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Week 28 Blessings of the Faithful

Updated on April 29, 2013

Weekly Meditations

April 22, 2013

Week 28

Blessings of the Faithful

A faithful man shall abound with blessings:

but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent.

- Proverbs 28:20

He that is faithful shall be filled with blessings. Goodness abides In him who bear much faith in his life. This is such a statement that has been inscribed in the book of proverbs that corresponds well to reality. It can be seen in the people of today who have reached the pinnacle of success but with the Lord in the center of their lives.

The Lord has his favour in the faithful as so it is. He looks at them with utmost sincerity and his ears are attentive to them that he doesn’t forget to tend their needs. He hears their prayers and with deep care, he looks after their days. It would be a delight to go on with our lives as someone who regards his name to full account. Acknowledging him in our ways, he makes our path straight as it is said also in his word.

And, one such man who was faithful and live a good life in the Lord was Boaz. He was a man who found favour in the Lord’s eyes. He walked his days in accordance with what the Lord pleases. He was blameless and upright. In the book of Ruth, he became the husband of Naomi’s daughter-in-law. He came to be the one who would be taking care of Ruth in the remainder of her lives. He did not only take good attention of her but he did everything he could to provide also to Naomi.

Before he met Ruth, he have already owned a piece of land filled with grain. He did a good job of keeping it in a good manner. It was in a position of bountiful productivity that it can be seen to be one of a delight. He had many servants and they all look to him as a man of high regard. He as one held in high honor. The townsfolk can see the goodness that abides in him. If there was one who was noteworthy of being trustworthy, then he would probably be the one to sough for.

Indeed, he walked his life abounded with blessings. He enjoyed his days with God guiding him every step of the way. He was blessed with properties that he willingly shared with those around him. He freely gave and was not a man who held back abundance in his life. He was blessed with servants who held him to full view. He was unlike others. He was blessed with a wife in the person of Ruth which he loved so much in his life. They were both in love with each other which was something to be sure of. In full view of this, the Lord was with them as they raise their family. It would be quite a wonder to see the delight of what Boaz’s life have been. It would come as a matter to be accounted for thoroughly in one’s interest.

Other than a faithful man who abound with blessings are those who make such haste to be rich. They are eager to acquire riches in their own tricky ways. They seek the advantage they can have of others. They don’t see a fair and square rule of things. Their intentions are to outsmart their fellow men. Rarely do they have peace in them but the Lord has them in full view. They shall not be found innocent and God is hopeful that they would come to him.


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