been part of the journey individuals from all over has experienced as they lived for the while. We know that it will one day come in each one. Time will come when one’s days here in the world will be no more. We will have to leave the things that have been with him no matter how he likes it so. It is the end of one’s dwelling in this realm called earth. There will be no more matters to attend to. It comes with no warning as only God knows when it will be so.

The concept of death is not a matter well taken upon by most individuals. The word alone brings about a not so positive perception. It speaks of a farewell on the earth we live and is something not openly talked much about. To some, the fear of death makes them tremble. There you can feel goose bumps pertaining to their reaction. Nearly everyone wants to prolong the life they have here in earth. Some pursue things which may be able to add up a few years of their days. The medical aspect offers breakthroughs that can eventually be an answer to what their looking for but God knows better.

The normal life span of a person today is said to be 75 years old. Of course, it may vary by country and others have their lower or a bit higher. Either case, it can be seen that the expectancy by which one is to walk here on earth would not be more than a hundred. Today, you are considered lucky and healthy if you have gotten near this age. That ripe span of years by which you have spent in this world is something noteworthy in this case.

But, one may be surprised looking back at the book of Genesis. The early people at those times did pass away but it came only after many many years. In fact, the oldest person who have walked the earth was 969 years old and it was Methuselah. It’s an amazing matter in the bible worth a trivia for bible studies. There were similar persons who have walked like Methuselah for more than half a decade but it was in Noah’s days that a change was brought. After the great waters filled the earth and have subsided, God cut forth the life of man to one hundred and twenty.

We do not know when our temporary life here on earth will have its time. While we still have our bodies to cling to, the bible tells of the things we must take to account:

1. Store up for yourselves treasures in the heaven above. (Matthew 6:20)

There is not a single material that time has no hold upon here in this world. The stuffs there are now has days by which it will no longer be appropriate to use. Whether it be available on the market or one is on our own home, equipments have their countdown to breakdown. They will come to a point when they will not be as okay as they were. It may be true that they are likable now but it will only be for a while. One can may as well consider them as their treasures but the Lord speaks of such by which we should be investing our time with.

Seek out heavenly treasures rather than earthly ones. The ones we have here on the world we live In won’t last. They will not be there all the time. As you do what the Lord desires you to, you are storing up for yourselves treasures in the heaven above. You are building up eternal wealth, ones that cannot be compared to those here in this earth.

2. Live your life as a living sacrifice. (Romans 12:1)

Is your life something that can be encouraging to fellow believers especially those who are yet to maturity? Is it worth following like those footprints in the sands? Jesus’ life here on earth is an example we can all cling into. He walked here in the world many years ago with in purity. There was no blemish of sin in him. He obeyed the will of the father even if it meant dying in the cross as what he foresaw. Although he was tempted in the dessert, he did not fell into on the temptations of the devil. He did not let any grieve conduct be a part of his days.

Our lives should be one that reflect God’s goodness upon others. it is to be an example just as our Lord Jesus’ was when he was still in the world. It would be a life free of sin and clean from any misdeeds. It is in this way that we can live a good life of it all.

3. Share his word. (Matthew 28:16-20)

As Christians, we have the great commandment of sharing his words to others. We cannot really know what a person is going through right now and the best way to offer help is that we talk to that person in the first place. This could open up to see how the person’s relationship to the Lord is doing. He may be lying low for the moment due to problems and our prayers are a great help or perhaps he haven’t fully have taken the Lord into his life yet. He haven’t know what it’s like to have Jesus sitting in the throne of his life yet. Asking for a piece of his time can lead to great results.

In the book of Acts, Stephen died proclaiming the goodness of the Lord. While some of those who stoned him to death see only the end of his dwelling here on earth, in the Lord’s sight, it was the beginning of his life on the heaven above. He was finally coming to the kingdom which the Lord boldly awaits him in. The lord awaits to welcome those who have been true to their faith once their earthly lives have passed. The death of a faithful servant is the beginning of the eternal life the Lord sincerely awaits for him to have.


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