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Week 27 Wise and Rich

Updated on April 15, 2013

Weekly Meditations

April 15, 2013

Week 27

Wise and Rich

The crown of the wise is their riches: but the foolishness of fools is folly.

- Proverbs 14:24

Speaking of riches, it would seem that everybody has it in him to go for the things he considers to be of convenience. He pursues those stuffs that can give him joy for the time being. A finer way of living is definitely not far from what he looks for. To enjoy what others say as ”the good life” is a dream ever worth taking a shot for. Who wouldn’t want to be sitting in your favourite chair watching the great view offered by the elevation of your rest house? Who wouldn’t want to go for a ride in an amusement park with fellow families and some friends? Who wouldn’t want to swim in your own swimming pool in the back of your house? Who wouldn’t want to be taking a nice vacation to different places and seeing new wonderful sights? Taking a look at it closely, who wouldn’t want abundance? Everybody would seem to take a deep breath in regard to these matters.

Such are just some of what life has to offer for those who have been wise in their own lives. It may such be only introduction of the wide array of finer things that can be done. There are so many to consider when one is at the phase of enjoying the fruit of his effort. It is the wise that takes these matters into full view. They need not worry on matters of their concern. They have long accounted for what tomorrow may bring into them. They recognized the signifance of their actions in the past that it contributed to the better life they have now. They aren’t like ones who take stuffs for granted. They see the big picture where others see only a part. They know better and aren’t intrigued by the negatives there are in their environment. They consider the circumstances and doesn’t jump to conclusions in less time.

The abundance they possess now are what they can ever be proud of. They can very well take heed in them as results of what their past can tell. In proverbs 14:24, It is referred to as their crown. It is something that boosts them up as they can may as well be reminders of yesterday’s journey. The experiences are there to stay for the times when the destination has been reached in their pursuit to riches.

However, this isn’t the case for those who see not the big picture. It is far likely to be inclined with how wise people see the things in life. They don’t really see the potential as they see only the rocky road ahead. The struggles there are may come to them in a different way. The problem often lies in their response. They don’t look at the possibility big enough. Their perspective is limited only to bring them to a stand still. Little can be done unless they start to be optimistic. It is foolish for them to continue with a not so uplifting spirit. A preferred attitude would definitely make a difference in their lives and so does in their future. So much more can happen in the world they are living in right now with a more adequate outcome maybe even beyond what they have in mind if they only lose their folly and act start acting wisely.


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